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How To Cheat In A Test

How to cheat in a test

How can I cheat in a test? There are many ways and means to cheat in a test. Students across the world are becoming more and more innovative in discovering new and novel ways to cheat in a test.

While you want to know how to cheat in a test, don't you think you should ask yourself why you want to cheat at all? What circumstances are driving you to think of finding ways to cheat in a test? Ask yourself the following questions and record the answers so that at least in the next semester, you foresee some of the problems in time and make preparations to avoid such a dilemma.

Why do you want to cheat in a test?

  • Did you not manage your time well?

  • Did you not allocate time every day to study a little bit?

  • Were you overworked?

  • Did you go to more parties than needed?

  • Did you take on more responsibilities that you were capable of?

  • Did you not understand the teacher's materials and/or explanation in class?

  • Did you find the subject tough?

  • Was the teacher being unfairly harsh?

  • Is there too much of peer pressure on you to excel?

  • Are your parents expecting more than you are capable of?

The answer to at least one or more of the above questions would have to be "Yes" in order for you to reach a situation wherein you ask, "How do I cheat in a test?" While the rest of this article is dedicated to listing out some methods students use to cheat in a test, I would suggest that you prepare yourself well for the next semester and avoid falling into the cheating trap again.

How to cheat in a test?

Wrist watches with inbuilt memory – There are many wristwatches that come with inbuilt memory. Students key in notes, answers, and formulae into the memory and while pretending to fiddle with the watch, retrieve the data during the test and cheat.

Answers on the hands and palms – Students scribble notes on their palms and hands. They usually wear a long-sleeved shirt to cover up the writings. During the test, they discreetly pull up their sleeves, read the notes, and cover it up again!

Of course, you have to be careful that you don't keep pulling your sleeves up and down. This will make your teacher think that something fishy is going on and he/she might come to your desk for further investigate. This cannot bode well for you.

Fake arm – Students fix a fake arm and keep it on the desk pretending to write something. However, their hidden hand is down at the desk searches for answers on the smart phone or some cheat sheet hidden somewhere.

Sticky sheet on the sole of your shoes – Students fix sticky sheets with notes and formulae on the sole of your shoe. When the examiner is not looking, they pretend to bend down to tie or adjust their shoe laces and then quickly peek into the sticky sheet.

Answers on legs – Some students use their legs as writing paper. They fill it up with notes and cover it up with trousers. During the test, students bend down, pull up their trousers and see into their prepared notes. Alternately, students excuse themselves to go to the restroom and look into their notes comfortably and without much hurry.

Large band-aid on the hand – Some students affix a large band-aid on their hands and fill it up with notes. This is a convenient method though if not done discreetly can also be visible to the teachers.

Texting to friends - Students discreetly send text messages of the questions to their friends who are outside the exam hall. These friends quickly look for the answer on a computer or from the prescribed book and they send the answers back in text form to the student taking the test.

There are many loopholes in this method. Students may not be allowed to carry any device to the exam hall. If they still manage to do it, then they have to be extremely careful while typing out text messages.

No matter how small the question is, it does take some time to key it into the phone and chances of getting caught with a barred device are very high and the consequences very unpleasant. Despite these obstacles, there are many students who are quite willing to take the risk and use this method.

Final Notes

Cheating in a test is not just difficult but also fraught with risk. If you get caught while trying to cheat, the consequences can be quite damning and you might spend your entire life repenting for that one small mistake. So, please think twice before you choose to cheat and ensure that your actions are well covered.

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