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How to Cheat Your Way Through College

Knowing how to cheat your way through college is not very beneficial to you. It’s much better to do the work yourself and earn that degree on your own merit. Having said that, a lot of students choose to cheat their way through college. First, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can cheat your way through college; the same way that a lot of other students have done. Then, I’m going to go over a much better alternative to cheating.


Typing a Paper in University

A method to cheat your way through college is to pay other people to do your work for you. Specifically, by buying papers from professional academic writing websites. The act of buying the paper itself is not cheating, it’s when you turn it in as your own work. That is academic fraud because you are falsely claiming credit for work that you did not do.


There is a student at a state university named Maxine. She is taking a communications class on the evolution of mass media. She has to write an eight-page paper on a particular method of mass communication, and how it’s evolved over the last 50 years.

However, Maxine is also taking four other classes. She has a ton of reading to do, two exams to study for, and assignments to finish. With all that work, and her part-time job, she can’t find the time to write her communications paper.

Therefore, Maxine goes to a website that sells custom papers, and commissions them to write the paper. After the paper is done, Maxine looks it over. Then, she turns it in to her professor under her own name. Maxine cheated on her communications paper by claiming the purchased paper was her own work.


The cheating method for papers and essays is the same one also used for homework assignments, including worksheets, multiple-choice questions, spreadsheets, PowerPoints and others. People will go to websites and pay people to do their homework for them. Then, they’ll turn the homework in. That is also cheating because, again, they are falsely claiming that they did the work on the assignment. In reality, it was whoever they paid that did the work.


Mark is a civil engineering student. He has several worksheets for one of his engineering classes that he has to get done. But he’s having trouble with a lot of the questions on the worksheets. Instead of asking for legitimate help from one of his classmates, or the academic help center on campus, he finds a website that offers custom homework assignments.

He puts in an order that includes copies of his worksheets that need to be done. When he gets the completed work back, he turns it in under his own name to the professor. So, just like Maxine in the previous example, Mark cheated on his engineering assignment. Not only that, he gained nothing from the act. If Mark was having trouble answering some of the questions on the worksheets, he should’ve asked for help, or use what was done by the people he paid to do the assignment as a guide. He’s not going to fully learn about engineering if he just cheats on the assignments.

Exams and Quizzes

How to Beat a Scantron Machine

Student also cheat their way through college by cheating on exams and quizzes. Rather than taking the time to study and retain the information, they choose to take the easy way out by just showing up and cheating. There are multiple methods that one can use to cheat on exams, including the following:

  1. Smartphone method

This is one of the most common ways of cheating on an exam. The student hides a smartphone under the desk, in their lap, and uses it to cheat. They do this by:

  1. Using Google or another search engine application to find answers to questions on the exam.

  2. Having a cheat sheet typed up on a note widget displayed on the screen.

  1. Tiny notes method

A student writes or types up small notes. Then, during the exam or quiz, they glance at those notes using one of the following ways:

  1. They attach the notes to the underside of a bandage that they are wearing.

  2. They put them on the inside of a water bottle label.

  3. They put them inside a clear pen that can easily be opened up.

  4. They attach them on the inside of their shirt, in the front.

  5. They put them on gum wrappers.

  6. They attach them to the inside of their calculator case.

  1. Writing on the Body method

A student can write any notes on their body parts and use that in various ways.

  1. They can write notes on their wrist and cover them up with a long-sleeve shirt.

  2. They can write notes on their palms.

  3. They can write notes on their thighs. Then, they can either wear shorts that are long enough to cover the writing when they stand up. Else, they can go to the bathroom, and see the notes when they pull their pants down.

  4. They can write notes on their ankles, and cross their legs during the exam.

  1. Programming calculator method.

A student can program notes and answers into a programming calculator.

  1. MP3 method

A student can record their notes onto an MP3 file, and put it on an MP3 player or smartphone. Then, they can wear headphones to listen to it during the exam. But if the professor does not allow headphones, using the wired kind will not work. The best bet for a student who uses this method are wireless headphones or a Bluetooth earpiece.

  1. The copying method

The student sneaks a look at another student’s exam and copies their answers.

There are more methods a student can use to cheat on an exam. However, only a few methods are foolproof. A student risks being caught when they cheat on an exam.

The Alternative

As I’ve stated before, cheating your way through college does not benefit you. Now, you may be wondering: “Well, if I’m having such trouble with the material, and can’t get through this class, what other option do I have?” The truth is, you have plenty of options. Every university has an academic help center that provides tutoring. Plus, your professor is also a valuable resource.

However, if the academic help center is booked up, and your professor is unavailable, Prescott Papers is another option that you should try.

Prescott Papers is a custom writing and academic help service. The writers hired by Prescott Papers can write a 100% original paper for you to use as a guideline in writing your own paper, as a reference that is cited accordingly, or as a study guide. When you are using the custom papers in that manner, you are not cheating.

You’ll get the benefit of writers who are native English speakers based in the United States. The writer who will write your paper will be someone who has academic or professional expertise in the subject. As a result, the writing will not only be superior, it will really be useful as a study guide to help you learn the material better.

Prescott Papers offers academic help as well. They can hire people to help you on all sorts of homework assignments, which can also be used as reference materials and study guides. Tutoring is also available through Prescott Papers. This is a great way to adequately learn material that you are having a hard time understanding. When you place an order for tutoring services, you attach copies of any course materials. Then, one of our writers will prepare study guides for you to look at. The tutors can be reached through our support, via phone and email, if you have questions, or you just don’t quite understand something they put in the study guide.

There is also a separate editing service available. Prescott Papers can hire an expert editor who can carefully look through your paper for any mistakes. This service is wonderful for students who just choose to write their own papers from the start, but need a little extra help.

All in all, there is always something better that you can do to get through college then by cheating.

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