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Cheat On A Test

Best Ways to Cheat On a Test without Getting Caught

Cheating on a test is the most common form of cheating in college. You could be driven to cheat on a test for any one or more of the following reasons:

  • You find the topic difficult

  • Your teacher did not teach very well

  • You had too many things occupying your mind during the semester

  • You simply did not manage your time well

  • You do not like the topic but are forced to do it as it is part of the compulsory generation education class

  • You were simply lazy during most part of the semester and now you have very little time to study

While cheating on a test does not really reflect well on your moral standing, I would refrain from sounding so pedantic and merely accept the existence of this scourge and hence through this article, I am giving you some of the best ways to cheat on a test without getting caught.

Not getting caught while cheating is extremely important so if there is even the slightest risk of falling into this trap, you must try and avoid indulging in it. The consequences of getting caught are very unpleasant and do range from getting suspended from college for some time to perhaps even being barred completely from attending college at all. So, please, please take care of yourself.

Best Ways to Cheat On a Test without Getting Caught

Cheat sheet hidden in your mechanical pen – Cheat sheets are one of the oldest and time-tested ways of cheating on a test and this method ranks rather low in terms of risk too. Prepare a cheat sheet with important notes (preferably written in codes, symbols, and in short form) and roll it to fit in snugly into the barrel of a mechanical pencil.

Remember to employ a pencil that uses lead of at least 0.7 mm so that the sheet will fit in nicely. During the exam, you can pretend to change your lead and sneakily peek into your prepared notes. Be as discreet as possible.

Using sunglasses with built-in MP3 player – I know that initially, this may sound like a ludicrous idea; but finish reading the note before you give your judgment. If you can get a fake medical certificate that you need to wear sunglasses at all times because of an eye infection, then this will work like magic.

Dictate your notes into the inbuilt MP3 player and play them as and when you come across some difficult question during your test. Make sure your diction is clear and uninhibited by external sounds and, of course, keep the volume just enough for you to understand your own recordings. You might look all funny with sunglasses on in the indoors, but this method might just be the thing you need to clear your test.

Writing your cheat sheet on the reflective surface of a folder or cover – This extremely low-risk method entails you to write your cheat sheet (again preferably written in codes, symbols, and in short form) on the reflective surface of a folder or cover. You could use any sharp object to do this; your compass will be a great option.

During the test, keep the folder with the seemingly invisible notes at a suitable angle and position and use it whenever you need it. If the examiner questions you about it, you can always say that the folder contains notes of another class. It makes sense to keep some papers related to the class that you intend to use as an excuse in case the examiner chooses to open the folder and investigate further.

Trimmed page method – Take an empty sheet of the same size as your test sheets. Cut an inch all around the 4 margins and fill this sheet with your notes. On the day of the test, fold this cheat sheet into as tiny a form as possible and fit it under your wrist watch. Once inside the test room, check to see if there are any invigilating eyes on you before removing the cheat sheet from under your wrist watch and place it unobtrusively under the test paper.

As you have cut the paper all around, it will go under the test paper without it being seen. Use the cheat sheet whenever you need. Remember to look around before you pull it out each time. I reiterate getting caught should never be an option.

Leverage your Identification badge – Prepare your cheat sheets in strips of paper and stick them discreetly onto the reverse of your identification badge. On the day of the test, wear your badge in such a way that it falls on your lap when you sit.

Use the cheat sheets without getting caught. Remember not to continuously flip the badge too often; your teacher might catch on. Once the test is over, crumple up the cheat sheet and discard them outside your class.

Thick and wide rubber band method – Buy yourself a thick and broad rubber band that can be stretched wide enough to hold your books in place. On the inside of this rubber band, write out your cheat sheets and notes. When you have completed writing your notes, let the rubber band go back to its original size.

Now the notes will look like a pattern on the rubber band instead of writing. Wear it like a bracelet for your test and you can discreetly (when the examiner is not looking) stretch the rubber band and read what you have written.

Make cheat sheets on small note cards – This method entails you to prepare at least partly for the test. Write short notes on the part that you did not study for. Use small note cards to prepare your cheat sheet. On the day of the test, wear a long-sleeved jacket and tuck these small note cards into the sleeves. Whenever the teacher is not looking your way, pull out the notes from your sleeve guardedly, take a peek and put them back quickly.

Notes on tissue paper – Write your notes on a tissue paper and wrap it such that the notes are on the inside of the fold. During the test, you can pretend to use the tissue to wipe your nose or face and discreetly look at the notes before putting it back into your pocket.

Water bottle label method – Rip open the label of a water bottle. On the reverse plain side of the label, prepare your cheat sheet in small yet legible handwriting using symbols and codes wherever possible. Now stick the label back in such a way that it does not look tampered.

Alternately, you could stick another sheet around the bottle and then put back the label. During the test, you could pretend to drink water and peek into the notes on the label or the sheet.

Final Notes

There are some common tips that you should diligently remember to follow irrespective of the method of cheating you employ. And these include:

Get rid of evidence – if you cannot get rid of the evidence, then the chances of getting caught are very high and such cheating methods are to be avoided.

Never ever be overconfident – Even if you have succeeded in multiple cheating sessions, do not let overconfidence consume you. This is the first step to your downfall. Always be on your toes and be ever alert.

