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How Much Should I Pay For An Essay

How Much Should I Pay for an Essay?

Esmeralda is hanging out with her friend Jessica in the campus café, drinking coffee. They are talking about a tough essay assignment they have for their philosophy class.

Esmeralda: This assignment for our philosophy class is so difficult. I've put off writing it.

Jessica: I know. I don't understand the topic at all. I've tried to get help from the professor, but he is never available. The campus tutoring center is booked up until the end of the semester. I wish I could get someone else to write the essay for me. It'd make things a lot easier.

Esmeralda: Wouldn't that be cheating though? Why if you get caught? You could get expelled.

Jessica: Not if I use it as a reference instead in writing my own essay. It would just make the process faster. It may even help me understand this philosophy topic better. But, If I do this, how much should I pay for an essay?

So, how much should Jessica, or any other student who is considering buying an essay, pay? Let's look at the pros and cons of the purchase of a low-priced essay and a higher priced essay.

If you pay a very low price for an essay, the following is very likely to occur:

  1. You'll get an essay that is very low in quality. There may be errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. The word usage may not be correct. The essay may not be as concise as your professors wants it to be. Generally, you may get back an essay that is disorganized.

  2. The essay may not be custom written. It may just be a copy of another essay that can be found on the web. You may even get an essay that has been reused over and over again. This is not good because your professor will discover the essay is not original when they run the plagiarism checker. For instance, a lot of college professors utilize Turnitin.com to do originality checks on papers. Turnitin.com has an extensive database of work, and if the essay you turn in matches that work, you will be in serious trouble.

  3. To add to the previous point, even if the essay is custom written, a seller who sells such essays at a very low price may just resell it or put it in an online database.

  4. You may get an essay that is written by someone whose first language is not English. The writer may be someone who does not know U.S. English grammar rules, style guides and citation requirements.

  5. The writer may not be an expert, or at least very knowledgeable in the subject of your paper. Their knowledge of the topic may be limited to what they find on the internet. Also, due to the lack of knowledge a cheap writer may have about the subject of your paper, the writing may not match your professor's assignment requirements. As a result, you'll get back a document that likely will receive a bad grade.

On the other hand, an essay that is higher-priced is more likely to:

  1. Have fewer, if any, errors in grammar, spelling, word usage, organization and punctuation. This is due to the increased likelihood that you'll have an experienced writer who knows how to write for a college setting as well as knowing how to edit their own work. In fact, many graduate level college students write for high-end custom writing services.

  2. Be a custom-written essay or paper that is not copied from another article or source on the Internet. This is vital because plagiarism is taken very seriously in college. Students get expelled because of it. You want to pay a high price to ensure you get an essay that is original.

  3. Be written by a native English speaking writer who is knowledgeable about style guides and citation requirements. Essays in college need to follow a particular style guide, usually the MLA or APA style guide. If the correct style guide is not followed, that can lead to a mark down in your grade by the professor.

  4. Not be resold to other people nor put in any online database. Then, when your professor runs a plagiarism check on your paper, they will not find any matches. This also helps other students who use custom writing services in the future.

Regardless of whether you pay a low or high price for an essay, you should only use such an essay as a guideline for writing your own paper. You'll need to make time to rewrite the essay in your own words. This needs to be done to eliminate any chance of plagiarism. This includes completing your own plagiarism checks and proofreading and editing the essay. But, doing this on a high-priced essay that is already well-written and 100% original takes a lot less work than doing it on a low-priced essay that is full of mistakes.

One company that sells high-priced custom essays is Prescott Papers. Here are some reasons why it is worth it to pay the price that Prescott Papers charges for their custom essays.

  1. Our essays contain no plagiarism. Our writers only produce original work and use proper citations when necessary. As long as you use the essay in accordance with the Terms of Service on our website, you will also not be plagiarizing by using our service. We run plagiarism checks on all custom writing done by the writers that we hire.

  2. The writer we hire to write the essay will be an expert, or at the very least, very knowledgeable of the topic of your essay. So, if Jessica, from the scenario above, orders a philosophy essay from Prescott Papers, we would have someone who is knowledgeable academically in philosophy, most likely someone with a Master's or Ph.D. in Philosophy, write the essay. By having someone who is an expert on the subject write the essay, Jessica will learn more about philosophy.

  3. Each essay has free and unlimited edits and revisions included for free. That means our writers are expected to edit and proofread their own work. Plus, if you notice a mistake that our writer missed, or something needs to be added to the essay, we can do that. Best of all, it does not cost you any extra money.

  4. Your use of our services, your communications with us and your payment transactions are kept completely confidential.

  5. We accept rush orders as well. If you've procrastinated and have an essay due the next day, we can work with you in getting it done as soon as possible, with no lapse in quality. As a result, you will get to sleep at night and not be tired in classes the next day due to pulling an all-nighter.

  6. We offer fast and reliable support by phone and email. You can contact us at any time to check the status of your essay or and ask questions.

  7. You can also try out our services risk free. We can start on your custom essay with no money required and give you a custom preview before payment.

To get started on your order with Prescott Papers for your custom essay, go to the order section on this website and fill out the easy order form. You need to make sure that you are including everything that our writer will need to write your essay thoroughly and correctly. This includes assignment instructions from the professor, any research that you have done (if that is required for the assignment) along with a list of your sources, and the topic of the essay. Plus, there is also a chat option that is regularly online. We can help you through the order as you are placing it. Free consultations are also available.

In summary, to answer Jessica's question, "how much should I pay for an essay," the answer is that the high prices are better in this case than the low and cheap prices. Overall, the higher the price, the more likely the essay will be more well-written, mistake-free, organized, and, most important of all, match the assignment requirements. That is why when you need a custom essay, it is best to pay the prices at Prescott Papers. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our customer service and the quality of our writing.

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