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How to Write a Cover Letter Examples

No Time to Write a Cover Letter

In the article titled “How to Write a Cover Letter”, I went over the dos and don’ts of writing a cover letter. Now, in this article, I’ll show examples that demonstrate how to write a cover letter. So read on to see three how to write a cover letter examples. The author names, company names, and addresses used in the following examples are all fictional.

First Example

February 20, 2014

Candy Lane

989 Honeysweet St, Apt. 11

Portland, OR 97228

Hiring Manager


8372 Hamilton Court

Hollywood, FL 33020

Dear Don Sterling,

I came across a job listing for an Administrative Assistant position at Mysticorps. I am a hard-working and organized person who enjoys working with people. When I came across your job listing, it drew my interest because I feel I am a great fit for this position. I am writing this letter to offer my abilities and skills as an administrative assistant to your company.

In my 20 years as an administrative assistant, I worked for two companies that relied greatly on my analytical, organizational and communication skills. At Alligator Lighting, I generated daily financial reports. I also interacted with all levels of management on a daily basis.

As an administrative assistant at Mysticorps, I would bring my ability to effectively communicate with all kinds of people. During my time at AmeriCorps, I dealt with various personality types. That experience allowed me to significantly improve my communication and interpersonal skills. Mysticorps will also benefit from my ability to analyze data in a timely manner and my superior organizational skills.

I look forward to speaking to you more about this opportunity. Please see my resume, which is attached to this letter. You can reach me at 555-555-5555 to schedule a time that I can complete an interview. Also, I will reach out to you by phone in a week if I haven’t heard from you before that point. Thank you for your time.


Candy Lane

Second Example

Here is another example of how to write a cover letter:

October 3, 2010

Felicity Green

70 Pilgrim Drive

Harleysville, PA 19438

Hiring Manager

Dino Security

603 Gainsway St.

Bay Shore, NY 11706

Dear Catelyn Lannister,

I was sitting in my garden reading the newspaper when I saw a job posting by your company for a customer service representative position. When I read through this job posting, I was thrilled to learn that my skills and experiences match the qualifications that your company desires for this specific position.

As a customer service representative at Fire Limited, I spent four years sharpening my communication skills, my phone etiquette skills, my retention skills, and my conflict resolution skills. In just my first year on the job, I achieved the following results:

  • A customer service rating of 99%

  • My average handling time had a 60% decrease. It went down from ten minutes per call to four minutes.

  • My personal customer retention rate increased by about 40%.

As a customer service representative at Dino Security, I believe that my customer service skills will help increase your customer satisfaction rating as well as your company’s revenue. I am an enthusiastic and energetic person who will fit in well with your company’s culture.

I look forward to talking with you more about this opportunity with your company. I am available by phone at 555-555-5555 or by email at fgreen@fakemail.com. Please contact me at a time that is convenient for you to set up an interview. I will also reach out to the company by phone in a week. Thank you for your time.


Felicity Green

Enclosure: Resume

Third Example

July 22, 2015

Colton Cotton

1 Arlington St.

Linden, NJ 07036

Director of Human Resources


325 North Hall Street

Ossining, NY 10562

Dear Thaddeus Hensworth,

I am an avid skateboarder with a passion for the sport. I enjoy bringing my positive attitude about this fun activity to many people. I spend time in the skate park every week teaching kids how to skateboard. That is why I got excited when I saw a posting in the newspaper for a job selling skateboards at your company. I feel I have the necessary customer service, interpersonal and communication skills to excel in this position.

After I graduated from Skylight Community College with an Associate of Arts degree in Marketing, I worked for a year at North Starportation, LLC. During that time, I developed a rapid rapport with clients and persuaded customers to buy our line of software products. I helped to increase our company’s overall sales figures by 20%

I will bring my well-honed skills to Smilespace as a sales associate. I am a fun and energetic person who will sell skateboards to your customers with enthusiasm. I find enjoyment in helping people in all areas of my life.

I look forward to speaking with you more about this opportunity. My phone number is 555-5555-5555 and my email is cchappy@fakemail.com. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to set up an interview. I will reach out to the company in one week if I don’t hear from you sooner. Thank you for your time.


Colton Cotton

(Resume Attached)

An Example of How Not to Write a Cover Letter

(An example of how not to write a cover letter)

The three sample cover letters shown on the previous pages are just three examples of what an ideal cover letter should look like. Writing a cover letter can be an art within itself. Many people choose to have professional writers, such as the ones at Prescott Papers, write their cover letter for them.

If you choose to have your cover letter written by a writer at Prescott Papers, you’ll get the benefit of a quality customized cover letter that will impress the hiring manager at the company you are applying to. Also, there are other reasons to consider Prescott Papers for your cover letter needs.

  1. We provide excellent custom service with our fast and reliable support.

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There are much more examples of cover letters that are available online. You just have to do a simple google search to find them. Please keep in mind that the examples found here in the article as well as on the web should not be copied verbatim. You need to use these examples as a guideline in writing your own cover letters. The potential employer needs to get a sense of who you are when they read the letter.

Whether you write a well-crafted cover letter or have Prescott Papers write one for you, you may just end up with a new job at a great company.

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