Do not risk more than your capability – Cheating requires you to take a lot of risks and this appetite for taking risk varies from person to person. Know the limit of risk you are willing to take and stay well within this self-drawn boundary. Any kind of discomfort will only enhance the chances of getting caught; so keep discomfort to the barest minimum.

I would like to end this by reiterating the importance and extreme criticality of not getting caught while cheating. The consequences of this could be something that you will not be able to overcome mentally and emotionally. So beware!

How to Cheat on a Test and Not Get Caught

Despite the various negative consequences that can befall you if you get caught while cheating, you still want to go ahead and cheat? Then there are myriad ideas on how to cheat on a test and not get caught.

However, I would like to warn you here that the latter part of the title of this article is impossible to succeed 100%. Every cheating trick, no matter how small or insignificant will have some amount of "getting caught" risk inherent in it. Yet, there are some methods which are less riskier than others that you can use to cheat on a test and keep the risk of getting caught at a minimum level.

How to Cheat on a Test and Not Get Caught

Create cheat sheets on your sweat band – This method will have an authentic twist if employed by an athlete. Sweat bands are always part of an athlete's attire. If a non-athlete suddenly turns up with a sweat band, then the teacher might get suspicious.

The day before the test, fill up the underside of your sweat band with notes and formulae. Flip over whenever you need to see the notes. Alternatively, you can slip a folded cheat sheet under your sweat band and obscure it from your teacher's view.

Use your ID badge to hide your cheat sheets – Make notes on strips of paper and stick it on the underside of your college identification badge. When you sit down to write your test, let your ID fall on your lap. It will then be very easy to discreetly overturn the badge whenever you want to see your notes.

Notes on your hands and palms – You can use your body parts like your hands and palms as space to write out your cheat notes. Wear clothes that completely cover up all parts of the body where you have written your notes. During the test, when you are sure that your teacher's eyes are not on you, pull back your clothing and read your notes.

Dropping papers accidently – Sit next to a friend who is good at academics. When he or she has finished writing a sheet, let the friend "accidently" drop it on the floor closer to you. You can then pretend to bend down and pick it up for your friend. Do this action slowly and deliberately all the while reading the answers and then copy it to your paper.

Wallet Method – Prepare your cheat sheet on a green-colored paper and which is shaped like a dollar note. Put this "money" cheat sheet into your wallet. During the exam, discreetly open your wallet and pull out this particular currency to find answers. In fact, you can boldly keep your wallet outside in clear sight of your teacher. If questioned, you can always say that you do not want to be robbed. However, please be discreet with pulling out the specific currency in question.

Label on the water bottle – This is very commonly used and many teachers might already be aware of this method. Yet, some students do manage to use it if the teacher who is invigilating is not very strict. Carefully peel off the label on the water bottle. Write your notes on the inside blank space of the label and carefully stick it back. While pretending to drink water, you can access your notes through the transparent bottle.

Final Notes

Cheating is neither a prudent nor a moralistic way to clear college. Yet, we at Prescott Papers understand the ground realities. Hence, our experts and professionals are standing by to guide and help you complete assignments, papers, custom essays, and more. Do contact us when you need our help.

How do you cheat on a test?

How do you cheat on a test? There are multiple ways of cheating on a test. Cheating on a test is done by many students in colleges and schools and this is rampant on most college campuses.

Before I list the various methods that students use to cheat on a test, I thought I will enumerate the different reasons as to why students cheat. It is quite important to understand the reasons that motivate students to cheat so that we could, perhaps, manage those reasons in an effort to reduce cheating in colleges.

Reasons for students to cheat on a test

  • Many students are driven by a deep desire to excel in everything they do

  • The workload during the semester is too heavy to manage

  • Since many students cheat, those who don't cheat believe they are at a disadvantage

  • Some students feel that adequate notes and content materials are not given by professors

  • Many students believe that there are too many tests in a day to be able to study well for all of them

  • It is also true that some parents put a lot of pressure on their children to excel in academics

  • As many students work part-time to support college education, they are too frazzled with excessive work to focus well on studying

  • Sometimes, the reason for cheating could be an illness that took away precious time during the semester

  • Many sportspeople are required to score a minimum GPA to qualify to remain in the team and this adds to the stress levels of students

  • For many students receiving financial aid, scoring a low GPA results in withdrawal of the aid

  • Most students feel that a high GPA score is required to land a well-paying job

  • It is also true that sometimes, professors are overly harsh when it comes to grading their students

  • Some professors also set unfairly difficult papers with the intention to fail students

  • There are a few professors (not many in number) who increase the workload of students unfairly during the semester

The above-mentioned reasons are only a tip of the iceberg and students come up with innovative (and sometimes valid) excuses for having to cheat on a test. This article gives you some novel ways that students employ to cheat on a test.

How do you cheat on a test

Making notes on the reverse of the calculator using a pencil – As you cannot see the notes until you know that they exist and peer closely this method is great for students looking for low-risk cheating mechanisms. Students keep the calculator at a specific angle which ensures that only they can view what is written.

However, you must be aware that your teachers may be aware of this method and if they check and find out that you have been cheating, you could land in a lot of trouble. Also, getting rid of this evidence is not very easy as the impression will not really go away.

Notes made on the fingernails – If you have incredibly beautiful handwriting and you can write minutely and yet clearly, then this method could work for you. If written rightly, your nails will merely look as if they are painted and if you can read your notes it would be great. Moreover, you keep need to rub off the evidence from your nails.

