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Cheating Is Beneficial For Students

Cheating Is Beneficial For Students

Cheating is beneficial for students! And there are many arguments put forth by students that favor this statement. Here are some of them that students boldly and unequivocally stake claim to:

Advantages of cheating

  • Cheating helps you complete homework easily and without fuss

  • Cheating during tests is a form of sharing and learning among the student community

  • Cheating is a valid way to wriggle out of studying those subjects that are uninteresting to you and unimportant to your chosen line of profession

  • Cheating is perfectly valid as the education system emphasizes more on grades than actual and deep learning and understanding of the subject

  • Cheating is absolutely fine if the teachers make no effort to teach well.

Disadvantages of cheating

Every topic in the world has advantages and disadvantages. While the advantages that some of the students advocate (mentioned above) could sound correct, they are based on irrational emotions that will not stand the test of time. The advantages mentioned above are only short-term. The disadvantages are in the long-term and have more sustaining power than the merits of cheating as advocated by some smart-thinking students.

You will become unpopular with your friends – Yes, this is absolutely true. While most of your friends will not say anything to your face, they will begin to dislike you because you cheat. This is because they work hard and diligently and score good grades and you seem to be taking the easy route to success. Your friends will grudge you your seeming success and your unpopularity among them is bound to soar.

Cheating in an exam is equivalent to cheating your parents – Your parents work hard to put you through college hoping that one day you will become a successful person. Yes, your grades might show that the success is on its way and they could feel proud initially. But, if they were to find out that your grades are because of cheating, your parents are going to feel very let down.

They will begin to blame themselves for not bringing you up in the right way. Parents are happier to see their child become a good person earning lesser money rather than a bad person earning more money. This is because as mature adults they know that success achieved through a wrong route will never sustain.

You will never be a true professional - While you may clear tests and exams by cheating, how do you think you will manage your professional life which will be got because of your college degree? Your employer has employed you based on your domain knowledge and expertise which is reflected through your manuscript. When he or she sees you fumbling at the actual workplace, he will begin to doubt your capabilities and there are high chances that you will lose your job.

For you to be a successful professional, what you need is the ability to learn more and an unshakeable moral standing. By cheating, you have failed on both counts and hence your professional life is bound to finish even before it takes off! Cheating never really helps.

Embarrassment and not feeling proud of yourself – As you begin to descend down the success ladder in your profession, you will see your old classmates rising up driven by their knowledge and expertise which they had truly gained during college. It is because they refrained from cheating, they were able to pick themselves up even when they failed and became a stronger and more powerful person than before.

You will be embarrassed as they see you sliding down and you will never be proud of yourself or your achievements. You should neither be afraid nor embarrassed to fail. Failures help us become stronger people than before and what failure teaches us, success will never be able to teach us. So, do not try to pass exams by cheating, instead work hard and pick up key life skills as well as professional skills.

Final Notes

While cheating may appear to be beneficial in the short-term, the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages in the long run. Moreover, colleges are becoming very stringent in doling out penalties to students who are caught cheating. The severe penalties like suspensions and expulsions are intended to deter potential cheaters from crystallizing their ideas.

I can assure that the following ideas will help you do well in your college without resorting to any form of cheating:

  • Studying hard

  • Working diligently

  • Managing your time well

  • Completing your assignments on time

In fact, I can further assure that if you manage your time well, you will actually have sufficient time to socialize too. After all, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy!

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