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How To Cheat On A Test In College

How to Cheat On a Test in College

It is true that cheating is associated with laziness and a lack of ethics in a person. It reflects a dishonest personality and is morally comparable to lying and stealing.

Yet, there are many people who advocate that cheating in certain circumstances is acceptable. Many times, these advocates argue, tests in college are a result of politics rather than policy or practicality.

Whether you choose to cheat because you are lazy or you choose to cheat because you believe the test is unfair and this is your way of getting back or you choose to cheat for any other reason not explained in this article, you cannot forget that you will have to face the consequences of cheating if you get caught.

Always be on you guard; avoid excesses during cheating; keep your expectations from cheating at a minimum; don't expect to get an A+ by cheating; and last but not the least, try and avoid this as much as you can.

And believe me, with your intelligence and smartness and with a little dedication and hard work, you can clear college with flying colors without having to resort to cheating. This article gives you a few methods on how to cheat on a test in college.

How to Cheat On a Test in College

Peeking into your friends' papers – This is, perhaps, the oldest and most commonly used method of cheating by college students. Invariably, there are a few academically brilliant students in every class. So, it is a common practice to sit next to one of these brilliant students and peek into his or her paper and copy into your paper.

Tricks used to peek into someone else's paper:

  • Pretend to stretch and come closer to get a better view

  • Pretend to reach across and borrow a pen

  • Pretend to drop something and while getting up go closer to the next student and take a peek

  • Ask your friend to pretend to drop his or her answer paper closer to you; pretend to bend and pick it up for your friend; perform this action slowly so that you get time to peek at his or her answers

The advantage of copying from someone else on a test is that getting caught is quite unlikely unless of course, the person you are copying from is a downright snitch. You can always find valid excuses for all of the above actions and hence this is fairly low-risk method of cheating.

The flipside of this method is that if the person sitting next to you does not want to help you then you can't do anything much about it. Another problem is if he or she makes a mistake on a question, you will be copying a wrong answer too. When teachers are correcting the papers and find two very similar wrong answers on two sets of answer sheets they might get an idea that something is wrong.

Hide your cheat sheets in the cap of your pen – Prepare a sheet with relevant notes, formulae, definitions and anything else that you will find useful for a test and neatly roll this sheet and hide it in the cap of your pen. Use the same pen that you will be using to write your test. Instead of covering the nib side of the pen with the cap, cover the end with your notes safely tucked inside.

During the test, open out the notes and read it whenever you need and then put it back. Remember to keep a watch for where the teacher is before you pull out the notes. And even when you are reading it, look out for your teacher and make sure that he or she does not suspect anything.

Use the storage space on your desk – Most desks in colleges have storage space to keep books and stationery. Do a little bit of preparation before the test. Make out your cheat sheets and hide them right under all the books in your desk. Keep some stationery too inside. Ensure nobody is looking when you are preparing your desk this way. The best time would be to do it after class.

On the day of the test, look into the desk pretending to search for something or while pretending to take out the stationery already stacked there for this express purpose. Your teacher will think that you are looking for something and may not get suspicious if you can carry this off with élan.

This method will be useless if there is no storage space in the desk or if the teacher deliberately makes all students to sit in any random order. In this case, you may not get to sit at the same desk that you sit on everyday of your class.

Mechanical pencil method – Get your cheat sheet with notes and formula ready; roll it up such that it can fit into the barrel of a mechanical pencil. Empty the barrel of a pencil and fix this cheat sheet inside. This works best when you can get to sit at the last desk where you can no one behind you.

During the test, discreetly open the mechanical pencil, pull out the cheat sheet, take a peek at it, and put it back. Here too, it is imperative that you ensure the attention of the teacher is not on you.

White color pencil – On an empty white sheet that is similar to the one you would use for the test, write out your answers, notes, and formulae using a white color pencil. Make sure the impression is dark enough for you to see what you have written. The sheet will look blank and no one will realize anything is written on it except you. This, therefore, is quite a foolproof method of cheating on a test.

However, one note of caution is that avoid peering too hard to discern what you have written. Beware of this tendency as it could arouse the suspicion of you teacher who might think, "Why is the student peering so hard into a blank sheet of paper?" If he or she comes to investigate, then you could land in deep trouble.

Final Notes

The importance of discarding evidence can never be overstated. Make sure that the method you use allows you sufficient ways of discarding evidence. If you are caught with it, then all hell will break loose.

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