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Best Ways To Cheat In College

Best Ways to Cheat in College

Although I personally do not advocate cheating nor treat it as a great means of clearing your classes and exams, I would be naïve to think that cheating does not happen in colleges. After putting some thought into this, I have now come to believe that doing something slightly immoral like cheating in an exam is part of the human psyche's innate nature.

You would need to resort to cheating, perhaps, for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You are unprepared

  • You are tired or overworked (or lazy)

  • There is some other compelling reason to prevent you from studying in the right way

However, instead of skirting this very prevalent yet rather nefarious and risky method of clearing classes and exams, I am writing this article to give you some of the best ways to cheat in college. It makes sense to use these methods only for those times and/or subjects that you have difficulty in.

Best ways to cheat in college

Using band-aid – A very commonly used method by many students, this is quite popular too. Just write your notes in brief behind a band-aid and stick in strategic places. Take a peek whenever you need to.

Using headphones and an MP3 player – These small and almost invisible gadgets are a cheater's best friend. Record your answers into a little MP3 player and hide your small (perhaps wireless headphones) deep into your ears. Take help from your notes whenever you need.

Hide your smart phone in the long sleeves of your shirt – Quite an ingenious method, this trick helps you access your hidden phone to either search for answers on the internet or read from snapshots of your notes saved on your phone.

Using erasers – While fitting lots of information on even the biggest eraser you have is hardly enough, this method does come in handy to record critical formulae and names that are difficult to remember. Erasing off any evidence is very easy too.

Using a predetermined code system with your partner(s) – This works brilliantly (or so I have been made to believe by many of the students that I have interacted with) when you are working in a team. Also, it is a near-perfect solution for multiple choice questions. Set up the codes with your partner(s) beforehand. For example, one cough if the answer is A; two coughs if the answer is B; and so on and so forth.

Using napkins to keep notes – It can be quite difficult for examiners to prevent you from using a napkin to blow your nose or wipe away false tears. You could use a couple of napkins with notes written on them and while pretending to use it, sneakily read the information at hand. To get rid of them, all you need to do is crumple them up and put them into the dustbin.

Notes on the inside of your water bottle label – You could neatly rip open the label around your water bottle, fill up the inside with notes, and seal it back on the bottle. There is no way you will not be allowed to carry your own water. Feel free to peek when you are stumped by a question.

Limitations of cheating

While the above list of the best ways to cheat in college are definitely in vogue, remember that all cheating methods are highly limited in their range and can never replace your capability to do hard work and study well. You can put only so much in the cramped space available, no matter which method you choose. I again urge you to discard these negative thoughts and instead focus on doing your college course well by completing assignments on time, studying well before an exam, and diligently attending your lectures.

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