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Is It Easy to Cheat in College?

Some students forgo studying and make the choice to cheat on an exam. There are other students who choose to buy a paper and turn in as their own work, instead of taking the time to write their own paper.

Using a Graphing Calculator to Cheat on an Exam

For example, there is a student named Ted who is majoring in Math at the local University. Along with his 4 math classes, he is also taking a religion course as an elective. He’s had to spend so much time studying for his math classes, that he’s had no time to study for his exam in religion. Therefore, when it’s time for the exam in religion, he keeps his smartphone under his desk and looks at periodically during the exam. He had put important notes in a note widget on his phone screen beforehand so that when he unlocks the phone, the answers will be there.

Here is another example. Trisha is majoring in history at a local college. She has to write a three-page essay for this class she is taking called Eastern European History. The assignment is to write an essay about a person, idea or event that has been covered either in class or in the textbook. However, Trisha gets caught up in doing all the studying for her other classes and runs out of time to write the paper. So, she buys a paper online that’s been written about the exact same topic, and turns it in under her own name. The bottom line is that she cheated by turning in work that was not hers.

Cheating comes in many forms, including using your cell phone during exams and buying papers online. Now, is it easy to cheat in college? That depends on what type of cheating is being done.


Exams are given in nearly every college class. Students commonly cheat on these exams because they’re having a hard time retaining the material, or they just can’t seem to find the time to study.

When it comes to how easy it is to cheat on exams taken in class, it depends on two factors:

  1. The size of the class

  2. The professor

It can be easier to cheat in a class with 200 other students than it is to cheat in a class with only 40 students. However, the professor is the real deciding factor here. If the professor just sits at the front of the class and does their work without paying too much attention to the class, then cheating will be easy as well as rampant in that particular class. Students will have no problem at all giving signals to their other classmates for the answers or using their smartphone that they are hiding under the desk to search Google for the answer to a question on the exam.

Universities have gotten savvier recently about preventing cheating in online classes. But, when a particular online class is still not using the latest technology, such as Learning Management Systems that have plagiarism checkers and other anti-cheating extensions, that is when it will be easy to cheat on exams as well as assignments and papers.

Papers and Other Assignments

Due to the Internet, it is easy to cheat on papers and other assignments. There are many websites online where you can buy papers, or pay for someone to do your homework for you. College students are willing to spend money so they don’t have to do the work.

Although it may be easy to cheat, it is better to fully learn the material so that you don’t have to resort to cheating. Prescott Papers has academics who can tutor you for a fee. They can provide academic help for that class you are struggling with by providing study materials and references that can help you learn the course material better. The tutors hired by Prescott Papers can also give tips for taking exams. There is other academic help available as well. You can get help with all sorts of homework assignments with Prescott Papers. This includes spreadsheets, worksheets, multiple-choice questions, and other types of assignments that you can use as references.

Prescott Papers can also hire an academic and/or professional writer to write a custom paper. The point would be to use that paper as a guideline for writing your own paper, or using it as a reference or study guide. As long as that paper, as well as any finished product you receive from Prescott Papers, is used in accordance with the terms of service listed on the website, you are not cheating.

So, how easy is it to cheat in college? That depends on the class and the professor. Overall, it’s better not to cheat no matter how easy it is.

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