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How To Cheat On A Spelling Test

How to cheat on a spelling test

College students are bogged down by the pressures of having to learn many subjects. Most of them do not take the spelling test seriously and are quite annoyed by the fact that they even need to do it. This article helps you with some ideas on how to cheat on a spelling test.

But before that, I thought I could enumerate and discuss a few aspects on the importance of learning and managing to spell well and correctly. A common complaint heard amongst students today is, "why do we need to learn to spell? Can't we use spell checkers instead?"

Students struggle to learn and remember spelling and from a very small age, most students dread the spelling test. However, experts and teachers disagree with students and believe that spelling is very important for an all-rounded and wholesome education.

Spelling is important for the following reasons:

  • Spelling helps students to connect letters and the phonetics they represent

  • Spelling helps students to develop texture and structure of a language structure refers to the phonetics or sound and texture refers to the creative ornamentation in the language which add intensity, rhythm and beauty to the language

  • Spelling helps students master the language

  • Spelling improves reading capability of students

While the reasons mentioned above are not exhaustive in any form, the fact that spelling is important for a well-rounded education process cannot be overstated.

How to cheat on a spelling test

Paper Method – This works really well for a vocabulary or spelling test. You must prepare the final quiz on a sheet of paper the day before the test. For this, rewrite all the words along with definitions on a separate sheet of paper.

Place this prepared sheet in your desk (this method may not work if you do not have a desk with storage capacity). Pull out the sheet and another and pretend to write. When the exam is over, quickly switch the paper with your prepared sheet and hand it in.

Ensure that when you switch the paper, you do not catch the attention of the teacher. Remember to crumple and discard the other sheet that you were pretending to write on. Alternatively, you could keep the prepared sheet on the floor hidden by your backpack. When the bell rings, bend down and pick it up and pretend it had fallen on the floor.

Red refill in a black pen - This method will work if the papers are corrected in the class itself. Usually, a red pen is used to correct the paper. What you can do is switch the red refill in your red pen with a black refill and make the necessary corrections as the paper is being checked.

Keep a red pen handy so that you can switch it back regularly to actually correct your paper and also to show that you are using the correct pen when the teacher is near you.

Notes on your pencil – Shave off one side of a pencil so that the wooden part is vertically revealed. Write the spelling of difficult words on this part and keep the pencil facing down. Flip it discreetly for those words for which have not learned the spelling.

Use the hood of your jacket – Make small cheat sheets (not more than 5-inch by 5-inch) and stick them on the hood of your jacket. Wear your jacket in such a way that the hood is in front of you giving you a wonderful view of your notes. Peek in whenever you need.

Pencil Case method – You can bring your pencil case, isn't it? Buy one that is transparent. Make cheat sheets and stick it so that you can easily see through the case. Feel free to access it whenever you need to.

Smartphone method – You can use the smartphone for a spelling test in two ways:

  • Save and store the list of words in the memory of the phone and retrieve it whenever you want

  • Use the internet and look for the spelling of the word from dictionaries easily available online

Hat method – Make the list of words on a sheet of paper and stick it to that part of your hat that covers your forehead. Keep your hat on at all times. In between the test, remove your hat, pretend to wipe your brow and take a peek into the notes hidden in your hat.

Rubber band method – Buy a thick and wide rubber band that can pass off as a bracelet too; stretch it as wide as it will and fill it with the spelling of the words that you do not know and cannot memorize. Let the rubber band go back to its original shape. Now wear it like a bracelet around your wrist and stretch it discreetly whenever you need to access any words.

Notes on the soles of your shoe – Make a list of the spelling of difficult words that you cannot learn and attach this list to the soles of your shoe. You could, perhaps, stick one sheet on each sole. When the teacher is not looking, you can peer under your shoes and find that elusive spelling from the list.

Use your desk to compile the list of spelling – Make a list of the words whose spelling you find difficult to memorize on your desk using a pencil. Make it as light as possible without making it too difficult to read. Access your "desk" notes whenever you need to. This is quite a good way to cheating as your teacher may never realize there is anything written on the desk.

Final Notes

Cheating in a spelling test or any other test is not a great way to learn and progress in the journey of your education. Hard work and effective time management are key elements to academic success.

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