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Is Buying Papers for College Cheating?

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Students get so busy during their college years. They not only have lots of work and studying to do for their classes, they often have full-time jobs. Some students even start having a family while they’re in college. As such, the temptation to make life easier by buying papers is understandably there.

Example Scenario

After graduating high school ten years ago, Nancy married her high school sweetheart, Jim. Neither of them chose to go to college at that point. Nancy started working as a mail clerk / receptionist at a small office for a plumbing company. Jim continued his job as a dishwasher at a local restaurant.

A year after graduating high school, they had their first kid, a daughter. Just a year later, they had a second kid, their son. When their daughter is four, and their son is three, Nancy starts working part time as an Avon Sales Representative to earn extra money. This is in addition to the salary she earns at the plumbing company, where she is now an office manager.

At the same time, Jim is now a prep cook at the same restaurant he started out as a dishwasher at. During this time, he starts taking cooking classes. These classes don’t cost him any money because the parent company for the restaurant is footing the bill.

Now, ten years after Nancy and Jim graduated high school, Nancy has decided she wants to go to college and get a marketing degree. She really loves her side job as an Avon Rep, but wants to move beyond that. Plus, she is tired of working at the plumbing office, and needs something new. She’s been doing the same thing for ten years.

She feels that now that her kids are in school, this is the best time for her to go back to college. Plus, Jim, after a few years of taking cooking classes, now has a culinary degree, and is working as a Sous Chef. As a result, he is the major breadwinner in the family.

After qualifying for financial aid, Nancy is able to register for classes and starts taking them in the fall. Her first year is mostly introductory and general curriculum classes, such as Intro to Business, Intro to Marketing and English Composition 101. The second year is when she starts taking the different types of marketing classes that she needs to earn her degree. Because she is still working 30+ hours a week in the plumbing office, and she has two kids to take care of as well, she opts to only take a half load of classes. She takes them online when she has the opportunity in order to save time. She even chooses to take some accelerated courses that her college offers, finishing them in 8-10 weeks.

Soon, Nancy is overwhelmed with the amount of work and studying she has for school, even while taking only 3 to 4 classes a semester. But, she still needs to work and help support her family. She can’t expect her husband to do it on his own. She also wants to spend as much time as she can with her children, especially since they will soon be teenagers.

So, she starts looking into college paper services online, and starts paying for custom written papers in various topics that she needs for her classes. Is this cheating? Yes, and if the college Nancy is attending finds out, she can be expelled. This can postpone Nancy’s progress in getting a marketing degree. She risks having to spend even more years at that dead end job in the plumbing office. But doing this is giving her more time to spend with her kids, and fulfill her work responsibilities. It also allows her to find time for relaxation and fun. This is why she continues to buy college papers.

After five years of taking classes, even during the summer, Nancy is able to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She is able to land a job at an advertising company as a copy editor.

There are a lot of people out there like Nancy who have busy lives. While some people have discovered the secret to balancing all their obligations, other people need some help.

Is buying papers for college cheating? According to the academic integrity policy for any college and university, buying papers is a form of cheating. In their minds, by buying papers, whether they are custom or not, you are cheating yourself out of learning the material for the class. These paper assignments given by professors are supposed to reinforce the material you are learning in class. If you just have someone else write the paper for you, the information will not be reinforced into your brain like it would if you were writing the paper yourself.

You are also not putting in the work like your other classmates are when you choose to buy a paper. Buying a paper instead of working on it yourself gives you an unfair advantage over your other classmates. Your other classmates that write their own papers also have busy lives, but have learned to manage their time. All of this will be in the minds of university officials if they find out you bought a paper.

For example, according to Arizona State University’s Academic Integrity Policy, when a student has someone else write their paper, and claims credit that paper, they are engaging in academic dishonesty (https://provost.asu.edu/academic-integrity/policy).

Writing a College Paper in a Notebook

Is it cheating to buy papers for college from a custom writing service, like Prescott Papers, that will write the paper specifically for you? Not in the same sense that it would be if you just bought a paper that was already complete. Yes, we discussed above how colleges will still consider this to be cheating. However, here are the reasons why using Prescott Papers is the best choice in this case:

  1. The writer who is assigned to write your custom paper will be someone who, through their academic and professional background, be a match for the subject your paper is about. In other words, they will have knowledge on the subject that is more than sufficient to write a well-crafted paper about it. Our U.S. writers will never leave hints of their identity in the writing that they produce for you.

  2. Since the papers are completely original, professors will have a hard time proving that you cheated, even if they suspect that is the case. The papers are crafted in such a way that they cannot be traced back to www.prescottpapers.com. If a professor cannot find hard evidence that you bought a paper, there can be no formal academic sanctions against you.

  3. Prescott Papers guarantees that any orders you make with them and any communications you have with the company will be kept in the strictest confidence. This also goes for the professional writers that we employ. We will never give anyone your information. Therefore, if the professor doesn’t know about your use of the website, how can they know that you’ve used it at all?

How can you tell that we will keep this promise of confidentiality? The fact that we are still able to provide a business. If we just gave out information about the orders our customers place on our website, our customers would then no longer trust us and we would subsequently lose business as a result.

In essence, when you look at the above points, it’s easy to see that Prescott Papers is the best choice when it comes to finding someone to write that time-consuming college paper. Will your school still consider it cheating? Yes, but that’s why our policy on confidentiality is the best.

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