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Should I Cheat in College?

There are questions that every student has when they go to college. Some questions are meaningful and thoughtful ones while other questions have such an obvious answer that one should feel silly for even asking it in the first place.

The answer to this question, “should I cheat in college,” is an obvious one - No. Cheating in college is not worth it. The following is what you should consider when answering this question:

  1. What Happens if You’re Caught?

If you are caught cheating, you’ll be facing serious consequences. First, the professor will definitely fail you out of the class. Then, it usually goes a step further, and you may end up getting expelled. But, before the expulsion, you usually have to explain your actions in front of a committee. That part of the process differs depending on what University you go to. Finally, it’s harder to get back into a 4-year school when you’ve just gotten expelled from one. Is cheating really worth risking the damage of your academic reputation?

On that note, if you get expelled due to cheating, you can forget about getting into graduate school. Your academic transcripts in that case will not be helpful either.

Example: Kendra is a student at a public university who gets caught cheating on an English exam by her professor. The professor gives Kendra a failing grade for the exam, and also states she’s failed the class. Then, she reports the incident to the Dean and the University Academic Integrity Department, who starts their own investigation. Eventually, a committee is formed and Kendra has to defend herself in front of the committee. She claimed ignorance to the cheating when she was caught in the first place instead of just admitting it, so she has to go through this process. Finally, Kendra is expelled. To make it worse, Kendra was planning to go to law school. She had to forget about that notion for the time being.

  1. Won’t You Be Cheating Yourself?

When you cheat, you are not giving yourself the chance to fully learn the material. Even if it’s a course for a subject that you are not majoring in, knowledge is power and will help you in all aspects of your life. Plus, having to do a lot of work in college helps you learn time management and organizational skills. Writing a paper helps you practice communication skills. The point is, you learn skills in college that you can use in your personal and professional life outside of college. When you just use a paper that someone else wrote, or you don’t study for an exam and just cheat, you are not learning those skills.

  1. How is This Fair to Other Students?

If you get a great grade by cheating, that is not fair to the other students who study the material and get the help they need so that they don’t need to cheat. When you cheat, you have an unfair advantage over other students. Every college and university has various free resources that students can use for academic help. Using those resources instead of cheating will only help you.

Also, if you cheat by copying off another student during an exam, that is also incredibly unfair and disrespectful to the other student. For instance, Fred didn’t study for his criminology exam. On the day of the exam, while the professor is not looking, he keeps glancing over at the exam of the student sitting next to him. He copies the other student’s answers. The other student doesn’t notice because they are paying attention to their own exam. Furthermore, when the professor notices the answers on both exams are the same, he or she can suspect both students of cheating. When you cheat off another student, you are helping to put them under suspicion.

Instead of cheating in college, you can get academic help instead. Prescott Papers is a company that provides academic help to its clients. A student can sign up for their tutoring service. They can give Prescott Papers information for a particular class they are having trouble with – such as a syllabus, course objectives, names of textbooks, etc. – and one of the tutors at Prescott Papers can create a study guide and other materials. The student can then use these materials to learn more about the subject. The tutor can work with the student on concepts presented in the materials that the student does not quite understand.

One of our writers can even write a custom paper that you can use as a study guide or research tool. In fact, we offer all kinds of academic help, including homework, field work, PowerPoints, and more. Our writers are retired professors, graduates and other related professionals who are experts on many subjects. No matter which of our services you use, you will not be cheating if you conform to our terms of service.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about your professor, or other school officials find out that you relied on Prescott Papers for help. We will keep any information about your orders with us confidential, except when we are legally bound to give out such information.

To reiterate, don’t cheat in college. It is not worth it. Doing your own work and using a trustworthy company like Prescott Papers for help is the best way to get through college.

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