Fitting rolled cheat sheets into the hollow pipe of your pen – Remove the refill from your pen. Prepare your cheat sheet on a thin sheet of paper. Cut the edges so that when they are rolled they fit in well into your pen. So, take appropriate measurements and cut out your sheet. Fit in the rolled cheat sheet into the pen.

During the test, students discreetly open the pen and pull out the sheet. They keep it under the papers and are able to peek whenever they need. Of course, the dismantling of the pen during a test could raise your teacher's suspicions and he or she could catch you red-handed.

Invisible inks and ultra-violet pens – Students use invisible ink to prepare cheat sheets and this will never arouse suspicions in anyone's mind. However, students would need an ultra-violet pen to read this and using this device during a test can trigger suspicion and the teacher could come forward to investigate further.

Calculators with memory functions – Students save notes, formulae, and answers in the memory function. It is easy to recall the memory stored in the calculator and chances of getting caught are very low as students can easily erase the data.

Smart watches that look like digital watches – There are wonderfully designed smart watches that simply resemble a digital wrist watch. However, the functionality of the smart watch is quite good. Students input data into the memory space of the smart watch and during the test, pretend to look at the watch while retrieving the hidden data.

Filling a large-sized eraser with notes – Students deliberately buy a large-sized eraser and fill it with notes. This can be hidden quite well and using an eraser often may not really make the teacher very suspicious. However, no matter how small you write or how big the eraser is (you can't really buy an incongruously large one), the amount of data you can fit in is highly limited. Yet, it could come of use for noting down formulae and difficult words etc.

Discussing answers with classmates – When the teacher is not looking your way, you can quietly nudge your neighbor and ask her/him to share answers with you. Alternatively, you could share answers with her/him.

Code language – This is used as a team cheating mechanism and works quite well in a multiple choice format. The person who knows the answers will choose one or more of the following codes to pass on the answer to his/her friends sitting for the test; scratching the right nose Option A, scratching left nose for Option, a single cough for Option C, double cough for Option D etc. These codes are prepared beforehand and learned and understood by all in the team. A fairly low-risk method as no one can really stop anyone from scratching or coughing.

Cheat sheets on tissue paper – Tissue papers are ubiquitous elements and are used by everyone. Hardly any restrictions are or can be placed to use them. So, some students leverage this freedom and write cheat sheets on tissue paper. During the test, they take it out and in the pretext of blowing their nose or wiping their face they quickly peek into the notes.

The fact that these papers are really thin can make the writing appear on the other side and could be easily visible to a teacher with a sharp mind and eyes. So, it is important to be careful in this method too.

Cheat sheets on the labels of water bottles – Water bottles are as ubiquitous as tissue papers and so students leverage this too. They tear and remove the label carefully and gently. They fill the reverse blank side of the label with notes and guardedly fix it back around the bottle. They ensure that the label does not look crumbled or suspicious in any way.

In the pretext of drinking water, students peek into the notes that are clearly visible through the transparent bottle.

Final Notes

Cheating is not allowed nor is a great way to pass a test. Cheating prevents your learning from being wholesome and complete. Cheating has many other negatives that you already know about. Yet, it would be foolish not to accept the truth of its prevalence in college.

Getting caught while cheating can have really, really unpleasant and long-lasting negative effects and hence extreme caution is advised. I would advise you to study hard and do well instead.

Easy Ways to Cheat On a Test

Cheating is never a great idea; yet, what is more important than getting it right is not getting caught. The consequences of cheating on a test can be quite drastic including the serious consequence of jeopardizing your future. If however, you want to do it, stick to methods that you are sure about and not try anything wild.

Again, cheating is not a superb idea to follow; studying in a timely manner, finishing assignments and papers as per schedule, and doing this in the correctly prescribed way is the best way forward for your college education.

Easy Ways to Cheat On a Test

Draft paper method – This works only for those tests where your teacher allows you to bring a draft paper. Write the numbers of the questions that you do not have the answers too. Quietly pass on the draft to your team member who is better prepared than you are. And once he has written down the answers, take it back from him without arousing the suspicion of the teacher. This is a reasonably good method for math and science papers.

Cheat sheets on a backpack – Prepare cheat sheets and keep them in an easily accessible place in your open backpack. Keep the backpack next to you while keeping the notes covered well with your legs. Whenever possible and without getting caught, peek into the cheat sheets and copy.

Cheat sheets wrapped around your thighs – Make your cheat sheet and attach them around your thighs. You could use cellophane tapes to hold them in place. Using full-length trousers is essential; but, this method will work really well for women as they can use long skirts to keep the cheat sheets hidden. Of course, you would have to visit the restroom often to check out your answers.

Dictionary method – Make notes on different pages in your dictionary. Most schools allow dictionaries to be brought into the examination hall. Even if the teacher flips through the dictionary, he or she will not see every page of that rather thick book. So, the chances of you getting caught are quite low.

You just need to remember the page numbers and what notes are there in them. If you simply flip through the pages, then you could arouse the teacher's suspicions.

Cheat sheets made as an impression – Put two papers over each other and hold them so that they do not move. Now write your cheat sheets on the top page hard enough for the impression to come on the lower page. Discard the top page and take the lower seemingly empty paper into the test room. Only you will know that valuable information is there on that "empty" page. Here too, the risk of getting caught is quite low.

