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How to Cheat on a Research Paper

The research paper is one of the most extensive papers you can be assigned in college. The work involves doing a lot of research and prewriting as well as actually writing the paper. In this article, I’ll go over how to cheat on a research paper and the alternatives to cheating on a research paper.

Purchasing a Research Paper

Without a doubt, buying a research paper online and turning it under your own name is the most common method to cheat on a research paper. It’s not the act of buying the research paper itself that’s the issue, it’s when you falsely claim ownership of it. That is an act of academic fraud. Plus, it’s plagiarism, which is another form of cheating.


Tina is studying psychology at the university. She has to write a research paper on various psychological methods for one of her classes. She is having trouble writing the actual paper, even with all her research. Plus, she’s gotten mostly C’s in the class. This paper is a big chunk of her grade, and she wants to do well on it. So, instead of trying to write the paper herself, she commissions one to be written by an online college writing service. She gives them what research she’s done and the instructions for the paper. After a few days, she gets the completed paper back.

Now, if Tina takes that completed paper, and uses it as a guideline to write her own paper, she will not be cheating. Instead, she’ll be utilizing the paper she received as a resource. But if she just turns in the paper under her own name, she is cheating. Furthermore, the work she turns in could be plagiarized.

So, to recap, turning in a purchased research paper as your own work is one way to cheat on a research paper.

Missing Citations

Another way of cheating on a research paper is not checking and making sure that all of the proper citations from your sources are included. For a research paper, you’ll have to gather information from multiple sources to back up your claims and elaborate more on the main ideas you’ll present in the paper. Because of this, you need to provide proper citations whenever you use anything from another’s work in your paper. This includes books, articles, journals, manuscripts, microfilms, newspapers and even purchased papers. When there are missing citations in a research paper, that is plagiarism. Plagiarism is cheating because it’s academic fraud. You’re stealing someone else’s work when you plagiarize.

But, when a citation is missing, it’s usually not intentional. One reason is that the student wrote something in their notes and forgot to mark what source it was from. Another reason is that they tried to cite it, but didn’t put it into right format. To prevent this, students should have someone else look over their work and use plagiarism checkers to ensure that all the proper citations are there.

Falsifying Data

This next way of cheating on a research paper happens in science classes. In those classes, students may have to use data from lab experiments as part of the research paper. Part of the research stage of the process is conducting experiments. Then, they write about the process and results of those experiments in the research paper as a way to validate the arguments they are making in the paper. When a student falsifies the data and evidence from an experiment they conducted so that it agrees with their scientific claims (when the real data did not agree with those claims), that is cheating. This also is the case when data and evidence is fabricated.

Making the Research Paper Longer

Professors will usually state that the research has to be a minimum number of pages. For example, a sociology professor may give a minimum ten-page requirement to her students. However, there are times when you just can’t find enough information to get up to ten pages. Maybe you were able to get up to nine and a half pages, but can’t go any further. Another method of cheating on a research paper is to change the margin and font settings to make the paper longer. This is cheating because you are being dishonest by not following the formatting instructions laid out by the professor.

Some of the illegitimate means of lengthening the research paper include the following:

  1. Changing the margins from the required 0.5 inches to 0.8 inches

  2. Changing the font size of all periods, commas and other punctuation marks to 14pt, instead of leaving it at the 12pt mark that the rest of the paper is at.

  3. Obtain extra lines in the paper by hitting the Enter Key twice at the end of each paragraph.

  4. Slightly change the spacing in the paper.

Reusing Your Previous Work

Another way someone can cheat on a research paper is to just reuse an entire research paper they did previously, or reuse parts of a previous research paper without properly citing the work. This is cheating because the student is falsely claiming that they did the work for that paper. The reality would be that they only did the work the first time they wrote the research paper.

To illustrate, let’s pretend that there is a student named Jason that is taking a history class. This history class is very similar to one that he took the previous semester. The professor assigns an eight-page research paper to be written on any topic discussed in class. Jason chooses the same topic that he wrote a research paper on for the previous class. Then, he just reuses the previous paper, but presents it to the professor as new work. Therefore, Jason cheated because he is being dishonest about putting in the work for the research paper. In reality, he only did the work during the previous class. For the present class, he did not do any work on the research paper.


There are multiple alternatives to cheating on a research paper. For example, there are legitimate ways of making a paper longer. First, by simply finding more to write about by doing more research on the topic. Second, you can just not use contractions and write out numbers. Third, use more transitions in your research paper.

The most important alternative to cheating on a research paper is to write it yourself and make sure it is properly cited. Now, if you are having trouble writing the research paper, you can always turn to Prescott Papers for help.

Prescott Papers is a custom writing service. The writers they hire produce 100% original, plagiarism-free papers that can be used as guidelines in writing your own research paper. If you use this service according to the terms of service listed on the website (www.prescottpapers.com), you will not be cheating when using this service.

Our writers know how to cite sources properly. When you get your custom paper back, you can see how those citations are done so that you know how to do it in the future. The custom research paper can also be used as a study guide to help you study for exams in the same class.

Here are the other benefits of using Prescott Papers:

  1. There are unlimited edits and revisions included for free with each order. If you notice that our writers forgot to cite something in the paper, that there is an error in the formatting, or another mistake, you can contact support, who will get in touch with the writer to get it fixed.

  2. We do not give any information regarding your orders and communications with Prescott Papers. Confidentiality is a guarantee. The only exception is when we are legally obligated to provide such information.

  3. We also accept rush orders, which is great if you are one of those students that procrastinate. We can get orders done and back to you within the same day, or in less than 24 hours.

  4. Our fast and reliable human support is available by both phone and email.

  5. There is also a risk-free way for first-timers to try out our services. You can order a custom research paper and not have to pay any money upfront. Then, we’ll provide a custom preview of your research paper before payment. We are confident in the high quality of work that is done by our writers, and we want our customers to have the same confidence.

  6. We only use writers that are based in the United States and whose primary language is English. This means the work will be well-organized and written in a concise and logical way. You’ll get a high-quality research paper as a result.

In the long run, cheating on a research paper is not worth the effort. It’s best to put that effort into working on the research paper yourself. Plus, Prescott Papers provides legitimate and reliable help for your research paper.

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