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How To Cheat On A Test And Not Get Caught

How to Cheat on a Test and Not Get Caught

Despite the various negative consequences that can befall you if you get caught while cheating, you still want to go ahead and cheat? Then there are myriad ideas on how to cheat on a test and not get caught.

However, I would like to warn you here that the latter part of the title of this article is impossible to succeed 100%. Every cheating trick, no matter how small or insignificant will have some amount of "getting caught" risk inherent in it. Yet, there are some methods which are less riskier than others that you can use to cheat on a test and keep the risk of getting caught at a minimum level.

How to Cheat on a Test and Not Get Caught

Create cheat sheets on your sweat band – This method will have an authentic twist if employed by an athlete. Sweat bands are always part of an athlete's attire. If a non-athlete suddenly turns up with a sweat band, then the teacher might get suspicious.

The day before the test, fill up the underside of your sweat band with notes and formulae. Flip over whenever you need to see the notes. Alternatively, you can slip a folded cheat sheet under your sweat band and obscure it from your teacher's view.

Use your ID badge to hide your cheat sheets – Make notes on strips of paper and stick it on the underside of your college identification badge. When you sit down to write your test, let your ID fall on your lap. It will then be very easy to discreetly overturn the badge whenever you want to see your notes.

Notes on your hands and palms – You can use your body parts like your hands and palms as space to write out your cheat notes. Wear clothes that completely cover up all parts of the body where you have written your notes. During the test, when you are sure that your teacher's eyes are not on you, pull back your clothing and read your notes.

Dropping papers accidently – Sit next to a friend who is good at academics. When he or she has finished writing a sheet, let the friend "accidently" drop it on the floor closer to you. You can then pretend to bend down and pick it up for your friend. Do this action slowly and deliberately all the while reading the answers and then copy it to your paper.

Wallet Method – Prepare your cheat sheet on a green-colored paper and which is shaped like a dollar note. Put this "money" cheat sheet into your wallet. During the exam, discreetly open your wallet and pull out this particular currency to find answers. In fact, you can boldly keep your wallet outside in clear sight of your teacher. If questioned, you can always say that you do not want to be robbed. However, please be discreet with pulling out the specific currency in question.

Label on the water bottle – This is very commonly used and many teachers might already be aware of this method. Yet, some students do manage to use it if the teacher who is invigilating is not very strict. Carefully peel off the label on the water bottle. Write your notes on the inside blank space of the label and carefully stick it back. While pretending to drink water, you can access your notes through the transparent bottle.

Final Notes

Cheating is neither a prudent nor a moralistic way to clear college. Yet, we at Prescott Papers understand the ground realities. Hence, our experts and professionals are standing by to guide and help you complete assignments, papers, custom essays, and more. Do contact us when you need our help.

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