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How to Cheat on a College Essay

College essays are shorter than longer college papers and even longer research papers. Some essay assignments call for the student to write about their personal experiences while other essays need to be more objective. Regardless of what type of essay they are assigned to write, some students actually look into how to cheat on a college essay. They do this because: A) They have exams to study for, and tons of other work for their classes to do. B) They have full-time jobs that they need to keep in order to pay their tuition. In this article, we’ll go over how to cheat on a college essay.

Cheating on an Essay for College - Typing

One method to cheat on a college essay that students use is to manipulate the settings of the essay such as margins and font to make the essay seem longer. This is academic dishonesty because you are trying to trick the professor into thinking your essay is longer than it really is. The real length of the paper is the length it would be without the following manipulations. The trick is to not be too obvious with the manipulations. Here is what can be done:

  1. Use Line Breaks

It’s usually a given that your essay will have to be double-spaced. So, by hitting the Enter Key twice at the end of each paragraph, you have two extra lines.

  1. Work the margins

By making the margins slightly bigger, you can change the length of the essay. For example, instead of one inch margins, you can change them to 1.3 inches.

  1. Font size matters

Changing from a standard 12pt font to a 12.5pt font, as well as having all the periods and commas be at 14pt font, is a way to make the essay longer. To be even more subtle, just changing the size of the periods and commas should do the trick in making the paper longer.

  1. Spacing

You can insignificantly change the line spacing in a paragraph, and the spacing between characters.

Recycling Papers is Plagiarism

Another common method that students use to cheat on college essays is to reuse a previous essay that they already turned in for another class. This is cheating when they don’t cite the previous work, but instead, present it as something new. In other words, the student is falsely claiming that they did the work on that essay for that particular class. It is considered to be a fraudulent and deceptive act by every university.

For example, in an anthropology class, a student is learning some of the same material that he learned in previous anthropology class. When the professor assigns an essay on any topic discussed in the class, the student decides to reuse one of their old essays.

There is another way to cheat on a college essay that has grown significantly since the Internet became mainstream. Students will pay someone else to write their essay, and then turn the work in as their own. This is cheating because you are claiming credit for work that is not your own. This also happens when a student buys a completed paper from an online essay mill. By doing this, and turning said paper in, they are reusing work that has been also sold to other students.

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Ultimately, the best alternative to cheating on a college essay is to just write it yourself, and put in the work. Prescott Papers is one of the best companies that provide services to help you do that work.

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