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College Cheating Quotes

College Cheating Quotes

Quotes can be highly motivational and also act as eye-openers allowing us to see the effect of an action that has become routine and not given much thought to by most people. A well-articulated one-line quote can tell an entire story that can move the reader to action. Well-crafted quotes can have a lasting impression on the minds of the readers.

With an intention to motivate students not to cheat and to present the concept of cheating in college in a quirky and witty manner, I have chosen the following quotes to be presented in this article. The writers give their opinion on cheating and being dishonest in college.

College Cheating Quotes

Marina Shougary says this about cheating in college - "Stealing is a federal offense and is punishable by law in most countries because it is unethical to take something that does not belong to you without another person's approval. Cheating in the academic context is not much different. It is the act of taking someone's valuable thoughts, ideas, answers, intellectual property, and hard work without their consent in order to advance."

"When someone cheats, he is lying to himself, and lying to the professor who is correcting his paper and giving him a good grade for something that the student hasn't even studied. If a student starts cheating and succeeds, he could go on in his life and continue cheating on others, whether it is in business matters or in his marital life." ~ Latifa Svidjee

Donita K. Paul says, "There is never a right reason to do the right thing, not ever." And extrapolating this to cheating in college, Sohail Sagheb says, "Her statement explains why cheating is unethical."

"Studying and doing our own work helps us grow in our educational life, it helps us learn, it helps people get where they want to be while being deserving of it. Cheating is considered unethical because it is basically using someone else's work or words and claiming that they are yours. That is unethical because people would be taking credit for things they didn't do or work for. Each person trying to cheat or plagiarize should ask himself or herself "Would I want another person stealing my hard work and claiming it to be theirs?" I'm sure the answer would be a 'No' since nobody likes to be taken advantage of. So why are universities so strict about it? A university is a learning environment, which will always push a student to get to their utmost potential in education. Cheating is not considered a form of learning but more of a form of "getting by". ~ Alice Daniel

"Education is intended to encourage fairness and ethical behaviors such as honesty. It is unethical to feel pride during or after cheating on assignments and exams instead of guilt." ~ Karen Avetissyan

Final Notes

Cheating does have its fair share of brickbats and I find it difficult to disagree with or dispute against any of the above-mention college cheating quotes. Yet, I refuse to stand on the high moral ground and preach to students. I only hope that all of you are both mature and prudent to understand the ills of cheating in college.

However, it is my personal opinion that taking help to study is not cheating at all.

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