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How To Cheat On A Proctored Exam

How to cheat on a proctored exam

Some colleges require the results of a few online proctored exams taken by students to successfully clear the semester. This blog is dedicated to giving you various tips and tricks on how to cheat on a proctored exam.

It is quite needless to say that cheating is taken very seriously by all colleges and if you get caught, the consequences can range from losing credits to redoing the exam to suspension for varying durations to expulsion even.

These unpleasant consequences are definitely avoidable if you choose to schedule your study time regularly and diligently and complete all assignments and projects well and on time.

For a proctored exam taken online, the following items are needed:

  • A computer

  • A webcam

  • A device like a mirror or CD which shows the proctor sitting elsewhere that you have no notes or cheat sheets that you can access from anywhere close to you

The proctor takes uses a software program to take remote control of your computer and ensures that you have only one monitor displaying data and he or she will also disable screenshot capability on your computer. He will then make you spin you webcam around the room to ensure that you are alone and there is nothing or nobody else that you can rely on to do the exam.

How to cheat on a proctored exam

Cheating on a proctored exam is done by many students and here is a small collection of tips and tricks as to how they do it.

Hacking into the college server to get the right answers – Technology-savvy students leverage on their computer knowledge and hack into the college or proctor program and get the answers. They actually spend time and energy to create hacking programs for this express purpose.

Some smart ones pretend to take the time to answer each question and hence managed to come through unscathed; but, there are cases wherein a few students (yes, there were extremely tech-savvy but completing lacking in common sense) who finished the test and secured 100% within a minute. This raised the suspicions of the proctors and they had to face the consequences. So, please use your common sense when you try to cheat.

Group work – A group of students takes the proctored exam together sitting in their respective homes. They then open Google Doc or other such shared space and exchange notes and answers while doing the test together.

Using the services of an online tutor – Some students pre-arrange a paid online tutor to stay with him or her during the course of the test. The student communicates with this tutor through a chat box sending questions and getting back answers which he or she then inputs into the online exam screen.

Using the assistance of a helper sitting in the next room – The proctor can see that the student taking the test is sitting at the computer and answering the test. However, he or she cannot see what is out of the range of the camera of the computer. So, there is a helper sitting either in the next room or in the same room but out of the range of the camera. The helper is looking at the questions and sending the answers back to the student taking the test through notes or through a chat room.

Alternatively, instead of taking the risk of making the assistant move up and down to your room or to avoid getting caught if, during the test based on some suspicion, the proctor asks you to spin the camera again around the room, you can ask your assistant helper to sit out of sight and then hold up easily readable placards to display the answer to you.

You will have to practice and plan this interaction with your helper a couple of times before the exam date so that both of you are well-prepared on the D-day. During the practice sessions, you can find the most strategic place near you for your helper.

How proctors overcome challenges of cheating by students

Many of the modern-day proctors have caught onto the act of cheating and have placed controls and have taken measures to mitigate cheating. The security and technology that keep a check include the following:

  • The system used by the proctor shuts down all other browsers in the computer except that of the exam. If you try to open any other program or browser in the system, then the test shuts itself down.

  • The proctor will disable printing, copying, pasting, switching tasks, taking screenshots or access any other applications or programs

  • Keyboard shortcuts and function keys are also disabled

  • All the data that you transit are encrypted

How proctors manage the environment where the test is taking place

Many proctors are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the environment of a proctored exam is almost the same as that of an exam taken in class. The proctor will make you take your webcam all around the room to see if the area is clear and no notes or cheat sheets are stuck on the walls etc.

For this, the student taking the proctored exam should also make his or her environment conducive to the need. The elements to be kept in mind include:

  • A secure, quiet, and clean room that is noise-free and distractions-free

  • There should be no one else in the room except you; no pets, no parents, no siblings, or anybody else for that matter

  • Papers, books, notes, pens, and all other such stuff should be cleared away from the room

  • As is done in any test center, you will be asked to remove your watch, empty your pockets, unzip your jacket, and uncover your ears. These will ensure that you do not get access to notes or cheat sheets saved or written in your watch, your hands and palms, or listen in to audio cheats from your MP3 player or other such devices.

  • You will not be allowed to use more than one monitor

Other rules to be followed during a proctored exam

Like any other tests, online proctored tests also have the following rules to be strictly adhered to:

  • You cannot have any scratch paper or take any notes

  • You cannot drink anything, eat anything or chew gum too

  • You cannot take any breaks in between the exam. If you take a break, the test will shut down

  • You will have to present your ID to the greeter or proctor before starting the test

  • The entire test process will be recorded; hence, make sure you are dressed appropriately

Some experiences that might across as weird for students taking a proctored exam for the first time

  • You will, perhaps, find it strange that you will be asked to show your ears to the greeter on the webcam

  • You might find it weird that someone is asking you to remove the vase that has been standing in the corner of your room for so many years

  • You will have to get accustomed to greeting your proctor via a webcam

No matter how strange these systems may seem to you, they are essential instructions to be followed so that the proctor exam environment is exactly the same as that of a conventional test center.

Final Notes

I think the concept of proctored exam is both novel and innovative. It spares the student a lot of trouble of having to travel to the test center and the comforting confines of his or her own room might help in boosting self-confidence.

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