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How Hard Is It To Cheat in College?

Easy Method of Cheating - Notes in Hand

In recent years, as cheating in class has become more rampant on college campuses, it has become harder to cheat in the first place. This is due to the up to date techniques that professors use to catch cheaters. So, the answer to the question, how hard is it to cheat in college, is that it is very hard to cheat in college more now than ever before

It is hard to cheat on exams in classrooms where the professor is very attentive to what the students are doing while the exam is taking place. A lot of professors are up-to-date on the techniques that students use to cheat. For example, if a professor sees a student with one arm on the desk, and one underneath, and the student is looking under his desk, the professor knows he must be looking at his phone. If a student keeps looking at the underside of their arm, a professor can get suspicious, keep a close eye, and get a glimpse of the writing on the student’s arm.

If you think it’s easy to cheat on an exam for an online class, think again. There are new and updated techniques used in online classes that allow professors to detect when cheating is taking place.

  1. Proctoring exams

Per US News & World Report (http://www.usnews.com/education/online-education/articles/2014/06/17/think-twice-before-cheating-in-online-courses) Some universities hire outside companies that proctor online exams. For these classes, the student is required to have a webcam. A rep from the company can then watch the student as they take the test. They watch out for instances when a student’s eyes dart to something on-screen, or for other suspicious behavior. Students have to prove their identity beforehand so the representative knows who they are. This also makes it harder for students to use the Internet or have someone else take the test for them.

  1. Software that detects plagiarism

This is also per US News & World Report (http://www.usnews.com/education/online-education/articles/2014/06/17/think-twice-before-cheating-in-online-courses) Learning management systems typically come with software that can detect plagiarism. Even though these mostly catch students who are not intentionally cheating, but just don’t know how to cite their sources, these are still very useful tools to catch cheaters during assignments as well as during essay exams. TurnItIn is the most popular one these days. SafeAssign is another plagiarism prevention service available with Bllackboard.

  1. Other Learning Management System techniques.

Blackboard Learn, a popular Learning management system used by many schools, offers ways for teachers to make it harder for their students to cheat. According to Saint Louis University, which uses Blackboard Learn, professors can do the following to prevent most cheating by their students:

  1. Create Question Pools to define multiple questions that can be randomly included in tests.

  2. Use Random Blocks of questions to be sure that each student receives a different version of the test.

  3. Randomize the order in which answers appear for each question.

  4. Set a Timer to specify the number of hours and minutes that students will have to complete the test. This may discourage students from spending time during the test looking at outside materials. During a timed test, the time elapsed is displayed to students. If you set the timer, you can then turn on Auto-Submit to automatically save and submit a test when time expires. Without enabling auto-submit, students have the option to continue after time expires; the instructor can then review which students exceeded the time limit.


It is also hard to cheat on papers. Students cheat on this type of work by paying someone else to do it for them, and then turning it in as their own work. But professors use plagiarism checkers such as the one on turnitin.com to check the work they receive.

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Overall, because of how hard it is to cheat, it is best to do your own work and use Prescott Papers for help.

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