Binder Method – Write your notes or formulae or anything else on a ruled sheet and place it in the binder on top of everything else. When the test starts, put the binder under your desk and make sure the sheet is right on top. Now when you need to peek in, just press your foot down on the binder so that the first sheet (which is your cheat sheet) becomes nicely visible to you but not at all visible to the examiner. This will work only of the binder is made of transparent material.

Twin folder method – Bring two pocket folders and place them on your desk on above the other. Just pretend you are confused and are looking at some arbitrary thing in the folder. Actually, you would have kept the cheat sheet in the folder kept beneath.

If your teacher is very strict then this method may not really work and it can backfire on you. So, be careful of using this only with those teachers who are not very stern. And do this only when the teacher is in front of the class. If she is at the back then she might be able to make out your cheating method.

Notes inside your calculator cover – Every calculator invariably comes with a nice protective cover. Make small sheets with notes, answers, or formulae and put them unobtrusively inside the protective covering of your calculator. Whenever your teacher is not looking, then pull out these small notes, take a peek, and put them back quickly.

Make sure you pretend to use the calculator regularly. And beware of the number of times you extract the notes and put them back. If you continuously keep snapping your calculator cover, your teacher could become suspicious and come to your desk to investigate further and that may not end well for you at all.

Small notes method – Prepare your notes in the smallest possible sheets of paper that you can. The size of the papers should be small enough to remain hidden under your palm. So, before the start of your test, when you are asked to clear your desk, carefully clear it in such a way that these small notes are under your palm.

Once you receive your test paper and unseen by the teacher, place these small notes under your test papers. Pull them out discreetly and one by one to check for unknown and difficult answers.

Bookmark method – If you are allowed to bring a book for your test then make sure you bring a bookmark too. Fill these with notes. Ensure they are completely hidden inside the book and retrieve them as and when you need answers to questions you don't know.

Ruler method – The reverse of some rulers are normally blank. Use this blank space to fill out your notes, formulae, or answers. Flip over the ruler whenever you need to access these notes. Again, be careful that you are not conspicuously flipping over the ruler and unabashedly peering into it. The teacher is bound to find you out if you are not prudently discreet.

Cardholder method – Again, this will work only if stationery such as cardholders is allowed into the examination hall. Write down notes, answers, or formulae in small sheets of paper and fit them snugly into the cardholder. They will look just like cards inside. Whenever you can and whenever the teacher's eyes are not on you, retrieve the cards and peek into the notes. If you can learn up the order in which the notes are kept (and you know which sheet has which notes) then this method will work even more smoothly.

Use the space provided by the nails on your fingers – Your nails are a great space to make and prepare your cheat sheets. Write small and neat and make sure you understand what you have written. This method carries extremely low risk as your nails will simply look painted with some weird design.

Team cheating – One person in a predefined team of friends can either come well-prepared for the test and carry the cheat sheet in as foolproof a method as possible. The person next to this master will copy from his paper and this copying chain can continue along the entire desk or even the above and below desks.

This will work better when the desks are arranged in a descending order and not in a straight. Then it becomes easy for the person above the master to look into his paper and copy the answers.

Answers in your mechanical pen – Make your cheat sheets in thin papers and roll them tightly. Remove the lead from one of your mechanical pens and put this rolled sheet instead. Take a couple of these pens to shift the focus of the teacher. You, of course, should know which of the pens has the cheat sheet inside.

During the test, pretend to change your lead and discreetly pull out the paper and use the notes that you brought in to the exam hall. A fairly low-risk method though there is no denying the need for being very, very careful.

Notes in your cup of energy drink – Usually, many colleges allow students to bring in a cup of energy drink. You could use the space on the lid to write your notes. Make it look like the pattern of the logo or brand. Keep the writing small. Of course, you may not be able to fit in much; but, critical formulae etc could be a huge help. Moreover, the chances of you getting caught for cheating are almost negligible.

Final Notes

Cheating on a test could be a great and easy way to pass a test; but, it might be laying a strong and unbreakable foundation for jeopardizing your future both in terms of a college education and professional career and in terms of turning out as a distinctive law-abiding citizen of the country.

While there are many easy ways to cheat on a test, the chances of getting caught (no matter how small) exist in every method and hence, you are bound to feel the pressures associated with doing something wrong. This pressure can prompt you to become hasty and make a mistake. So, please, please be careful and do think of investing your resources for studying and doing well rather than depending on cheating mechanisms.

Cheat On a Test

How does one cheat on a test without getting caught? Is it right to cheat on a test? What are chances of getting caught if one tries to cheat on a test? These and more such questions plague the minds of most college students.

The reason why so many questions exist on this subject is because cheating is a very common thing among college students today. In fact, the proverbial cheaters never prosper is not believed by any of the modern day students and many think it is perfectly normal and smart to cheat occasionally in tests.

The portions and lessons are so vast that even the most hardworking student finds it difficult to learn, memorize, and recall data for the sake of writing a test. Even these students resort to partial cheating; meaning to say, they study some parts and prepare cheat sheets for the remaining parts.

While debates on the rights and wrongs of this well-established precedent will continue to happen, it would be naïve to brush it under the carpet. This particular article is dedicated to giving you insights on how students cheat on a test by leveraging technology and creating cheat sheets through devices.

How students cheat on a test by using technology

MP3 player in the bathroom – This method is quite a low-risk one. It, of course, requires some amount of learning from your end. You can record your notes in your MP3 player and hide it in a discreet place in a bathroom close to your classroom.

