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Is It Okay to Cheat in College?

It is never ok to cheat in college, no matter what the circumstance. The consequences for cheating can be severe. You’d at least fail the class. That will not look good on your academic transcript if you were to apply to graduate school. You can also get expelled. In that case, forget about graduate school all together. You won’t even be accepted into another four-year university. You’ll either have to go to community college or just join the work force.


Lakisha is taking a Middle East Studies course at a university. She had a lot of work to do for her other classes. So, she decided to not study for the midterm exam that was going to be given in the Middle East Studies course. On the day of the exam, she hides her cell phone in her lap. During the exam, she discreetly keeps an eye out the professor, looks down at her cell phone, and searches Google for the answers to the exam questions. However, Lakisha is not discreet enough, and she is caught by her professor. Not only does Lakisha fail the class, she is expelled from the University. Due to not being able to get into another university because of her academic reputation, Lakisha has to find a job where the pay is not so good. This example illustrates how cheating in college is not okay not just because you’ll get caught, but the effect it can have on you afterwards.

When asking the question, “is it ok to cheat in college,” you’re really asking if it’s okay to cheat yourself out of learning the material. Doing the work in college prepares you for life once you are out of school. You learn communication, time management, organization and prioritizing skills, as well as many other skills. Skills that will be useful to you now as well as in your post-college life when you are working a full-time job.

Plus, how is it fair to the other hard-working students in the class who don’t cheat, and legitimately get good grades, while you, the cheater, gets credit for someone else’s work? It’s not fair at all and it is definitely not considerate to the other students.

Also, if you choose to copy the answers off someone else’s exam, you are putting the other student in a bad position. The professor can notice that both exams have the same answers, and suspect both you and the other student who did not cheat. That is not fair at all to the other student. Plus, you are not helping yourself when you cheat off another student because they could be putting the wrong answers down on the exam.

Instead of cheating, you should take the time to study for exams and do the assignments. If you are having trouble with particular subjects, the academic help services at Prescott Papers is a great tool.

In using their tutoring services, you can better learn how to study and retain the material the professor is teaching you. That way, you don’t need to cheat.

To demonstrate, let’s pretend there’s a student named Tom who is taking a physics class in college. He is having a hard time learning the information that his professor is teaching. Because of this, he is not getting good grades on the assignments and got a D on the first quiz. Tom tries to go to the academic help center at his college, but all of the physics tutors are booked up for the entire semester.

So, Tom decides to go to Prescottpapers.com and order tutoring services. He includes a copy of the course syllabus, the name of the textbook used for the course, copies of his notes, and other course materials. A few days after he pays and the order is placed, he gets study materials through email from a tutor. This tutor in particular is a retired physics professor from a really good University. Tom looks at the material and is able to finally retain the information. All it took was to have the information presented to him in a different way than how it was by this professor and the textbook.

You can even order a custom paper written to your exact specifications that can serve as a study guide or research reference for your own paper. Now, you may be thinking: “But, wait one second, isn’t that cheating because I’m using a paper that someone else wrote?” It’s not cheating if you use in a manner that conforms to our terms of service, located at www.prescottpapers.com.

To recap, is it okay to cheat in college at any time? No, it is not. It is better to do the work and get help in legitimate was, such as through Prescott Papers.

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