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How To Cheat In College

How to cheat in college

During those seemingly unavoidable times when you are not prepared for a test or you are feeling very lazy or for any other innovative reasons, I am sure you would like to be aware of some tips on how to cheat in college. I would like to mention a couple of ways that students employ to cheat in college.

Before I give you some of the common methods employed for cheating in college, allow me to list out a few consequences of cheating. You will know the ways of cheating and you will also be aware of the effects of cheating. Then you will be in a better position to take an informed choice of whether it is worth the risk to cheat or not.

Consequences of cheating in college

Suspension – You can be suspended for a time period ranging from a week up to the entire semester. Some suspension penalties come with a loss of accumulated credits too.

Expulsion – If the nature of cheating is very severe, then you can even be expelled from college. And the worst part of such a penalty is that it is recorded in your manuscript and this plague will follow you everywhere you go; whether to another college or professional life.

Cancelling your accumulated credits – A first-time small offense might get you this penalty. All credits accumulated till now could get canceled and you might be required to repeat all assignments and projects again.

Asking for the work or assignment to be redone – This is, perhaps, the most lenient of penalties and yet can cause a lot of hardships for you if you are already overworked.

These kinds of information regarding how cheating will be treated and what are the consequences are clearly spelled out in the college policy and would be available for you to read and understand in the student handbook. The kinds of activities that are treated as cheating would also be mentioned in the handbook.

How to cheat in college

There are many ways to cheat in college and include the following (this is not an exhaustive list by any means):

Cheating in a test or exam – Students cheat in a test by bringing unauthorized notes or cheat sheets and peeking in when they are not supposed to. Students copy from each other. They use smartphones to access the internet and take help from students outside the class by communicating with them clandestinely through phones or any other means

Plagiarizing – Students download content from the internet and present it as their own willfully or unwittingly. They take the work of any student and claim that it is their own.

Getting papers done by someone else – Students give entire assignments for a payment to writing services in a bid to save time and energy.

Final Notes

It is true that cheating is not the perfect way to complete college. There are ways and means to manage your time better so that you need to resort to any cheating mechanism. However, reality is quite different from theory.

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