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How Can I Cheat

How can I cheat?

While cheating is something quite unsavory and best if completely avoided, I would be foolish not to acknowledge its prevalence in schools and colleges. There are many ways to cheat in college and school tests and exams. And prior to answering your question of "How can I cheat," let me present to you some reasons for cheating.

Why do students cheat?

Knowing and understanding the reasons for students wanting to cheat can help us help them overcome the associated pressures thereby aiding them to resort to straight and honest means to clear college courses. Given below are some reasons that students use as excuses to cheating:

Lack of effort from the student – many times the student has got so caught up with his or her social and extra-curricular activities that he or she may hardly find the energy or the time to study. This lack of effort to allocate some time for study in a committed and disciplined manner compels the student to resort to cheating methods.

Being loyal to friend(s) – Weird though this reason may sound, it is quite true and the trend is rampant on many college campuses. Friends like to be similar to each other and so, if in a group, one person (normally one with a strong impressive personality) dislikes studying and learning, the other weaker personalities follow suit and pretend that they are "loyal to their friend." This friend could also be a cheating expert and may be promising students an easy way out.

Irresistible opportunity – Oh, yes! A very common reason that students use is there were these superbly irresistible opportunities to be immoral and "how could I not give in to the urge to cheat!" These "irresistible opportunities could include:

  • The examiner left the room unattended for some time

  • The examiner appeared lackadaisical and didn't seem to care if anyone cheated or not

  • The person I copied from did not much to keep his or her answer paper covered

Yes, I laughed out loud too when some students I interacted with gave me such reasons for cheating!

Campus ethos – This amazingly dramatic reason is usually given by the seasoned cheat on campus. How can I not cheat if cheating in an exam is a campus ethos and legacy that is carried forward for so many years? Such is the audacity of some students.

While some of the reasons are very witty and clever, the act of cheating is rarely condoned by the college. Getting caught while cheating can never ever be good for you!

How can I cheat?

So let's get down to brass stacks and let me give you some answers to "How can I cheat?" Here are a few ways that you can use to cheat:

Using smartwatches that look like digital watches – There are many students who have used smart watches that look exactly like a digital watch. With a smartwatch, the world is at your fingertips, should I say, around your wrist. You will have access to the internet. Also, students have taken a snapshot of the questions and sent it to people sitting outside and snapshots of answers have been sent back!

Notes on the inner side of your water bottle – No one will stop you from keeping a water bottle near you while doing your test. Rip the label out, fill up the inner empty side with notes and stick it back on your bottle. It is so easy to peek. Of course, if the notes are too conspicuously written, then you might get caught. So do be cautious.

The wild side of cheating – I am compelled to end this article with an episode of mass copying that happened in a third world country. One student sitting for the exam crumpled up the question paper and discreetly threw it out of the window to friends who were waiting to receive it. These pals got answers for all the questions and using a loudspeaker, the answers were announced for all to hear! It does seem that everyone might have passed that exam!!

Cheating as a team – You can set up codes for multiple choice answers like one tap on the desk for Answer A; two taps for Answer B etc. This will work well if at least one of the team members has prepared for the test. You could, perhaps, take turns to prepare and follow the leader's lead!

While the third one seems highly far-fetched, yet in some countries, these things do happen. However, usual such tantrums result in the entire examination being disqualified and a re-examination held. I would like to finish by saying the key to a good cheating method is anonymity.

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