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What Is The Best Way To Cheat On A Test

What Is the Best Way to Cheat On a Test?

The question, "what is the best way to cheat on a test?" has neither a perfect nor an unequivocal single answer. The answer is dependent on the student's risk appetite, on the level of preparation, etc.

Here, I will give you a few ways that students employ to cheat on a test. Giving you methods that students use for cheating does not mean I condone the act. It is much, much better for you to study on your own and do the tests in a prescribed manner instead of resorting to cheating mechanisms.

Ways to cheat on a test

Calculator Method – Invariably, most calculators have some amount of memory space to store some data. Use this space to write some notes and formulae. Retrieve the data during a test on the pretext of using your calculator. Ensure your teacher is nowhere close to you while you are peeking at the device. Peering too hard could cause suspicion in the minds of the invigilator.

Bracelet Method – Make your cheat sheets in different colors. Make one paragraph in each color. Now tie them up together to form a kind of colorful bracelet that you can wear around your wrist. You can use hooks to each piece of the bracelet. Learn up the color codes to know that information is written in which color sheet.

During the test, make sure your teacher is not looking at you. Then slowly unhook the color of the sheet that has the answer to a particular question in the test. Quickly read it and hook it back to your bracelet. It makes sense to practice hooking and unhooking the color sheets so that on the day of the exam, you will be able to do it smoothly and without a hitch.

The "really small notes" method – Make your cheat sheets on really small pieces of paper using really small handwriting. Then, either crumple them and fit them into the palm of your hand or keep them under your palm as you are asked to clear your desk just before your test. During the test, you can look into these small notes and copy from them.

Whiteboard or blackboard method – This is a little risky and yet could work if you are really careful. This method will also work only if the class teacher uses the whiteboard or blackboard to scribble notes, make witty remarks, or put reminders for students. Before the test, you can use a part of the board to write down notes and formulae using acronyms or doodle figures.

You will just need to look up and find your answer staring at you from the whiteboard or blackboard! Of course, if the teacher notices that there are some things on the board which does not sense to her or him, then the data might get rubbed off too. Or the teacher might decide to clear the board just before the test starts; then too, you will lose your data.

Final Notes

All cheating methods carry an inherent risk. It would be foolhardy to try out any method that is beyond your risk appetite. It is always better to fail rather than run high risks that can get you caught while cheating. Penalties are dependent on the severity and frequency of cases against you. So, please avoid trying anything foolish.

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