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How To Cheat On A Final Exam

How to cheat on a final exam

Final exam times are full of stress and anxiety for all students. Managing stress during these difficult times is critical to your mental and physical health. While a moderate amount of stress helps you stay alert, active, and sharp excessive stress can be debilitating.

While I will be mentioning a few ideas on how to cheat on a final exam, I thought it would make sense to list out some methods by which you can alleviate stress during a final exam.

Coping with the stress of final exam

Start your preparations as early as possible – Keep aside some time every day to prepare for the final exam. Make sure you strictly adhere to this study time daily. And start this practice of daily study as early as you can. The earlier you start the better prepared you will be and the less stressed you will feel.

Try and keep your routine as normal as possible – Except, perhaps, for some extra time spent towards preparing for the final exam, try and ensure you keep your routine as normal as possible. For example, if you do go for a run or a swim or for music classes, do not cancel these routine activities. One of the primary reasons for adding stress during a final exam is the disruption of routine. So avoid disrupting your routine.

Take care of yourself – Keep your body fit and eat nutritious food. This will help you energize your mind as well and also will help you manage the physical pain that is associated with stress.

How to cheat on a final exam

Some students are not as well-prepared as others while some are actually good at academics. Despite preparing fairly well, many students are not confident of getting good grades in the final exam and are looking out for ways to cheat in case they get stuck at difficult questions. The ones who haven't studied well are anyway on the lookout for ways and means to cheat.

Consequently, cheating is a rampant feature in all colleges and students are becoming quite creative by thinking of novel and innovative methods to cheat in a final exam. Here are some ways that students use to cheat on a final exam:

Water bottle label method – Students carefully rip the label on a water bottle. They then stick a cheat sheet with notes and formulae on it and wrap back the label as smoothly as if it was never ripped open. To the regular person, the bottle will be just an innocuous water holder.

The "smart" student will pretend to drink from the bottle and as he is sipping water in drops, he will be able to read his notes through the transparent plastic material. Many students are known to have successfully used this scheme in final exams

Memory space in the calculator – Many calculators have sufficient memory space wherein students input and store notes and formulae. During the course of the exam, whenever the proctor is looking the other way, they quickly retrieve this stored information for use.

You can use this method only when calculators are allowed inside the exam hall. Also, frequent use of calculators might raise suspicion in the minds of the teacher and if investigated further, you could land in trouble.

Smartphone method – This is again possible only when smartphone devices are allowed into the exam hall. If smartphones are not allowed, the risk of this method is multiplied even more. There are many ways students leverage the power of the smartphone to cheat on a final exam.

Access the internet – they access the internet through the smartphone and Google for answers. Some colleges might allow smartphones but may not allow the use of the internet. So, if you are caught doing this, unpleasant consequences are bound to follow

Store and save notes in the memory space – Unlike a calculator, the memory space in a smartphone is large enough to store plenty of notes, answers, and other such data. Students discreetly retrieve data during the exam.

Photos of notes – Students take photographs of their notes and save it on their smartphone. During the course of the exam, they get access to almost all data that they need. Of course, they should have worked out which photo has which notes else the searching process could be quite cumbersome. Moreover, if you keep scrolling through your gallery, your teacher is bound to question your strange behavior.

Recording notes in audio form – Some students read and record their notes into their smartphones as audio files. They use really sleek and small wired earphones (hidden in their pockets and the wires running along their long sleeves) or wireless earphones. During the exam, they sneakily turn on the recorder (making sure the volume is kept really low) and listen in to your notes.

Notes on the hands and legs method – Students fill up notes on their hands, legs, nails and other such places. Smart ones make the notes on their nails appear like a design. They wear full-sleeved clothes and full-length trousers to completely cover up all their writings.

During the exam, they bend down and either pull up their trousers and/or sleeves to take a peek at their notes. Alternately, some students visit the restroom during the exam and read up the answers for unknown and difficult questions from their body parts.

Repeated visits to the bathroom or bending down very often can arouse suspicion in the teacher's mind. So it is imperative you plan your act well.

Notes of gum wrapper method – Chewing gum is usually not barred by colleges. In fact, some colleges ensure that barring simple things like chewing gum could enhance stress unduly for their students. But their benevolent thinking is of no avail to some students.

They open out a gum wrapper, fill the inside (which is normally white and blank) with notes and answers and wrap it back around the gum. The gum goes back into the pack. During the exam, on the pretext of taking one gum out, students get access to the chewing gum as well as to the notes in the wrapper.

Of course, discretion is the better part of valor in case teachers are smart enough to find you out and report to the authorities.

Notes on tissue paper – If colleges think it is alright to allow chewing gum, then the seemingly harmless tissue paper wins this game hands down too. Nearly all colleges allow tissue paper to be brought in to the exam hall. Taking advantage of this, students use tissue papers to make and prepare cheat sheets.

As the exam progresses, they pull out the tissue from their pocket or elsewhere, pretend to blow their nose and sneakily see the notes that they have written down. The thinness of the tissue paper could be a cause for worry as some sharp teachers will easily see through it and realize that something is written on it.

Cheat sheets strapped on thighs – More suitable for girls, this method entails preparing cheat sheets and strapping them around thighs using cellophane tape. Long skirts are extremely useful in hiding these cheat sheets straddling uncomfortably around the thighs. But, of course, discomfort is a small price to pay for having access to critical data, isn't it?

So, these girls discreetly lift up their skirts to peek into their notes or visit the restroom to read up slowly and surely. Removing the cellophane after the exam is going to be really painful for the girls. While I am saying that it is more suitable for girls, many boys also use this method quite effectively. Loose-fitting trousers or knee-length shorts come in very handy for them.

Helping each other – The bonding of students comes into play here. Some real smart student is happy to let his or her pals copy answers during an exam. They find great ways to exchange information. They either sneakily pass the completed answer paper around or take photos of it and send it via smartphones or use codes to tell their friends which are the right answer from the choices given

Final Notes

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