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Ways To Cheat On An Exam

Ways to Cheat On an Exam

There are many ways that students use to cheat on an exam. This article is dedicated to giving you some of the ways to cheat on an exam.

However, we would like to confirm here that we do not condone or encourage you to cheat on an exam. We think it is best for you in particular and for society in general that you work hard, study well, and manage your time well so that you can clear college with flying colors by doing all the exams in the correctly prescribed way.

Ways to Cheat On an Exam

Papers in your glasses – If you wear glasses, then you could prepare your cheat sheet with notes and answers, roll it up tightly and hide it in the hinge of your eyeglass. When the teacher is not looking, you can remove your glass, pretend to clean it or something and discreetly remove the sheet and take a peek at it. When you are done, put it back and when the exam is over, remember to discard it.

Bookmark Method – This method will work only if you are allowed to carry a book like your dictionary or thesaurus or any other permitted books. Make notes on a bookmark and conceal it in the permitted book. Make sure that the bookmark is completely hidden in the book. You can peek at the prepared notes whenever you need to. As always, please be careful and look at the notes only when the teacher is not looking your way.

Notes on your skin using gel color that matches your skin tone – You can buy gel pens with a color that matches your skin tone perfectly. Now, using this pen, write out notes and answers and formulae on your hands. Your hands will look plain and the teacher will not be able to make out any writings on it. Of course, you will know there is something written and that if you look at the correct angle, you will be able to discern what you have written.

Hiding notes in the covering case of your calculator – There are calculators available in the market that come with a covering case that has a side pocket too. This method will not work if you use a calculator with a simple plastic that protects only one side of it. Now, the day before the test, prepare your cheat sheets and stuff them into the cases of the calculator. Now, fix the device and close it so that the sheets are not visible to anyone.

Now, during the test, pretending to use your calculator to solve a problem, discreetly pull out the notes, read the notes from them, and then put them back in the case. Be careful that your teacher is not looking directly at you when you are indulging in the activity of pulling out the cheat sheets.

Using a large eraser method – There are some really big erasers available in the market. Buy yourself one of them and fill it with notes, definitions, and answers. In fact, if you write really tiny and pack the eraser with notes, it might look like a design and your teacher may not get suspicious. What can get you into trouble is if you have made the notes so small that you have to peer very closely to see and understand what you have written on it. So, strike a balance and ensure that your writing is small yet easily discernible by you. Rub off the evidence once the test is over.

Shoe Method – Write out your cheat sheets and fold them up and hide them in your shoes. During the test, you can pretend to drop something and then while you bend down to pick it up you can remove the note from your shoe and use the data from it to complete your test.

Final Notes

We, at Prescott Papers, have your best interest at heart and believe that cheating on an exam can land you in trouble.

Instead, please approach our experts to help and guide you through your academic writing projects such as custom essays and other assignments. You can use the time saved to study and do well in your exams.

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