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Ways To Cheat On Test

Ways to Cheat On Test

There are multiple (some of them are downright creative, I believe) ways to cheat on test and through this article, I hope to tell you about some of them.

But before that, allow me to explain the consequences of getting caught while cheating. Colleges treat cheating as a serious offense as their academic integrity and reputation are at stake here. One of the primary factors that negatively affect a college's reputation is the way the management handles and controls cheating on its campus.

Students who are caught cheating are dealt with very severely in a bid to send a strong message to potential cheaters in the college. Hence, I thought it makes sense to tell you about the consequences of getting caught while cheating before I give you some ways to cheat on test.

Consequences of getting caught while cheating on an exam or test

Expulsion – This is reserved for the most serious cheating cases and also for offenders who have been caught and warned multiple times. Some colleges give a warning only once and use this severe method the second time a student is caught cheating. This just reflects the college management's seriousness in keeping the menace of cheating under check on their campus.

Expulsions are notated in the student's manuscript and this will be seen by all colleges that you will apply to in the future and also by potential employers. It is indeed a penalty that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Suspension – Suspension ranges from a week to the entire semester and could include loss of accumulated credits. This may also be notated in your manuscript.

Loss of accumulated credits – Perhaps the least stringent of all penalties, this is given usually as a warning to first-time offenders and requires redoing all credits.

Despite the strict penalties, if you still want to go ahead and cheat, then you can read further.

Ways to Cheat On Test

Transparent pencil case method – Make notes on small index cards (5-nch by 8-inch) and stick them on the pencil case. You will be able to read through the transparent material of the case. When the teacher is doing his or her rounds, then turn over the case without being noticed. Remember to discard the index cards immediately on finishing the test.

Black Light Method – Buy yourself a black light pen. Use this to write notes on your desk. Bring the pen for the test also and shine the light on the notes. Wear a hooded jacket and conceal the light under this hood when you are striking it on the desk to illuminate the writing. This can be a little risky as the beam of light can attract the attention of the teacher.

White-colored notes on white paper – Take a white marker or white gel pen. Write notes, formulae and answers on a white sheet of paper. For all practical purposes, this sheet will look blank and empty. Bu, you will know that there are notes available for you to refer to and copy from during the test.

The only drawback here could be that if you peered too hard to discern your white writing then your teacher might get suspicious. So, be wary of this unintentional behavior of yours.

Dictionary Method – Make notes of formulae, answers and other definitions with a pencil on different pages of your dictionary. This will work only if you are allowed to take your dictionary for the test. It is better to remember the page numbers and what each of them contains.

During the test, you can pretend to look for a word or its meaning and turn to the page which has notes and formulae and refer to them to do your test. It is better that you scatter your notes across the dictionary making it very difficult for the teacher to make out anything even if he or she chooses to flip through to check the dictionary before you enter the exam hall.

Depend on a nerd friend for help during the test – There are at least a couple of academically brilliant students in every class. It might be a great idea to befriend all of them. Earn their trust and in turn, let them know you trust them.

Sitting next to the nerd friend during a test will ease out the process for you. You will just have to look into his or her paper (which he or she would graciously keep open for you) and copy their answers.

If they are not sitting next to you, you can set up a communication channel using codes or sign language to take their help during the test. If you are really a brave heart, then you can sneak across to them when the teacher is not looking and memorize the answers from their paper.

Coke or water bottle label method – There are no colleges that do not allow students to bring in a bottle of water into the exam hall. So, students like to leverage this convenience given to them. They carefully rip apart the label from an old coke bottle or water bottle. The reverse of this label is usually blank.

You can fill this blank space with notes, definitions, and formulae. Then, very carefully, you can stick back the label to the bottle. During the course of the test, you can just turn the bottle to a convenient position and read the notes through the transparent material.

Mechanical pen method – Prepare your cheat sheets on thin sheets of paper cut in size so that it can fit into the barrel of a mechanical pen or pencil. Remove the lead or refill and fit this roll of paper into the barrel. On the outside, this will look like any other pen or pencil.

Now, as you write your test, check to see where the teacher is looking. Open the pen or pencil and pull out the roll of sheet after ensuring that she or he is not looking towards you. Look into the notes and formulae, copy them down in your paper, and put the roll back inside the barrel.

Notes on your legs method – You can write notes, definitions, and other helpful things on your legs on the day of the test. Wear long trousers or skirts (works really well for girls) to ensure all your writings are covered completely under the clothing.

During the test, read through the test paper. Complete the questions for which you know the answers really well. Then make a mental note of the questions for which you do not know the answer.

Excuse yourself to go to the restroom. Once inside a toilet stall, you can lift up your skirt or pull down your trousers and read the relevant notes needed for the questions you are stuck with.

Final Notes

We, at Prescott Papers, do not advocate any of the cheating mechanisms listed above. They are only an indication of the actual scenario in many colleges today.

Contrarily, our experts are more than happy to help and guide you to complete your writing projects such as custom essays and assignments so that you can channelize the freed up time to study hard and do well in the tests without the need to cheat.

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