When the test papers have been distributed, you can scan it and make a mental note of the questions you do not know the answer for. You could then excuse yourself to visit the restroom and when in the bathroom, you can listen to your recordings and make a mental note of the answers. This is, perhaps, the lowest risk method as there will be no evidence of anything on you.

Using sleek earpieces that are hardly visible to the examiner – In today's technological world, small is big and the smaller something is the more in demand it is in. There are many sleek earpieces available which will appear not to exist even when you are wearing them; so invisible they will be!

You could invest in one such earpiece and connect it to an MP3 player (hiding in your bag) via Bluetooth. You can listen to recorded notes from your player during the test which will help you answer difficult questions too.

It may be a little expensive but a small price to pay to clear difficult and disliked tests.

Texting your friends – You could guardedly (when the examiner is not looking) text the queries to your friends who are waiting near a computer or with the relevant textbook or other resources open. They could find the answers and text it back to you.

It is important to develop a personal language using short codes that both you and your friends will understand so that texting can be faster and without fuss.

Using the lyrics recording facility on an iPod Touch – For this to work, you will need an iPod which has an inbuilt facility that allows you to key in the lyrics of the song you are listening to. When you are listening to the song, you could see lyrics too.

Using this facility, you could input cheat sheets instead of the lyrics and while pretending to listen to songs while you answer your test paper, you could scroll down and see the notes you have keyed in. another alternative used by students (in case some smart examiner chooses to investigate further is to hide notes (in codes and short forms) in between the lyrics.

Using the notes app in your Smartphone – Even the cheapest of smartphones have an inbuilt notes app wherein you can prepare and store your cheat sheet. During the test, whenever the teacher is not looking in your direction, you can discreetly flip open your smartphone and peek into your notes.

Earphones/Headphones hidden in your sleeve – You will need a long-sleeved shirt, an MP3 player, and headphones/earphones. Record your notes into your MP3 player and keep it on you in an obscure place, perhaps, your pocket.

Run the wires of the headphones in such a way that one of the earpieces is close to your cuff. Whenever you need to listen in to your notes, just take your wrist to your ear and you will be able to clear your own notes being read out loud and clear.

Listening in to your prerecorded notes in short stints will significantly reduce the risk of getting caught while cheating.

Capture your answers in your smartphone and send to your friends – This method is unique in the sense one person in a group will have to study and do the test diligently. Then he or she snaps all the pages of the completed test and either sends or physically (extremely discreetly) pass on the snaps to the rest of the group. You do your paper well (because you studied hard) and you become a very popular member of your gang! One stone – two birds

Leveraging the power of a calculator watch – These rather outdated calculator watches are a form of a low-risk cheating method. Even if outdated, a couple of the models are still available in the market. These calculator watches also an inbuilt document app with space to fill up about 150 pages.

The only seemingly cumbersome job would be to input the cheat sheet into the device; but, the result can more than make up for this initial discomfort. It is very, very unlikely that your teacher checks your wrist watch before you enter an exam hall and hence this method carries low risk

Make small notebooks of cheat sheets – This age-old practice has a modern twist. Students from time immemorial have made small discreet notebooks (not more than 2-inch by 2-inch) of cheat sheets. The modern day twist consists of typing out the cheat sheets in the smallest visible font size and making 2-inch by 2-inch booklets of them

One recommendation is to write your cheat sheets in short paragraphs with each one having one idea only (to make it easy to read and understand during the peeking process). Print out the notes; cut it out at each paragraph level and use these strips to make the booklet by stapling them together.

Using a Pen MP3 Player – There are MP3 players embedded into pens and getting these gadgets into the exam hall will be very easy! Who is going to disbar you from bringing in your writing equipment to write your test paper?

Some drawbacks of this method include the following:

  • The audio output is not normally of good quality

  • You would need a wireless headset to get it to work.

Spyglass – This rather innovative and innocuous looking pair of glasses helps you capture everything that is happening in the test room. You could capture the test paper and your answers and then help your friends who will be taking the test in the next batch. A classy and technologically savvy way to worm your way into your friends' heart and mind!

Electronic dictionary – Many colleges and/or proctors allow students to bring an electronic dictionary for their test. These dictionaries usually have some memory space which you can fill with your cheat sheets and notes. In the pretext of checking your dictionary for meanings, you can quickly access the recorded notes.

However, there are some schools which do not allow these devices for use during a test. Please do check with your school/college if they allow these kinds of dictionaries in an exam hall; do not waste your resources if the device does not come of use to you.

Final Notes

If you notice, some of the cheating methods are so cumbersome, time-consuming and need high levels of competence that it makes prudent sense to use your intelligence and competence to actually study and do well in the tests in a morally correct way instead of cheating.

The chances of getting caught when you use technological gadgets are quite high and hence you are required to be on your toes always. This could lead to undue stress and discomfort resulting in both mental and physical agony. Of course, I do apologize if you think I am sounding old-fashioned and archaic.

I only wish for your success.

How to Cheat On a Test in College

It is true that cheating is associated with laziness and a lack of ethics in a person. It reflects a dishonest personality and is morally comparable to lying and stealing.

Yet, there are many people who advocate that cheating in certain circumstances is acceptable. Many times, these advocates argue, tests in college are a result of politics rather than policy or practicality.

Whether you choose to cheat because you are lazy or you choose to cheat because you believe the test is unfair and this is your way of getting back or you choose to cheat for any other reason not explained in this article, you cannot forget that you will have to face the consequences of cheating if you get caught.

