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Good Ways To Cheat

Good ways to cheat

Miriam Webster dictionary defines cheating as "breaking a rule of law usually to gain an advantage at something." In academics, cheating is defined as "any attempt to obtain assistance in formal academic exercise such as tests or exams without due acknowledgement.

Before giving you some good ways to cheat, allow me to explain to you a few reasons for students wanting to cheat.

Reasons for cheating

In this article, I would like to divide my reasons into three categories and they are:

  • Concern regarding performance

  • External Pressure

  • Unfair Professors

Concerns regarding performance – There are many students who believe that they have to clear tests and exams well as this reflects a positive attitude on their personality. They are willing to use any method to clear college including cheating. More often than not, these students could be good students too and they may never need to resort to cheating. Yet, their desire to do well runs so deep that they lose confidence in themselves and end up using cheating methods.

External Pressure – Many times, students are bogged down by external pressures such as excessive academic overload, ill-equipped teachers who do not teach well, pressure from parents and peers, a sudden illness, and the pressure of knowing that good grades are essential to get a good job. These kinds of pressures can take quite a toll on students and since some may not be strong enough to handle them well, they resort to cheating in college.

Unfair Professors – We cannot rule out this rather unfortunate cause for students wanting to cheat. There are many professors (I would quite honestly call them sadistic) who take immense pleasure in pressuring students needlessly by giving them excessive course work, setting unfairly difficult papers that are meant to fail students, and grade their students very harshly. For the poor, victimized student, cheating comes across as the only option.

Good ways to cheat

While none of the above reasoning can condone the act of cheating, it is only human to appreciate and understand some difficult situations for students. So here goes a little list:

Making notes on the underside of the calculator – Only if you know of the existence of these notes and you peer really hard, you will not be able to see them clearly. And hence getting caught is almost impossible with this method.

Notes on fingernails – I'd think that you can have the patience and creativity to fit in notes onto your finger nails, you can be smart enough to study and clear the paper. Yet this method is used quite often and, if you are a female, then the notes can make your nails look painted! Again this method is a good way of not getting caught.

Fitting thinly rolled sheets of notes into the hollows of pens – You simply hollow out your pen, roll out your note sheets really thinly and fit them into the pens. You can take as many pens as you want! Of course, taking too many could also raise suspicions in the mind of the invigilator.

Fill your desk with notes using invisible ink – Definitely one of the good ways to cheat; you just have to be careful while using your ultraviolet torch to read the notes. Your invigilator will wonder and can do a closer scrutiny of your activity which may not bode well for you!

Memory functions in calculator are used to store formulae – You can keep in memory all the important formulae (maybe use a code language) and store them in your calculator. Recall them by using the "recall" button on the calculator during times of need.

The above are few of the good ways to cheat and clear your college course. However, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that getting caught while cheating in a test or exam will not be good at all. You are liable to be dismissed or disqualified. First time offenders may get away with a warning, but the second time you will not be lucky! Take extreme care of yourself.

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