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How to Cheat in College Without Getting Caught

Cheating in college is not advisable at all, yet many students do it. There are smart cheaters and there are dumb cheaters. The smart cheaters know how to cheat in college without getting caught because they do what I’m going to discuss further on. The dumb cheaters do the opposite.

First, when you cheat, especially on an exam, be careful not to look too suspicious. Don’t look around the class too much. To cheat without getting caught you need to learn how to be subtle and not draw attention to yourself.

Even if you have all the answers on that cheat sheet displayed in that note app on your cell phone which is secured under your desk, miss a few questions. Unless you are one of those students who gets perfect scores all the time, the teacher will suspect you if your test score is suddenly perfect.

No matter how you cheat, be sure to get rid of the evidence after it is done. Also, be sure to sit near the back of the class, or at least away from the professor’s desk. It’s hard to cheat when you are right near where the professor is sitting. If you have no choice but to sit at the front or near the professor, it’s better to just not cheat and take whatever grade you get.

Another way you can cheat without getting caught is by being alert and listening to what is going on around you during the exam. For example, learn how your professor’s footsteps sound so that you know when they are coming near your desk.

There are methods a student can use to cheat without getting caught. There is no guarantee that these will work 100% of the time. But if you are smart about it, you can most likely avoid getting caught. Some of these methods might not be feasible for your particular test; it depends on the professor and how strict they are during test taking.

  1. Writing on yourself

Write your notes on areas of your body that normally don’t show when you are just resting, but that you can look at when the professor is not looking or during a bathroom break. For example, the inside of your forearm or leg is a good spot. You don’t want the writing on an obvious spot where your professor can see it. It’s also a good idea to wear long sleeves when performing this technique.

For instance, a student is taking an exam in geography. She wrote some short-hand notes on the inside of her upper leg, and wore a skirt to cover it. During the exam, she went to the bathroom and was able to look at her notes while doing her business.

  1. Tiny notes

Write or type up tiny notes that you can attach to a pen, or, better yet, a bandage on your arm. You can just pretend that you hurt yourself. You can come up with a story of how you hurt yourself just in case your professor asks you. Be sure to only glance at the notes when the professor is not looking.

  1. Water Bottle

This is a common method to cheat in college without getting caught. Take a water bottle, peel off the label carefully, write your notes for the test, and then put the label back on. With the bottle filled with water, you just take a drink whenever you need an answer. Please note that if you are looking down on your water bottle for longer than 30 seconds, that will look suspicious. It’s best to stick to short hand notes, or only write down things you are really having a hard time remembering when you are using this method.

  1. Tissue

You can write notes on tissues and keep them in your pocket. Then, when you need to “blow your nose”, you can pull out a tissue, look at the notes briefly before blowing your nose quietly and throwing the tissue away.

  1. The Fake Arm

You can make a realistic looking fake arm and keep the real one under your desk to navigate your smartphone during the exam. You just need to be careful when looking down at your smartphone still. But if your professor sees you with your head down, and notices both arms on the desk, they should be none the wiser.

  1. Gum wrappers

This is another way of using tiny notes as cheat sheets. You can type out a very small cheat sheet filled with notes from class on a paper that’s roughly the same size as a common gum wrapper. Then you wrap that tiny cheat sheet around the piece of gum. Then, during your exam, take out the piece of gum, chew it and glance at the cheat sheet. Of course, this only works when your professor allows gum during exams.

  1. Rubber Band

First, take a wide rubber band and stretch it out really good. Then, write notes on it, keeping letters as close as possible. When the rubber band goes back to its normal size, the writing will just look like tiny boxes. Then, you just wear the rubber band around your arm. This method works best when you wear a long-sleeve sheet. Also, be careful to only stretch out the rubber band to read the notes when your professor is not looking.

  1. Bluetooth Earpiece.

You can use a special spy earpiece with an inductive transmitter to cheat on an exam. It has to be a tiny ear piece that can sit inside the ear. You don’t want the professor to see it. Then, you wirelessly connect to it to a Bluetooth-enabled pen or glasses, which is then connected to a small mp3 player in your pocket. On the MP3 player, you can record the information you’ll need during the exam and play it during the exam. This is better than using wired headphones, which can be noticed by the professor.

These are just some of the ways you can cheat. As I mentioned before, there is no guarantee that these will work. The best way to not get caught cheating is to just not cheat in the first place. There are free resources available at any public colleges and universities that students can use to get help with their classes.

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In conclusion, it’s best not to cheat because there really is no guarantee that you will not get caught. It’s best to use the resources at your university, or Prescott Papers, to help you learn the material better and retain it.

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