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How To Get Out Of Academic Probation In College

How to get out of Academic Probation in College

No parent or child ever gets into college with an intention of falling into the probation trap and thereby face an imminent ouster from college. None gets admission into college thinking that the course(s) are so tough that there is going to be a lot of struggle to pass the classes and this struggle, if not managed well, can land the child in a spot of trouble.

But the actual truth is that there could be instances wherein your academic work is not meeting the requisite mark and hence calls for a warning in the form of an academic probation at the end of which period, if nothing constructive has happened from the student's side, he or she may be dismissed or disqualified.

It is important to remember that academic probation is a serious step taken by colleges and they do not want to be at the giving end of such an unpleasant situation as much as you do not want to be at the receiving end. So, they are willing to help you understand and know how to get out of academic probation in college.

Moreover, with today's internet helping to create strong bonds between the have-nots and haves of the world leaving you with plenty of resources and lots of help in knowing and mastering the art of how to get out of academic probation in college. So there is absolutely no need for panic.

This difficult phase in the life of a student requires help from all quarters; parents, friends, family, tutors, and other well-wishers. To overcome academic probation, let us understand the entailments of academic probation

What is Academic Probation?

  • Academic probation is a warning to the student that he or she is falling beneath the college's basic academic requirements.

  • To achieve a good academic standing, most colleges have a term and cumulative GPA requirement of 2.0 or higher.

  • Some schools, however, issue probation if the student has withdrawn from many courses (more than the allotted limit)

  • Each school usually has its own policy with regard to academic probation (though the GPA of 2.0 or higher remains more or less constant across schools). This academic probation policy is clearly spelled out in the college catalog.

  • Students on academic probation may not be allowed to be on the college sports teams or do any extra-curricular activities

  • Any scholarships that the students are receiving as study aid could be in jeopardy

  • This academic probation is normally given for one semester. If within this time, the student fails to improve, then they could face imminent dismissal.

How to get out of academic probation in college

You must firstly know, remember, and understand that placing you on academic probation is not meant to be taken as a punitive measure but rather as a wake-up call to startle you, perhaps, from a deep slumber that you may otherwise be ignoring.

If you are on academic probation, your college is expecting you to take corrective measures and improve the situation you are in. Many colleges offer students extra workshops and added study time with tutors to help them in areas of weakness and difficulties.

Knowing why you went into academic probation is the first step to learning how to get out of academic probation in college. Here are a few reasons that could be the cause(s) for getting into the academic probation mess:

  • You could have been unprepared for the rigors of college study programs

  • You could be a victim of poor study habits

  • You may not have managed your time effectively and/or efficiently

  • You could have been negatively impacted by peer pressure and the "wrong" kind of friends

  • You could have been spending too much time on partying and socializing

  • You could be not sufficiently motivated because the course(s) taken were very difficult for you

  • You simply never wanted to be in college and hence never engaged with it

  • You could have a more serious problem that, perhaps, needs professional help including medical

Managing each of the above reasons

Unprepared for the rigors of college study programs – It is quite easy to be eligible and enroll into a college but passing the classes is a different ball game altogether. The difference between college readiness and college eligibility is one of the main reasons for students to get into academic probation. You must be prepared to work multiple times harder than you did in your secondary school to clear courses in college. Be prepared for hard work, commitment, and lots of personal sacrifices.

Poor study habits – Another common reason for students to be pushed into academic probation. Diligent, patient, and disciplined approach to study is the only sure shot way to clear college courses. Reassess your study habits, prioritize your commitments and allot most of your resources to study than anything else.

Ineffective time management – Everyone has only 24 hours in a day. The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is the way the former manages time. Make time your friend. While you need sufficient rest and rejuvenating time, be wary of going way beyond what is actually needed by your body.

Peer Pressure – A very common problem faced by many young people. You are so focused on creating a great impression on your friends and peers that you forget the actual reason for enrolling into your college. Friends will always be there but college time if lost once gets very difficult to recover. Do not give in to undue and needless peer pressure. Be smart enough to recognize those "friends" who are negatively affecting your life and avoid them.

Partying and socializing more than needed – This is again a common problem among young cool people. In fact, peer pressure comes from the fact that your friends may not find you "cool" if you do not party enough. Stay away from such negative impacting people; they rarely mean much good for you.

Difficult course and hence you are not motivated enough – You could have taken up the course based on recommendations from seniors at home or in school and now you think that the course is too difficult for you and hence you are put off and feel de-motivated. While the feeling itself is understandable, you cannot afford to stick and mop around. Find out if you can change your course. Get additional help if required. Identify the specifics of your problem. Remember no problem in the world is without a solution. You just need to look deep.

Not interested in coming to college but forced by well-intending parents and relatives – This is an unfortunate case and it is easy to understand your sense of not wanting to buck up. But you have now enrolled and you are in college. I would think that it makes sense to buck up and give it a shot before you choose to quit. Moreover, if loved ones thought you are good enough for college they must have seen at least a couple of great qualities in you that would make it possible for you to get through college and hence persuaded you to enroll. I think it would do you a world of good to accept your loved ones' premonition and make an effort to clear the course. A college degree can only do wonders for your life!

Other serious problems – A poor academic standing could be a sign of something fall apart inside of you. This requires professional help including but not limited to the medical kind. Please sit down and objectively list out your issues. Speak openly with someone you trust. Are you having personal problems? Are there family issues coming in the way of a good academic standing? Is something deeper bothering you? If you find the strength to accept and face the problem, remember there are umpteen options available to help you out of the issues. Stay strong and find your niche.

Final Notes

This article has been written with the express purpose of proving you with an insightful overview of academic probation and with a few solutions as to how to get out of academic probation in college. I hope you found the article useful and that you could relate to a few of the things said. I would like to reiterate the availability of professional academic help such as Prescott Papers wherein you can get to buy custom essays, custom writing, revision and editing, etc. These papers are a great form of help to get you through difficult academic situations.

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