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Best Ways To Cheat On A Test Without Getting Caught

Best Ways to Cheat On a Test without Getting Caught

Cheating on a test is the most common form of cheating in college. You could be driven to cheat on a test for any one or more of the following reasons:

  • You find the topic difficult

  • Your teacher did not teach very well

  • You had too many things occupying your mind during the semester

  • You simply did not manage your time well

  • You do not like the topic but are forced to do it as it is part of the compulsory generation education class

  • You were simply lazy during most part of the semester and now you have very little time to study

While cheating on a test does not really reflect well on your moral standing, I would refrain from sounding so pedantic and merely accept the existence of this scourge and hence through this article, I am giving you some of the best ways to cheat on a test without getting caught.

Not getting caught while cheating is extremely important so if there is even the slightest risk of falling into this trap, you must try and avoid indulging in it. The consequences of getting caught are very unpleasant and do range from getting suspended from college for some time to perhaps even being barred completely from attending college at all. So, please, please take care of yourself.

Best Ways to Cheat On a Test without Getting Caught

Cheat sheet hidden in your mechanical pen – Cheat sheets are one of the oldest and time-tested ways of cheating on a test and this method ranks rather low in terms of risk too. Prepare a cheat sheet with important notes (preferably written in codes, symbols, and in short form) and roll it to fit in snugly into the barrel of a mechanical pencil.

Remember to employ a pencil that uses lead of at least 0.7 mm so that the sheet will fit in nicely. During the exam, you can pretend to change your lead and sneakily peek into your prepared notes. Be as discreet as possible.

Using sunglasses with built-in MP3 player – I know that initially, this may sound like a ludicrous idea; but finish reading the note before you give your judgment. If you can get a fake medical certificate that you need to wear sunglasses at all times because of an eye infection, then this will work like magic.

Dictate your notes into the inbuilt MP3 player and play them as and when you come across some difficult question during your test. Make sure your diction is clear and uninhibited by external sounds and, of course, keep the volume just enough for you to understand your own recordings. You might look all funny with sunglasses on in the indoors, but this method might just be the thing you need to clear your test.

Writing your cheat sheet on the reflective surface of a folder or cover – This extremely low-risk method entails you to write your cheat sheet (again preferably written in codes, symbols, and in short form) on the reflective surface of a folder or cover. You could use any sharp object to do this; your compass will be a great option.

During the test, keep the folder with the seemingly invisible notes at a suitable angle and position and use it whenever you need it. If the examiner questions you about it, you can always say that the folder contains notes of another class. It makes sense to keep some papers related to the class that you intend to use as an excuse in case the examiner chooses to open the folder and investigate further.

Trimmed page method – Take an empty sheet of the same size as your test sheets. Cut an inch all around the 4 margins and fill this sheet with your notes. On the day of the test, fold this cheat sheet into as tiny a form as possible and fit it under your wrist watch. Once inside the test room, check to see if there are any invigilating eyes on you before removing the cheat sheet from under your wrist watch and place it unobtrusively under the test paper.

As you have cut the paper all around, it will go under the test paper without it being seen. Use the cheat sheet whenever you need. Remember to look around before you pull it out each time. I reiterate getting caught should never be an option.

Leverage your Identification badge – Prepare your cheat sheets in strips of paper and stick them discreetly onto the reverse of your identification badge. On the day of the test, wear your badge in such a way that it falls on your lap when you sit.

Use the cheat sheets without getting caught. Remember not to continuously flip the badge too often; your teacher might catch on. Once the test is over, crumple up the cheat sheet and discard them outside your class.

Thick and wide rubber band method – Buy yourself a thick and broad rubber band that can be stretched wide enough to hold your books in place. On the inside of this rubber band, write out your cheat sheets and notes. When you have completed writing your notes, let the rubber band go back to its original size.

Now the notes will look like a pattern on the rubber band instead of writing. Wear it like a bracelet for your test and you can discreetly (when the examiner is not looking) stretch the rubber band and read what you have written.

Make cheat sheets on small note cards – This method entails you to prepare at least partly for the test. Write short notes on the part that you did not study for. Use small note cards to prepare your cheat sheet. On the day of the test, wear a long-sleeved jacket and tuck these small note cards into the sleeves. Whenever the teacher is not looking your way, pull out the notes from your sleeve guardedly, take a peek and put them back quickly.

Notes on tissue paper – Write your notes on a tissue paper and wrap it such that the notes are on the inside of the fold. During the test, you can pretend to use the tissue to wipe your nose or face and discreetly look at the notes before putting it back into your pocket.

Water bottle label method – Rip open the label of a water bottle. On the reverse plain side of the label, prepare your cheat sheet in small yet legible handwriting using symbols and codes wherever possible. Now stick the label back in such a way that it does not look tampered.

Alternately, you could stick another sheet around the bottle and then put back the label. During the test, you could pretend to drink water and peek into the notes on the label or the sheet.

Final Notes

There are some common tips that you should diligently remember to follow irrespective of the method of cheating you employ. And these include:

Get rid of evidence – if you cannot get rid of the evidence, then the chances of getting caught are very high and such cheating methods are to be avoided.

Never ever be overconfident – Even if you have succeeded in multiple cheating sessions, do not let overconfidence consume you. This is the first step to your downfall. Always be on your toes and be ever alert.

Do not risk more than your capability – Cheating requires you to take a lot of risks and this appetite for taking risk varies from person to person. Know the limit of risk you are willing to take and stay well within this self-drawn boundary. Any kind of discomfort will only enhance the chances of getting caught; so keep discomfort to the barest minimum.

I would like to end this by reiterating the importance and extreme criticality of not getting caught while cheating. The consequences of this could be something that you will not be able to overcome mentally and emotionally. So beware!

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