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Online Test Answers Cheat

Online Test Answers Cheat

Anxiety and fear of tests and exams are, perhaps, the primary causes to drive students to cheat. There are many students who will spend time and resources to unearth new and innovative methods of cheating instead of actually sitting down and studying for the test.

This article is dedicated to giving you ways and means that students have invented to get access to online test answers cheat methods.

Online Test Answers Cheat

Hacking into the college server to get the right answers – Many tech-savvy students have the wherewithal to hack into the college servers so that they can access the right answers for online tests and exams.

Sharing of information between students taking the exam together – Students writing the exam together open shared Google Docs and other screen share applications to share information amongst themselves. Google Docs helps the students to read, write and discuss and arrive at the right answers.

Using labels of coke and/or water bottles – Students prepare cheat sheets on the blank reverse side of coke and water bottle labels. They rip open the labels carefully, fill them with notes, and stick it up smoothening out the creases and making it appear that it was never tampered with.

During the test, the students pretend to drink water or coke and sneakily peek at the notes through the transparent bottle.

Using expert help via chat rooms – Students pre-arrange a chat session with an expert in the subject. The expert is available to chat with the student while he or she is doing the online test. The student sends the questions via chat to the expert who responds with the answer.

Implanting a smartphone into a calculator – Another tech-savvy method is when students implant a smartphone into a calculator. For the unsuspecting teacher or proctor, the device looks like an innocuous calculator which is allowed by most colleges. However, the smart student knows what treasure is hidden under the façade of a calculator.

He accesses the smartphone under the guise of using a calculator and goes onto the internet to get answers to the questions asked in the test.

How colleges are fighting the online cheating menace

In the modern world of advanced technology, it would be quite foolhardy not to have online tests available for students. It saves time and resources for both colleges and students by transferring testing methods to an online process or system.

So, instead of being backed down by increasing online test answers cheat methods, colleges are fortifying their processes to mitigate the chances of cheating. Here are some of the methods adopted by colleges to fight against online cheating:

Webcam proctors – The student taking the online test is covered by webcam and the ongoings during the test is recorded. If any cheating mechanisms are noted, then suitable action is taken against the student

Plagiarism detection software – The most common form of online cheating is to plagiarize content from the internet. Colleges run all submitted tests and assignments through plagiarism software to ensure that cheating students do not get away with plagiarism

Biometric technology – Many students employ experts to do the test on their behalf. To prevent this way of cheating, students are required to log into the test program via a biometric device. The data of the student is recorded previously on the college campus and this data is matched with that of the person doing the test.

Removal of multiple choice formats – This format is known to be the easiest format to employ cheating mechanisms with. Writing a descriptive answer is more difficult to cheat and hence more colleges are removing multiple choice formats completely from tests and exams

Final Notes

We at Prescott Papers do not advocate the use of cheating methods to clear online tests. The loss of learning is far more than anything else if you resort to cheating in exams and tests.

We strongly believe that failure is better than clearing a test by cheating. When you fail, you at least take the time out to see what went wrong and what corrective steps you need to take.

We understand the pressure and stress of unending assignments and projects that keep raising their ugly heads time and again during college life. Please do contact us for any kind of guidance and help to complete your assignments and papers.

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