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How to Cheat on College Papers

No matter what your major is, you have to write papers in college. These papers will be either for classes you are taking for your majors, or other classes that you are taking to fulfill your elective requirements. Writing these papers takes up a lot of time. Because of that, some students look into how to cheat on a college paper. They want to take the risk so they have more time to study for a hard exam or fulfill their other responsibilities.

Making the Paper Seem Longer

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One way that students cheat on college papers is by playing with the margins of the paper and other settings in the word processing software they are using to type up the paper. Professors have length, font, and margin requirements for the papers they assign to their students to write. Therefore, using these techniques is risky and may result in a failing grade.

For example, one paper may have to be at least 10 pages long, according to the professor’s instructions. A student can, either because of writer’s block or lack of knowledge, run of things to write about in the paper before it reaches the minimum ten-page mark. To make the paper seem longer than it really is, they can do the following:

  1. Format the title of the paper to be a little bigger

Don’t be too obvious when doing this. If the title is too big, then it’s obvious that you are trying to make the essay seem longer.

  1. Take advantage of line breaks

Hit the Enter key twice after each paragraph so that you get two extra lines.

  1. Change the font size from 12pt (the standard requirement for a college paper) to 12.5 instead. This change should be subtle enough.

  2. Change all the periods and commas to a 14-point font size.

  3. Manipulate the line spacing in the paragraphs in a subtle manner

  4. Manipulate the margins in a subtle manner.

  5. Make the space between Characters larger by choosing expanded spacing under Format – Font.

Purchasing Papers

What do most students use as a method to cheat on a college paper? They buy a paper from a cheap online writing service. The low price makes It more likely that the paper will contain plagiarism, which is basically a form of cheating. It is also cheating when the student turns in the purchased paper as their own work. Doing this violates the academic integrity code in any college and university. You are claiming that work you didn’t do is yours so that you can get a higher grade.

Prescott Papers

There are better alternatives to cheating on your college paper than using the methods described above. You can write the paper yourself and use legitimate methods to make it longer. You can also use a purchased paper as a guideline in writing your own paper or as a study guide. Prescott Papers offers custom papers in any subject for this purpose. As long as you use the paper done by Prescott Papers in accordance with the terms of service on their website, you are not cheating.

But, at the same time, the work is completely confidential. We never provide information about your orders to anyone. Your professor does not need to find out that you used our services.

The custom papers done by the writers at Prescott Papers are not plagiarized. The work is 100% original, done by a writer who has academic and/or professional expertise in the subject the paper is about. For example, a paper for anthropology can be written by an academic who specializes in anthropology.

Prescott Papers can also provide academic help to you in writing your paper as well. They offer outlining services to help you organize your paper better. They have quality, detail-oriented editors that can go over your paper carefully to make sure there are no mistakes.

Cheating on a college paper is something that a lot of students do to get through college. But there are better alternatives out there that don’t result in either a failed grade or expulsion. One of the best alternatives is Prescott Papers.

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