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Is It Possible to Cheat in College?

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Is it possible to cheat in college? Yes, it is possible, to the chagrin of instructors, professors, university administrators and students who work hard on their assignments. Here are the reasons why cheating is possible in college.

  1. One reason is smartphones that are connected to the Internet. Students find ways to hide their smartphone on their person during exam time so they search Google for the answers when the professor is not paying attention. Even with professors being more savvy about smartphone usage during exams, there are students who come up with new techniques to continue using one.


A student at a local university named Dania is taking an exam in her chemistry class. She put all of the formulas she needed in a note application on her phone before the test. During the test, the phone is hidden under her loose skirt. When the professor is not looking, she takes the phone out and hides it between her legs. She sneaks a look at it to see the formulas.

  1. On that note, the Internet as a whole is a reason why it is possible to cheat. There are paper mills where students can buy completed papers, or commission papers to be written, that they then use “as is” afterwards. Anonymous past students can post test questions and answers online.

  2. Another reason it is possible to cheat in college is that there are still inattentive professors out there who do not pay enough attention to their class during an exam.


A professor at a local university who teaches a communications class just sits in front of the class and reads a book whenever there is an exam in his class. As a result, students can cheat in his class using all sorts of methods. One student writes their notes on a small piece of paper and keeps it in his pocket. Another student put the notes into their programming calculator, which is not needed for a communications exam.

There are still professors who even leave the room during an exam. Even students who don’t normally cheat may take the opportunity to do so when this happens. They just make sure to stop when the professor returns to the classroom.

One professor whose class it’s possible to cheat in is the one who never changes their lesson plan and assignments from year to year. Their test answers have been posted by anonymous students over the internet. All their students have to do is save the answers. Then, they hide them in various ways that won’t be noticed by the professor during the exam.

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To recap, can you cheat in college? Yes, because there are factors, including some discussed above, that make it possible for you to cheat. But, it is better not to cheat. It’s better to put in the hard work yourself. If you’re having trouble, you can always pay for the academic help services at Prescott Papers.

Prescott Papers uses elite writers to produce high-quality custom writing that can be used as study guides and reference materials. You can even commission them to write up a paper based on your professor’s instructions and use it as a guideline in writing your own paper. This is not cheating as long you conform to the terms of service listed on our website.

Prescott Papers also offers assignment help as well as tutoring services. When you order tutoring, you just have to include any copies of any course materials, as well as the name of the textbook. Then, we’ll hire someone who specializes in the subject you need tutoring on to write up study guides for you. It is a great way for you to learn a difficult subject from a new perspective. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to help you understand a subject better and retain the material so that your test scores improve.

Besides, your use of our services is completely confidential. We will never give your information to anyone unless required by law. Ultimately, Prescott Papers is one of the best alternatives to cheating in college.

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