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How Much Should I Pay Someone To Write An Essay

How Much Should I Pay Someone to Write an Essay

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Frank is walking to class with his friend, Tom. They are talking about the essay they have due in two weeks.

Frank: How is the essay coming along?

Tom: I haven't even started on it yet. I'm just so stressed out by the thought of this essay. I wish I'd been able to choose a better topic. The topic I have to write on is tedious and boring.

Frank: Oh, that sucks man. Have you tried to get any help from the professor or resource center?

Tom: The professor's office hours are never convenient for me, and the resource center is booked up to the end of the semester. If only I could pay someone to write the essay for me.

Frank: Well, you actually can do that, as long as you go about it in a smart way.

Tom: Really?

Frank: Really. There are plenty of essay-writing services online. You just need to be careful.

Tom: How much should I pay someone to write an essay?

Frank: The way I see it, you get what you pay for. So, if you pay a low price for an essay, you'll get cheap work. If you pay a high price for an essay, you'll get better quality work.

In the above scenario, Frank gives good advice on how much one should pay someone to write an essay. When it comes to buying essays, paying a higher price is usually your best bet and here is why:

  1. There will be fewer, if any, errors in grammar, spelling, word usage, organization, and punctuation. Citations will also be correct, and the required style guide will be followed correctly. Paying a higher price increases the likelihood that you will have someone who is experienced in collegiate writing write the essay. Also, you'll gain more knowledge about how to make your own writing better. You'll be able to learn by example.

  2. The essay will most likely be a custom essay that is not plagiarized. By paying a high price, you will get original work, along with proper use of citations. Plagiarism is very wrong and is taken very seriously in college when one is caught.

  3. The essay will be written by a native English speaker and writer who understand the U.S. rules in regards to spelling and grammar. The United States has different rules than other countries when it comes to spelling, grammar, and word usage.

  4. The article is not likely to be resold to other people or put in an online database. Accordingly, this also helps other students in the future who utilize custom writing services.

  5. The essay is more likely to be written by someone who is an expert in the subject of your paper. Therefore, you'll get an essay that is not only well-written but also matches the assignment requirements.

However, if you decide to pay a very low price for an essay, the following may occur:

  1. You may get an essay with numerous errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The essay will not be organized and not flow smoothly from one point to the next. The writing may not be as concise as it should be for a college essay. That is because cheap writing services on the web are more likely to use writers who are not well-versed in college writing. Also, you may get an essay written by someone whose first language is not English. Hence, they may not be familiar with U.S. rules in grammar, spelling, and word usage.

  2. The correct style guide may not be used, or it may be followed incorrectly. There may be missing and incorrect citations. This is the result of a writer who does not know about style guides such as MLA and APA.

  3. You may get back an essay that is plagiarized because the writer just copied ideas from the web or the essay is from an online database. Consequently, when the professor runs a plagiarism check, you will be caught.

Also, the essay you receive back may be resold to other people, or put in an online database. Then, when other students utilize the same writing service in the future, the essay may be used again.

  1. The writer will very likely not be very knowledgeable in the subject of your essay. What knowledge they have and put into the essay may come from what they find on the Internet as they are writing your essay. For this reason, the writer may not be able to fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

Clearly, paying a higher price for a custom essay is your best bet if you are at the point where you have to buy an essay. This will also lead to less work for you. No matter how much you pay for an essay, you need to take the time to make it your own to eliminate any risk of plagiarism. You should really rewrite any essay you get into your own words and use it as a guideline in understanding the topic. Doing this on a high-priced essay with little to no mistakes is a faster process than doing it on a cheap essay that is full of mistakes and not well-researched.

The best online company to go to when you need to pay for a custom essay is Prescott Papers. Prescott Papers does not sell cheap work. Their prices are higher than other competitors because their writers produce high-quality work.

Here are some other reasons to pay the high prices at Prescott Papers for an essay:

  1. We only produce custom essays that contain no plagiarism. On top of that, we also perform plagiarism checks on all essays written by our writers but do it in a way that it doesn't get saved into an online database

  2. You'll get free and unlimited edits and revisions included with your custom essay order. That means our writers can edit and revise their work as much as they need to. Also, if you notice an error, our writers can fix it for you, at no additional charge.

  3. Confidentiality is a guarantee with Prescott Papers. No one will ever know from us of your use of our services, your communications, and your transactions. After all, do you really want your university knowing that you used our services? That would raise suspicions.

  4. The writer hired to write your essay will be someone who has academic and/or professional expertise in the subject of your essay. Most of the time, we can find someone who has a Masters or PH.D. in a particular subject. The writer can use their knowledge and expertise to write a well-written and organized essay that is more likely to match the requirements of the assignment.

  5. Our writers are well-versed in U.S. spelling and grammar rules, style guides and citation requirements. First, we only use writers that are based in the United States. Second, we only use writers whose first and primary language is English.

  6. As long as you are specific in your order, any essay you get will match your assignment exactly. When you place an order for a custom essay, make sure that you include all the assignment instructions, so that our writers know what to do. Also, include any research you have done and a list of your sources. Overall, any work that you've done yourself on the essay should be included.

  7. Our phone and email support is fast and reliable. You can contact us at any time to ask questions about the status of your order and to report any changes that are needed.

Ultimately, what is the answer to the following question: how much should I pay someone to write an essay? The answer is the cheaper the price, the more likely the essay will be a low-quality piece of writing that is disorganized, plagiarized and does not match the assignment. But, when you pay a higher than average price for an essay, you'll get back high-quality work that is free of errors, well-organized, a match to the assignment requirements and original. By and large, Prescott Papers offers the best work at higher than average prices. If you ever need help writing an essay, turn to Prescott Papers. You'll get back a completely custom essay that is written according to your exact specifications.

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