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How To Copy In Exams Without Getting Caught

How to Copy In Exams without Getting Caught

Copying in an exam is, perhaps, the easiest with least amount of risk as a form of cheating in an exam. I hope you know the consequences of getting caught while cheating.

Let me refresh your memory just a bit. If you were to get caught while cheating, you can be subject to any or more of the following penalties:

  • Cancellation of accumulated credits

  • Suspension for varying periods

  • Expulsion in extreme cases

Please note that the above list is not by any means exhaustive. Every college will clearly stipulate their cheating policy and include information that spells out the activities that will be considered as cheating and what the penalties would be for cheating. This policy is normally included in the student handbook.

Despite the stern warnings, if you still want to copy in exams, then this article lists out some methods that students use to copy in exams. No one can guarantee you that you will not get caught if you use this or that particular method. Every method has its inherent risk of getting caught. So, please be warned before you attempt to copy in an exam.

How to Copy In Exams without Getting Caught

Copying from an expert – For this, you will have to sit next to a friend or classmate who is academically very gifted. You can make pre-arrangements with this friend so that he or she will help you copy. Here are some ways:

  • Ask your friend to keep his or her completed paper open at an angle that makes it convenient for you to copy

  • You can ask your friend to "accidently" let the paper fall close to you and pretend to request you to pick it up. You can, of course, willingly concede to the request and while you are picking it up you can peek into the answers

  • You can ask your friend to pass some notes to you discreetly for you to copy.

Copying from notes that you have hidden – You can prepare cheat sheets beforehand and place them at strategic locations. Some examples of where you can keep pre-prepared cheat sheets from which you can copy in the exam include:

  • In the storage space in your desk

  • In your backpack that is left open close to you

  • Strapped to your thighs and hidden under loose-fitting clothing like shirts or full-length trousers

  • Notes written on your hands and palms and covered with long-sleeved clothing to be accessed discreetly when needed

  • In the toilet tanks of the bathroom; you can retrieve these by excusing yourself to go to the restroom and peeking into the notes

  • In large and wide band-aids stuck onto a part of your limb

  • In the label of water bottles

Copy from the cheat sheet stuck under your desk – Prepare a cheat sheet consisting of complex problems, definitions, formulae, acronyms and more. Stick it under your desk before the test begins. It goes without saying that you need to be careful and ensure that no one is looking when you make your preparations.

On the day of the test, pretend to drop a pencil or a pen or an eraser and then bend down to pick it up. At this time, quickly peek into the notes that are under your desk and copy them into your test paper.

Notes on your desk with pencil – This works best when your desk is right at the back of the class. The day before the test, make notes of formulae, definitions, and complex questions onto your desk with a pencil. Make sure the impressions are not too dark to be visible to your teacher's eyes and yet you should be able to read it without peering too closely.

Copy from these notes during the test and remember to erase the evidence once the test is completed.

Final Notes

I cannot lay enough emphasis on the need to erase all kinds of evidence related to cheating in a test or exam. Yet, the best way to do an exam is to prepare well for it.

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