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How To Cheat On A Math Test Without Getting Caught

How to cheat on a math test without getting caught

Why is math so hard for many students? I think some answers to this critical question could help solving some problems. Then, you can look at tips given in this article on how to cheat on a math test without getting caught.

Why is math so difficult for many students?

  • It is actually slightly complex as we progress from the basic to the more advanced levels

  • The teacher who taught the basics may not have done a great job and the difficulty simply compounded

  • It combines many factors (more often than not seemingly contradictory) including names, numbers, symbols, less than, greater than, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, and many more. Alphabets used are from English, Arabic, Latin, Greek, and more.

Despite the above-mentioned difficulties, repeated and diligent practice can make you a genius in math. Yet, when you want to cheat because of various reasons including lack of time for study, math is too difficult for you to manage, or anything else, then there are many ways students cheat on a math test without getting caught.

How to cheat on a math test without getting caught

PhotoMath App – This is an app developed for the sake of helping math students understand how to solve equations. It takes a photo of the equation and returns the solution with step-by-step instructions. So, in addition to using it for cheating on a math test, you can also use it before the test during your practice sessions.

During the test, discreetly initialize this app and take the photo of the equation that you are stuck with. When it returns the solution, simply copy it down on your answer paper.

Tapping method – This works like Morse code wherein tapping codes are established by students. This method will work when you have a math expert sitting next to you and he or she is also willing to help you cheat.

You could develop tapping (tap gently on the desk without attracting undue attention from the teacher) codes like this:

Tapping 6 times means 6; tapping 4 times means 4 etc. So, if you need to tap 4153, then you would tap four times, then pause, then tap once, then pause, then tap 5 times, then pause, and then tap 3 times and stop. Your friend should be able to decode the number if you both have practiced enough.

Other codes you could employ include coughing, sneezing etc though they might be more cumbersome than tapping.

Creating a distraction during the test – This method can work in two ways; either you can create a distraction for your friend or your friend can create a distraction for you. One of you can pretend to fall sick suddenly (maybe a bout of nausea or something else); this will divert the attention of the teacher from everyone else and he or she will be focused on the sick person. This will give you sufficient time and opportunity to cheat using the plan that you have already devised.

Notes on your clothes – You can write notes and formulae on the underside of your sleeves or wrist. Wear a sweater over your shirt. Whenever you need, you can pull back your sleeve or wrist and take a peek at your notes. Just remember not to make the peeking under your sleeves or wrist too obvious that the teacher gets suspicious.

Use your hands and palms as a writing paper – You can cover your hands and palms with notes and formulae and wear a long-sleeved shirt to hide them. Make sure you keep your palms closed too at all times. In fact, you can use any part of your body like your ankles, your arms, etc which can be covered by clothes and you have the option of seeing it when you want.

When you need to, you can read them and use them during the test. Washing off, of course, is going to take a long time. This is a good way to cheat as most teachers will be too embarrassed to check your entire body for cheat sheets!

Use your desk – The day before the test, write formulae and notes on your desk with a pencil. This can work provided no cleaning service is due on that day. Moreover, since many desks are scribbled and defaced, teachers may not really peer too closely. As soon as the test is over, you must remember to rub off the impressions.

Notes on reflective paper – You can use a sharp object like the end of your compass and make impressions of notes and formulae on the reflective cover of a folder. The folder will simply look empty for everybody else, but you know what is hidden. Place the folder at a suitable angle and position such that the writings are clear to you. You can access them whenever you need during the test.

Final Notes

Math may appear difficult for most of the students; but, with a dedicated and disciplined approach to the subject, it can be mastered by anyone. You have to learn to discard fear as it can cripple your thought process and make learning and mastering math even more difficult for you.

However, we at Prescott Papers understand your predicament and problems quite well. We suggest that you contact our experts to get help in completing projects and assignments which will leave you some extra time to practice math.

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