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How To Cheat On A Test Without Getting Caught

How to Cheat On a Test without Getting Caught

Almost every college student's wish at least at one point in time during his or her college life is to know and master how to cheat on a test without getting caught. Everybody is willing to cheat on a test but many are deterred by the deep fear of getting caught.

It is this deep-rooted fear that has kept cheating to a controllable level in colleges. The fear of getting caught is not some arbitrary emotion and is based on very strong logical reasoning. There are some really nasty consequences and a small list is given below.

Consequences of getting caught while cheating

Cancellation of the submitted paper – This, I believe, is the easiest penalty that you can get slapped with. It only requires you to redo and resubmit the paper. Rarely any notes are added to your manuscript or student record. Of course, you will be watched with hawk eyes by all teachers now that your reputation of cheating has taken its first step.

Cancellation of all accumulated credits – A more severe cheating case could entail the cancellation of all your accumulated credits in the semester. This could mean that you will have to redo all assignments and papers done till now.

Suspension and expulsion – These are used normally for more serious cases and also for repeat offenders. Some suspensions and all expulsions are recorded in your manuscript which does not bode well for you at all.

This article gives you some basic cheating methods employed by students that carry a low risk of getting caught.

How to Cheat On a Test without Getting Caught

Ideogram method – For this method to work well, you must be skilled at doodling and drawing and should have a great sense of association. Also, this will work best for one-word answers and not for longer, descriptive ones.

Let me give you an illustrative example: suppose you need to write down Gulliver, you could create a doodle of a seagull (gull) and a lever next to it. Then if you say the words that the doodles represent, then you will get (gull)(lever) which can easily be understood by you as Gulliver. Nobody else will be able to interpret this code and the teacher will merely think you have scribbled something meaningless.

White Ink Method – This is like hiding something in plain sight. Prepare your cheat sheets using white ink on a white sheet of paper. On the face of it and from a distance, the paper will look completely blank. You, of course, will be able to interpret and read the obscure information from the paper.

Writing on your hands with skin color gel – This is another case of hiding in plain sight. You could write notes, answers, and formulae on your hands using a gel pen that has the same color as your skin tone. Your teacher is highly unlikely to notice the writings. And you will be able to access everything openly. Of course, the risk here is, if by some remote chance you do get caught, then the evidence is too strong to ignore.

Backpack method – Place your cheat sheets in your backpack and leave it open. Keep if down at your feet; whenever you need to you can peek into your notes by pretending to drop something near your bag and then bending to pick it up.

Wooden Pencil Method – Buy a thick wooden pencil. Shave off one side of it in such a way that the wooden part is revealed vertically and you get a flat side. Now, use this space to write your cheat sheets. Place the pencil in full view of the teacher with the flat facing down on the desk. Whenever you need, discreetly flip over the pencil and copy notes from the cheat sheet.

Toilet tank method – This is a little tricky and need not be 100% foolproof though getting caught is unlikely. You must visit the restroom just before the test. Get inside a toilet stall and open the tank. Usually, the toilet tanks are never filled to the brim. A bit of dry space is available at the top. Stick your notes on this space and remember which stall it is.

During the test, excuse yourself to visit the restroom; go to the same stall and lift up the toilet tank cover and read the notes. Do remember to discard the notes after the test is over. Even if the cheat sheet is found, there is no way of knowing who put it there except if you choose to gloat about the ingenuity of the trick and boast about it to your classmates.

Asian Language Method – You can prepare your cheat sheet using the script of an Asian language that you know. There would be very few or, perhaps, no teacher who know Asian languages unless the college is an Asian Language college! It would be better for non-Asians to use this method as suspicions are bound to arise if you are an Asian yourself. The teacher may not know what you have written but she or he may also not allow you to take any extra paper with "meaningless" scribbles on it.

Final Notes

I would like to reiterate that at any cost getting caught should not be an option for you. It is better to fail a test rather than get caught cheating in the test.

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