Always be on you guard; avoid excesses during cheating; keep your expectations from cheating at a minimum; don't expect to get an A+ by cheating; and last but not the least, try and avoid this as much as you can.

And believe me, with your intelligence and smartness and with a little dedication and hard work, you can clear college with flying colors without having to resort to cheating. This article gives you a few methods on how to cheat on a test in college.

How to Cheat On a Test in College

Peeking into your friends' papers – This is, perhaps, the oldest and most commonly used method of cheating by college students. Invariably, there are a few academically brilliant students in every class. So, it is a common practice to sit next to one of these brilliant students and peek into his or her paper and copy into your paper.

Tricks used to peek into someone else's paper:

  • Pretend to stretch and come closer to get a better view

  • Pretend to reach across and borrow a pen

  • Pretend to drop something and while getting up go closer to the next student and take a peek

  • Ask your friend to pretend to drop his or her answer paper closer to you; pretend to bend and pick it up for your friend; perform this action slowly so that you get time to peek at his or her answers

The advantage of copying from someone else on a test is that getting caught is quite unlikely unless of course, the person you are copying from is a downright snitch. You can always find valid excuses for all of the above actions and hence this is fairly low-risk method of cheating.

The flipside of this method is that if the person sitting next to you does not want to help you then you can't do anything much about it. Another problem is if he or she makes a mistake on a question, you will be copying a wrong answer too. When teachers are correcting the papers and find two very similar wrong answers on two sets of answer sheets they might get an idea that something is wrong.

Hide your cheat sheets in the cap of your pen – Prepare a sheet with relevant notes, formulae, definitions and anything else that you will find useful for a test and neatly roll this sheet and hide it in the cap of your pen. Use the same pen that you will be using to write your test. Instead of covering the nib side of the pen with the cap, cover the end with your notes safely tucked inside.

During the test, open out the notes and read it whenever you need and then put it back. Remember to keep a watch for where the teacher is before you pull out the notes. And even when you are reading it, look out for your teacher and make sure that he or she does not suspect anything.

Use the storage space on your desk – Most desks in colleges have storage space to keep books and stationery. Do a little bit of preparation before the test. Make out your cheat sheets and hide them right under all the books in your desk. Keep some stationery too inside. Ensure nobody is looking when you are preparing your desk this way. The best time would be to do it after class.

On the day of the test, look into the desk pretending to search for something or while pretending to take out the stationery already stacked there for this express purpose. Your teacher will think that you are looking for something and may not get suspicious if you can carry this off with élan.

This method will be useless if there is no storage space in the desk or if the teacher deliberately makes all students to sit in any random order. In this case, you may not get to sit at the same desk that you sit on everyday of your class.

Mechanical pencil method – Get your cheat sheet with notes and formula ready; roll it up such that it can fit into the barrel of a mechanical pencil. Empty the barrel of a pencil and fix this cheat sheet inside. This works best when you can get to sit at the last desk where you can no one behind you.

During the test, discreetly open the mechanical pencil, pull out the cheat sheet, take a peek at it, and put it back. Here too, it is imperative that you ensure the attention of the teacher is not on you.

White color pencil – On an empty white sheet that is similar to the one you would use for the test, write out your answers, notes, and formulae using a white color pencil. Make sure the impression is dark enough for you to see what you have written. The sheet will look blank and no one will realize anything is written on it except you. This, therefore, is quite a foolproof method of cheating on a test.

However, one note of caution is that avoid peering too hard to discern what you have written. Beware of this tendency as it could arouse the suspicion of you teacher who might think, "Why is the student peering so hard into a blank sheet of paper?" If he or she comes to investigate, then you could land in deep trouble.

Final Notes

The importance of discarding evidence can never be overstated. Make sure that the method you use allows you sufficient ways of discarding evidence. If you are caught with it, then all hell will break loose.

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What Is the Best Way to Cheat On a Test?

The question, "what is the best way to cheat on a test?" has neither a perfect nor an unequivocal single answer. The answer is dependent on the student's risk appetite, on the level of preparation, etc.

Here, I will give you a few ways that students employ to cheat on a test. Giving you methods that students use for cheating does not mean I condone the act. It is much, much better for you to study on your own and do the tests in a prescribed manner instead of resorting to cheating mechanisms.

Ways to cheat on a test

Calculator Method – Invariably, most calculators have some amount of memory space to store some data. Use this space to write some notes and formulae. Retrieve the data during a test on the pretext of using your calculator. Ensure your teacher is nowhere close to you while you are peeking at the device. Peering too hard could cause suspicion in the minds of the invigilator.

Bracelet Method – Make your cheat sheets in different colors. Make one paragraph in each color. Now tie them up together to form a kind of colorful bracelet that you can wear around your wrist. You can use hooks to each piece of the bracelet. Learn up the color codes to know that information is written in which color sheet.

During the test, make sure your teacher is not looking at you. Then slowly unhook the color of the sheet that has the answer to a particular question in the test. Quickly read it and hook it back to your bracelet. It makes sense to practice hooking and unhooking the color sheets so that on the day of the exam, you will be able to do it smoothly and without a hitch.

The "really small notes" method – Make your cheat sheets on really small pieces of paper using really small handwriting. Then, either crumple them and fit them into the palm of your hand or keep them under your palm as you are asked to clear your desk just before your test. During the test, you can look into these small notes and copy from them.

