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A Sample Cover Letter with "To Whom It May Concern"

The cover letter is a necessary document when applying for a job. It is how you sell yourself to a potential employer and request an interview. In this article, we’ll go over a sample cover letter addressed to “To Whom It May Concern”. Then, we’ll get into further detail on why such a greeting is ill-advised, and also go over cover letter mistakes.

Here is the example of a cover letter with “To Whom It May Concern”. Please note that this is an original example. The addresses, company name and the author name are fictional.

Daisy Flower

555 N. Springtime Road

Mobile, AL 36601

A-Betting Corporation

777 S. Star Trekking Lane

Newark, NJ 07106

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing you to let you know of the interest I have in joining your management team as a Senior Manager. As someone who has over 10 years of management experience, I have the interpersonal, communication and leadership skills that are in demand by your company. My Bachelor of Arts in Business Management gave me the foundations on which my career as a manager has been built.

As an assistant manager at Parka Theaters, I was in charge of the shift schedule on a weekly basis. I also helped mediate disagreements between workers when needed. I encouraged the workers to be positive in order to raise morale. Through this position, I gained considerable interpersonal skills because I had to work with all kinds of people.

As a manager at A-Betting Corporation, I would bring my strong ability to relate to and get along with people, while still maintaining a sense of authority. I am someone that is firm when they need to be. But I also understand that lower level employees are humans, not robots.

I would like to take this opportunity to request an interview with the hiring manager at your company. Please call me at 555-555-5555 so we can schedule a time for me to come in. I will also follow up with your company by phone in one week. Thank you for your time. I look forward to talking to you more about the Senior Management position.


Daisy Flower

The likelihood that this cover letter will be thrown in the trash by the hiring manager is high, simply because it is addressed with “To Whom It May Concern”. Addressing a cover letter with “To Whom It May Concern” is considered to be a major misstep by most hiring managers. Doing this makes the cover letter seem impersonal. It’s like you’re addressing a nonexistent entity. There is a real human being that is going to be reading that letter. The hiring manager needs to get a sense of you as a person from the cover letter. An impersonal greeting does not give a good first impression.

The use of that greeting in the above example is also contradictory. This is because later on in the letter, the author states the following: “But I also understand that lower level employees are humans, not robots”. She could have shown this at the beginning of the letter by addressing it to an actual person.

When you are applying for a particular job, you should be making every effort to find out the name of the hiring manager. Usually, the name will be at the end of the job advertisement. When it’s not, you should be calling the company to find out. That should be enough. But, if for some reason, that doesn’t work, there are other options.

  1. Check to see if the company has a LinkedIn page with the name of the hiring manager.

  2. Another option is to see if the job is posted on other job boards and if one of those postings has the hiring manager’s name.

  3. Look into your professional network and see if anyone has any contacts at the company you are applying to. They may know who the hiring manager is.

Sometimes, you reach a dead end when searching for the name of the hiring manager. In that situation, you can also begin your cover letter with “Dear Hiring Manager for (position)”. That way, it’s clear who you are addressing someone specific in the company, even if it’s not by name. Other alternatives are “Dear Recruiting Department” and “Dear (name of the department you are applying to)”

Addressing a cover letter as “To Whom It May Concern” is just one mistake among several that are made by people when they are writing their cover letters. The following is a list of other cover letter mistakes.

  1. Spelling and Grammar Errors

Before you send in your cover letter for that job that you really want to have, you need to proofread it for spelling and grammar errors. Use the spelling and grammar checker that is already included in the word processor. There are also online spelling and grammar checkers that may find more mistakes than the one that is included with the word processor found. Having someone else take a look at your cover letter for spelling and grammar mistakes is also an option.

  1. The Form Letter

Each cover letter you write should be specific to the position you are applying for. Most hiring managers can easily spot a generic form letter when they see one. Those letters end up in the trash.

  1. Too Wordy

You need to keep the cover letter short and simple. Else, the person who reads it is going to get bored, and they may end up discarding the letter. You also shouldn’t ramble on in your cover letter.

  1. Repeating Your Resume

Your cover letter should complement your resume. It should not just reiterate your resume.

  1. Using Weak Language

It’s best to use strong language because it leaves the hiring manager reading your letter with a better impression.

By avoiding these mistakes, the likelihood of giving a good first impression is higher.

Many people choose to have professionals write their cover letters. One company that provides this service is Prescott Papers. We have experienced cover letter writers. They can produce a well-written cover letter that has no errors in spelling and grammar, is concise and is tailored to the specific job you are applying to.

When you place an order for a cover letter, just provide a copy of the job advertisement and your resume. You should also include a short blurb that shows your attitude and excitement for the job. Our cover letter writers can convey those feelings when they write your cover letter.

You’ll get back a quality cover letter that will impress any hiring manager. Our cover letter writers know how to write a cover letter that brings results. Besides, with our fast and reliable support, you’ll receive the best customer service possible.

In summary, addressing a cover letter with “To Whom It May Concern” is a bad idea. It is impersonal because you are basically addressing the letter to no one. Avoiding this and other cover letter mistakes will make your cover letter much better. If in doubt, you can also have your cover letter written by the experts at Prescott Papers.

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