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How To Cheat On An Exam

How to Cheat On an Exam

Exams are so important that it actually instills fear in the minds of students. However, there is no need for fear. It is, perhaps, prudent to explain to you the importance of exams which will hopefully dispel some amount of fear that you experience.

Examinations are important because:

  • They help you stay focused on the subject throughout the semester as you know you will have to write an exam to clear the semester

  • They compel you to take interest and study even those subjects and topics that you find uninteresting but is important from a professional perspective

  • They help you gauge your understand and help you know which parts of the subjects you are weak at and using this data you can focus on improving yourself

  • They allow others including teachers and potential employers understand and know your level of expertise

Despite knowing and realizing the importance of exams, many students are still overcome by fear of exams and are looking for ways on how to cheat on an exam. This article lists out a few methods that students use for cheating on an exam.

How to Cheat On an Exam

Lunch Tray Method – There are some teachers and/or exams wherein you could excuse yourself in the middle and request to come back and finish the paper. You could use some "emergency" excuse at home for this.

You would need to do some preparations during the test for this method to be successful. Firstly, complete those questions for which you already know the answers. Discreetly make a note of the questions for which you do not know the answer. Put the note in your pocket. Now, arrange for a friend or a sibling to come to class calling for you with an excuse for something urgent.

Or you could simply request your teacher's approval to do the rest of the paper during the lunch break. If he or she allows, then quickly find the answers to the questions and make a cheat sheet and hide it in your lunch box. You would also need to ask for permission to eat your lunch while you do the remaining test.

So, you see there are many layers of approval for this method to be successful. Yet, you can keep this in mind and employ it at an opportune time.

Calculator method – Most calculators have an inbuilt memory wherein you can input, save, and store cheat sheets containing formulae, notes, and other pertinent points. When the teacher is not looking, you can sneakily recall the data and use it to do your test.

Glare method – This method is for a specific situation. Suppose you are given a little bit of time just before the test papers are handed out. If you need to remember a critical list in a particular order, quickly and unobtrusively note it down on your desk using a pencil in a place where the light reflects or glares.

This position is most convenient as the teacher will not be able to make out anything that is written there. At sometime during or after the test, remember to rub off the evidence

Camera in your Cell Phone – You can capture photographs of your notes on your cell phone. During the test, you can retrieve these images and use them to finish your test. This method is quite risky and chances of getting caught with a phone can cause you plenty of trouble.

The MP3 player method – You can record your notes in the form of audio in your MP3 device. Get yourself a sleek and thin earphone set. Run the cable of the earphone along the sleeve and let the speaker lie hidden under your clothing close to the wrist.

When you want to listen to your recording, take your wrist near your and pretend to lean against your hand. Listen in and revert back casually to the normal position. Keep the volume on the MP3 player really low so that the sound does not attract the attention of your teacher.

Alternatively, if you are allowed to listen to music while you answer your test, you need not even pretend to listen. Wear your earphones in clear sight of your teacher and allow her to believe you are listening to your favorite. Perhaps, you can add some drama by moving your body to an imaginary beat. All the while, you are actually listening in to your recorded notes.

Take your test paper home method – This is a highly risky method and is not recommended for those who are unsure of themselves. Take the test on the designated day; don't turn in the paper; simply bring it back home. At home, complete the paper with all the help you can get unhindered.

Now, take this paper back to class along with a set of color pens. When the teacher has given out the papers to everyone else, pull out yours too and using the same color as your neighbor (who must have got the corrected paper back from the teacher), correct your paper and put ticks the same way as your teacher has done.

Now, when the teacher collects back the papers from the others, you can hand it over too! If you do not wish to hand it over at this time, you can claim that they lost it because there is proof that you have attended the test. Ask for a retest on a convenient day.

Final Notes

The last one mentioned in this blog requires you to be very brave indeed. Your risk appetite must be very high to attempt it.

We, at Prescott Papers, still believe that it is much better for you to leverage your smartness and intelligence and work hard and do the exams in the correct prescribed way right through college. This will allow you to be at peace with yourself and also enhance your wisdom and intelligence quotient.

For any kind of academic help as in the case of completing custom essays or assignments, please do contact us. You can save some precious time and use it to study well and do your exams without cheating.

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