Whiteboard or blackboard method – This is a little risky and yet could work if you are really careful. This method will also work only if the class teacher uses the whiteboard or blackboard to scribble notes, make witty remarks, or put reminders for students. Before the test, you can use a part of the board to write down notes and formulae using acronyms or doodle figures.

You will just need to look up and find your answer staring at you from the whiteboard or blackboard! Of course, if the teacher notices that there are some things on the board which does not sense to her or him, then the data might get rubbed off too. Or the teacher might decide to clear the board just before the test starts; then too, you will lose your data.

Final Notes

All cheating methods carry an inherent risk. It would be foolhardy to try out any method that is beyond your risk appetite. It is always better to fail rather than run high risks that can get you caught while cheating. Penalties are dependent on the severity and frequency of cases against you. So, please avoid trying anything foolish.

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How to Cheat On a Test without Getting Caught

Almost every college student's wish at least at one point in time during his or her college life is to know and master how to cheat on a test without getting caught. Everybody is willing to cheat on a test but many are deterred by the deep fear of getting caught.

It is this deep-rooted fear that has kept cheating to a controllable level in colleges. The fear of getting caught is not some arbitrary emotion and is based on very strong logical reasoning. There are some really nasty consequences and a small list is given below.

Consequences of getting caught while cheating

Cancellation of the submitted paper – This, I believe, is the easiest penalty that you can get slapped with. It only requires you to redo and resubmit the paper. Rarely any notes are added to your manuscript or student record. Of course, you will be watched with hawk eyes by all teachers now that your reputation of cheating has taken its first step.

Cancellation of all accumulated credits – A more severe cheating case could entail the cancellation of all your accumulated credits in the semester. This could mean that you will have to redo all assignments and papers done till now.

Suspension and expulsion – These are used normally for more serious cases and also for repeat offenders. Some suspensions and all expulsions are recorded in your manuscript which does not bode well for you at all.

This article gives you some basic cheating methods employed by students that carry a low risk of getting caught.

How to Cheat On a Test without Getting Caught

Ideogram method – For this method to work well, you must be skilled at doodling and drawing and should have a great sense of association. Also, this will work best for one-word answers and not for longer, descriptive ones.

Let me give you an illustrative example: suppose you need to write down Gulliver, you could create a doodle of a seagull (gull) and a lever next to it. Then if you say the words that the doodles represent, then you will get (gull)(lever) which can easily be understood by you as Gulliver. Nobody else will be able to interpret this code and the teacher will merely think you have scribbled something meaningless.

White Ink Method – This is like hiding something in plain sight. Prepare your cheat sheets using white ink on a white sheet of paper. On the face of it and from a distance, the paper will look completely blank. You, of course, will be able to interpret and read the obscure information from the paper.

Writing on your hands with skin color gel – This is another case of hiding in plain sight. You could write notes, answers, and formulae on your hands using a gel pen that has the same color as your skin tone. Your teacher is highly unlikely to notice the writings. And you will be able to access everything openly. Of course, the risk here is, if by some remote chance you do get caught, then the evidence is too strong to ignore.

Backpack method – Place your cheat sheets in your backpack and leave it open. Keep if down at your feet; whenever you need to you can peek into your notes by pretending to drop something near your bag and then bending to pick it up.

Wooden Pencil Method – Buy a thick wooden pencil. Shave off one side of it in such a way that the wooden part is revealed vertically and you get a flat side. Now, use this space to write your cheat sheets. Place the pencil in full view of the teacher with the flat facing down on the desk. Whenever you need, discreetly flip over the pencil and copy notes from the cheat sheet.

Toilet tank method – This is a little tricky and need not be 100% foolproof though getting caught is unlikely. You must visit the restroom just before the test. Get inside a toilet stall and open the tank. Usually, the toilet tanks are never filled to the brim. A bit of dry space is available at the top. Stick your notes on this space and remember which stall it is.

During the test, excuse yourself to visit the restroom; go to the same stall and lift up the toilet tank cover and read the notes. Do remember to discard the notes after the test is over. Even if the cheat sheet is found, there is no way of knowing who put it there except if you choose to gloat about the ingenuity of the trick and boast about it to your classmates.

Asian Language Method – You can prepare your cheat sheet using the script of an Asian language that you know. There would be very few or, perhaps, no teacher who know Asian languages unless the college is an Asian Language college! It would be better for non-Asians to use this method as suspicions are bound to arise if you are an Asian yourself. The teacher may not know what you have written but she or he may also not allow you to take any extra paper with "meaningless" scribbles on it.

Final Notes

I would like to reiterate that at any cost getting caught should not be an option for you. It is better to fail a test rather than get caught cheating in the test.

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The Best Way to Cheat On a Test

Cheating is never condoned by any college. Academic integrity is the cornerstone of a college's reputation in the educational industry. To manage the problem of cheating in colleges and to keep in under a tight leash, colleges are taking multiple measures including the following:

Developing an honor code - Most colleges have taken this concept very seriously and have developed an honor code wherein it is clearly and unequivocally stated that cheating is a morally unacceptable occurrence. They find innovative ways and methods to spread this honor code among students and also to keep the spirit of it alive.

