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How to Beat Turnitin in 2017

Did you know that every day, over 100 students are expelled or put on probation because of papers that failed to pass Turnitin?

I bet this is bad news for you.

If you’re reading this blog post, you are likely a student who intends to plagiarise and wants a quick trick to convince Turnitin that a plagiarised paper is original.

Before joining Prescott Papers as a writer, I taught thousands of students and graded tens of thousands of papers--high school, undergrad, graduate, even PhD--I’ve seen it all, including enough Turnitin reports to drive a person nuts.

Students have tried every trick to beat Turnitin, but there is only way that works: Turning in an original paper. Going to give up? Wait! Before you go off to pull an all nighter doing research instead of going to that party, read on to learn the one easy way to pass Turnitin 100 percent of the time - guaranteed!

Turnitin’s 2017 Algorithm

First, consider how Turnitin works. When Turnitin is opened, professors can overview plagiarism reports for entire classes or individual papers, as shown below:

Example of a Turnitin.com Plagiarism Report

See “Adam Adams”? From a professor’s point of view, let me tell you: He’s f---ed.

Wondering what tricks students have tried to fool Turnitin to get those percentages to be artificially low? Here are a few and why they fail:

  • Using macros to change characters. For example, using a script to make the Turnitin robot see something different from what your professor will see.

    • Turnitin can strip macros from files. This means that if you’re trying to use a macro to cheat, you’ll always fail.

  • Adding a few words into a block of plagiarised text. For example, copy-pasting from wikipedia and cracking open a thesaurus.

    • Plagiarism-checkers like Turnitin can tell when a block of text has been split up. There are always a few students in every class who try this and who are doomed to fail.

  • Adding junk filler text that is hidden in footers or in a small or illegible font to lower the plagiarism percentage.

    • Turnitin can detect when this tactic is used and can alert professors

    • Further, when professors manually review your paper, huge blocks will be highlighted in red. Your professor will also be alerted to the fact that there is hidden text, which is a huge red flag.

While these methods may trick a free online plagiarism checker, professors and universities use Turnitin, which is a professional (and expensive) similarity-checking tool. Turnitin's massive budget allows it to easily detect plagiarism in everything from academic writing at the 101 level to thesis writing for PhD programs.

It makes no difference whether you're working with a file in MS Word, a .docx in Google Drive, a PowerPoint, a plain .txt file, or any of the other countless file formats that professors request. Turnitin is the single most advanced piece of plagiarism detection software on the planet today and can analyze the content of even obscure file types.

If you were thinking that one of these methods would work to outsmart Turnitin, think again. Not only do these not work, they are becoming even less effective over time. In 2017, Turnitin’s algorithm has been refined. It is able to detect more and more tricks and to alert professors about plagiarised work.

Red Flags

Not only are these tricks ineffective, they make it worse than if you had just blatantly plagiarised someone else’s work. Think about what happens when you plagiarise using one of these tricks...

First of all, your paper will show a high percent of plagiarism, since it will fail to pass the software’s algorithms. This will show a bright red graph bar to your professor. The paper has already failed the scan.

Even worse, your professor can see that you attempted to use an easy hack. This is a red flag. Why would you use one of these methods unless you are knowingly plagiarising? If this isn’t a huge red flag, nothing is.

This means that your paper will be subject to a manual review as well. Whenever I noticed a student try to use a macro, script, or some other cheat, I always reviewed their paper personally. And guess what? More than one student has been booted out of university straight back to his mom’s basement.

If you were planning to use one of these traditional methods, you’re up the river without a paddle.

Cheating Turnitin.com

So what is the trick to get a perfect, original paper that will let you bypass Turnitin and get you a stellar grade? Have someone else write your paper. If someone writes you a fresh paper, it will be plagiarism-free!

If you're wondering how to avoid plagiarism, the boring answer is the most accurate: Write an original paper and make sure that every quotation is accompanied by an appropriate citation... Or have someone else write it for you.

I’ve been in academics for over twenty-five years as a teacher and professor and spent another few decades as a student. My colleagues at Prescott Papers have similar backgrounds. As strange as it may sound to hear, our jobs are based on helping students cheat Turnitin.

If you’re feeling like you just want to be done with that paper, to party instead of working on that English essay, or to smoke some goofy grass while we write a thesis for your business class, you’re in the right place.

Let’s celebrate continuing to get around Turnitin in 2017. When you contact our support team by email, live chat, or through the order form, mention this article. We’ll give you $20 off of any order of two pages or more or $100 off of any order of over ten pages.

It’s time to work together and not get caught by Turnitin!

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