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Can You Buy College Papers?

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If you are one of those students who has asked the question, can you buy college papers, the answer is yes. Why is the answer in the affirmative? Because it’s a free country and it’s perfectly legal to buy college papers. What matters is not that you buy college papers but how you use them. If you buy college papers just to turn them in as your own work, that is plagiarism. You can fail the class and even get expelled from school if you are caught. The likelihood of this happening has increased since more universities started having students turn in assignments to turnitin.com. But if you buy a college paper just to use it as a reference or study guide, that is okay.

Is it possible to purchase a paper for college? Yes. In fact, just do a web search for college papers, and websites that sell college papers of any kind will show up in the results. Some of those websites are reliable. But there are some websites that just sell completed papers – or custom papers that they’ve kept in their database - to more than one person. The other general rule is that the lower the price of a completed or custom paper, the more likely the writing is going to be of low-quality and written by a non-English speaking writer from outside the United States. Again, nothing is stopping you from buying such papers. But you need to exercise caution in how you use the papers.

Caution - Beware of Scams!

One of the companies you can buy a paper from is Prescott Paper, a custom writing and academic help service. Here is a list of reasons why you should pay for a paper from Prescott Papers.

  1. The papers are 100% original papers that are written according to your exact guidelines. Our papers contain no plagiarism. Our writers know how to properly cite sources. You’ll get a well-organized paper that you can use as a guideline in writing your own paper, as a reference and as a study guide.

  2. We only use writers that live in United States and speak English as their primary language. As a result, you’ll have the benefit of a custom paper written by someone who knows the rules of U.S. English grammar and syntax.

  3. Our writers have academic and/or professional expertise in many subjects. When you place an order for a paper, we’ll assign a writer who is an expert in what your paper is about to write it for you. For instance, if you are taking a Chinese history class and need a custom paper written for it, we can get a retired Chinese history professor to work on it for you.

  4. All edits and revisions are unlimited and included for free with your order. This means we can work with you on your paper starting from the first rough draft. Plus, if you notice any errors made by our writers, we can get it fixed with no additional money needed. For example, you get a custom paper for your psychology class, and notice a missing citation. You can just contact us through the support line, and we’ll get the writer to add the citation as soon as possible.

  5. We offer fast and reliable support, whether you want help placing an order, getting the status of your order, or have a question for the writer working on your paper. It’s available through phone and email.

  6. We will never tell anyone information about your orders and communications with Prescott Papers unless you give us permission to release such information or we are legally required to do so. Your privacy is important to us, and we strive to be a trustworthy company.

  7. We can even start on a custom paper for you with no money required upfront. You don’t have to pay until after you see the work that we can do for you.

In summary, if you choose to buy college papers, it’s best to pick a company that is trustworthy, reliable and provides excellent customer service. Prescott Papers is that company.

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