Campaigns across the college campus – Honor codes are not just found in handbooks anymore. Colorful and eye-catching posters are designed and are put up in all strategic positions across the college campus including all classrooms, notice boards, canteens, etc

Tutorials for students – Many times, colleges have realized that some students do not know what constitutes cheating and what does not. When they get caught, some students also lay claim to ignorance and request for an excuse as they did not think that they were cheating. To overcome such unpleasantness, many colleges conduct regular tutorials for their students giving them details about what constitutes cheating.

Orientations – All colleges have orientation programs for their new students and in this program, the honor code is mentioned loudly and clearly to one and all. The students are warned about the consequences of cheating and the negative ways their lives will be affected if they try to cheat and get caught. In some colleges, new students are required to take and clear an honor code orientation assessment before the final registrations.

Teachers are encouraged to speak openly about cheating in class and warn their students about the consequences – No longer is talking about cheating considered taboo. Teachers are exhorted to raise the subject of cheating in their respective classes, warn their students about the consequences and coach them to become more moral citizens of the world.

Despite the above measures, it is unfortunate that cheating is rampant on college campuses and students are coming up with different ways to cheat. The question, "what is the best way to cheat on a test?" refuses to die down and students are spending resources to find answers to what is the best way to cheat on a test.

Best ways to cheat on a test

Cheat sheet stuck at the back of the desk – Some students prepare cheat sheets and stick them on the back of their desks. This position is in full view of the student but remains hidden to the teacher in front of the class. When he or she is doing the rounds, the students slide the sheet in front of the desk so it remains concealed.

However, discretion is the primary goal here for you. If the teacher gets suspicious as you move something forward and backward, he or she might come to their desk for further investigation.

Correction Tape Method – Nearly all students have a roll of correction tape to cover their mistakes and errors. Roll out the tape carefully, make your notes on it, and carefully roll it back into place so that the tape will not look tampered with. During the test, roll out the "tampered" tape, pretend you are using it to cover mistakes and peek at the notes written on it.

The Ski Pass Method – If you own a winter jacket specifically designed for skiing then there is usually a transparent pocket in front. Wear the jacket for your test and keep your notes in the ski pass position. It will be easy for you to read from the notes placed strategically in the ski pass pocket. Ensure that you avoid a jacket with Velcro as the sound could arouse suspicion in the teacher's mind.

Hooded jacket cheat method – This might not work for students living in hot weather conditions. But if you live in a reasonably cold climate, then wearing a hooded jacket will not arouse any suspicion. Buy yourself a hooded jacket that has pockets in front through which you can put your hands.

First, try and ensure that you are sitting behind someone bigger in size than you thereby minimizing the chances of your getting caught. Make your cheat sheets in flash cards that can easily fit into the pockets. Searching for these cards will not be very difficult if you use different colored ones for different things.

Folder cheat method – Bring two folders to class for the test and let them stand upright. If your teacher is very strict, then do not try this method. Prepare your cheat sheet and place them inside the folder that is closer to you. You can pretend to fool around and fiddle with the folders and peek at the notes that are hiding between the two folders.

Peeking into the teacher's desk – More often than not, your teacher will have a hard copy of the answer key at his or her desk on the day of the test. You can pretend to ask a doubt and go to the teacher's desk and quickly and discreetly glance through the answer key paper. Try and remember as much as you can and then return to your desk and quickly note them down before you forget.

Using the impression method (also referred to as Invisible method) – Take two sheets of paper and place them one over the other and clip them together so they do not move. Now, using a pencil write your cheat sheet on the top paper making heavy and deep impressions. The impressions of these notes will fall on the paper placed beneath.

Now, discard the top paper and take the "impressioned" paper for your test. It will look like a blank sheet to everyone else except you. You will be able to see the nearly invisible impressions of the notes.

Snitching a copy of the test paper from the teacher the day before – This is a really high-risk method and is not recommended for the faint at heart. The day before the test you can approach your teacher for some "help." While he or she is helping you understand something, you can arrange for someone to call her or him.

When the teacher is thus distracted you can attempt to snitch a copy of the test paper which would most probably lie on the desk. You could either scan through the questions and remember them or hide one in your bag.

Most teachers mark the number of test papers and hence, you must be very careful if you are thinking of taking one copy home. A safer method would be to scan through the paper and make discreet notes in your book when the teacher is distracted with his or her call.

Writing on your desk method – The day before the test, write down formulae, definitions, and other important notes on your desk with a pencil. Avoid making dark impressions; just make it light enough for you to be able to read it during the test. After the test is over, remember to rub off the evidence.

This method will not work if, on the day of the test, the teacher decides to change places of all students.

Calculator Method – You can utilize the memory space in calculators to save and store important definitions and notes. In the pretext of using your calculator, you can recall the stored data and use it to complete your test.

Final Notes

The reason I started the blog with how seriously colleges are taking the concept of cheating on test is to make you realize and understand what you are getting into. Cheating is neither a moral nor a prudent way to complete college.

It is immoral because you are breaking an honor code that you signed on for at the time of getting admission into the college. It is not prudent because cheating can never really take you far.

You might be able to finish college by hook or by crook. But, once you get into the real world and you land yourself a job based on your college education certificate, your lack of knowledge and skill in your domain is bound to come forth sooner than later. And no amount of cheating is going to come of help to you here. So, focus on picking up key skills instead of trying to cheat and get away.

Our experts at Prescott Papers are ever willing to help you complete academic writing work allocated to you. This will free up some time for you during the semester which you could use to work hard to do your tests well.

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