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Can You Cheat On Online Classes

Can you cheat on online classes?

Can you cheat on online classes? Of course you can!

The concept of cheating on online classes is not just prevalent across the globe. It is also big business. Cheating has taken new forms and has moved from the conventional bits of paper with notes hidden under your sleeve or some unseen part of your clothing.

Cheating has evolved along with education. The more technological advanced our education system become, the more innovative the cheating methods.

Online classes are a boon for many people who missed the opportunity to study because of various reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • Parents just couldn't manage to pay for college fees

  • The student never realized the value of a college degree so he or she never enrolled

  • Earning became more of a priority than taking a college course

  • Some students already have a college degree but would like to get a higher level certificate

To cater to the above set of people and also to take the art of learning to the very doorstep of the eager student, many colleges offer online courses.

Benefits of online courses

There are many wonderful benefits of online courses and I would like to list out some of them here below:

Plenty of course options available - There is a huge variety of online courses you can choose from ranging from a simple certificate course to one that will award you a doctorate

Lower cost – Online courses are far more affordable than conventional courses in brick-and-mortar colleges for obvious reasons such as lowered infrastructure cost and lowered travel cost.

Flexibility and convenience – You can plan your study time according to your needs and can make daily adjustments to suit your schedule. You can choose to stay up late or get up early as you do not require sticking to any timetable.

Comfortable learning environment – You have the option of taking courses lying comfortably on your bed or simply in your pajamas. Your home is, perhaps, the most comfortable environment you can get for learning, right?

A boon for introverts – How many times you have felt shy to speak up in class or ask a doubt because you think it is silly? For such introverts, online courses are a boon as there would be options to chat with your coursemates and/or teachers instead of talking to them face-to-face. This can offer a comforting cloak of anonymity behind which you can gather your confidence.

You can continue to work and earn – A large number of people are unable to complete a college degree owing to a paucity of funds. With online courses, you can work during the day, get your pay packet regularly and complete your course too.

Avoid the stress of travel – Enhanced population and pollution levels have made daily commuting a nightmare for many. Online courses save you from this difficulty.

Enhance your knowledge – You may already have a college degree; however, keeping abreast of the latest happenings in your domain is critical to remain relevant. Online courses come of help here too.

Credit transfer facility – Students who cannot take summer classes (to get extra credits) because of a shortage of time or any other reasons can now take on online courses from established colleges/universities and transfer the credits to their own college.

Ways of cheating on online courses

Since this article deals with the question of "can you cheat on online classes," it is only natural to include a few prevalent cheating methods employed by students doing online courses. However, just because I have answered your question honestly doesn't mean I advocate them (just so that you know and understand this). Below is a small list of how you can cheat on online classes:

Use the power of the internet to do your homework – Instead of reading through course material or watching instruction videos, you can simply use an internet search engine like Google or Yahoo and complete your homework

Free Help Services Available Online – There are a few free help services which can help you with some answers or essays or revision. However, their capacity is very limited and if your question is complex and/or too many in numbers, then there may never be anyone to give your "free help."

Plagiarism – This is the art of taking someone else's work and calling it your own. This is a highly prevalent method of cheating on online courses. Students simple copy/paste an essay and send it as their own.

Team cheating – A rather ingenious method to cheat, this method is practiced when a group decides to cheat together. One person of the group becomes the guinea pig. He or she attempts the questions and, maybe, fails. However, he gets to let his teammates know the questions with which they could easily then clear the test. There is definitely honor among thieves because, in such cases, the team members take turns to be the guinea pig.

Let someone else complete the course for you – There are a few courses in which unless the instruction videos are not completely viewed (this data is recorded using technology), you will not be allowed to take the test at all. In such cases, students simply get someone else to watch the video or merely let it play without listening to or understanding a word of it!

How cheating on online courses are prevented or at least reduced

While cheating can never be completely eliminated, reputed colleges and institutions have methods in place to prevent or at least reduce cheating on online courses. If the crook is getting smart, the police are getting smarter!

Stringent policies – Considering increased number of cheating cases in online courses, many reputed institutions have stringent policies to prevent cheating. Penalties for academic dishonesty can include dismissal or disqualification from the institute. If caught cheating, you may never get an opportunity to study in that college at all. Moreover, your school leaving certificate could include the reason for dismissal and this means other good colleges will not take you too.

Technological monitoring devices and software – Many colleges use a webcam to check and monitor the student's identity, software to check the speed and rhythm of typing with your recorded sample, plagiarism software, and more such options to monitor the progress of a student. There are a larger number of different technological advancements that are put in use for cheating prevention by colleges to maintain the integrity of their assessment systems. Remember, this aspect is critical for them too as it affects their position in the college ranking system.

Cheating hurts you the most – Lastly, sermonizing and clichéd though this may sound, it is an age-old and timeless factor that cheating hurts you more than anyone else. You might be lucky and clear college by cheating, but after college when you apply for a job or take promotional exams where cheating never ever works, how will you manage? Additionally, learning can be fun if you choose to make it fun. And if you make your study habits more disciplined and choose to take little at a time, you will not feel the pressure at all.

Also, exams and tests are means to gauge your understanding of the subject and correct the mistakes. They are not punitive in any way. So instead of being overwhelmed by them, take them as a challenge; if you do not clear once, try again. No one can take away the learning you get from your mistakes and failures. After all, someone famous said, "We fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up."

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