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What Percentage Of College Students Cheat?

What Percentage Of College Students Cheat?

There have been various studies conducted all over the US and there have been many things learned from these studies. According to Stanford.edu, the following information regarding the question what percentage of college students cheat is revealed:

  • There is ample evidence vide various studies that prove cheating has increased significantly during the last 50 years.

  • Earlier, only students who were struggling with academics would cheat to simply pass in an exam whereas today even students who are academically good are cheating in an effort to better their scores

  • About 86% of high school students admitted that most of them cheat in school. About 73% of people who take tests admitted to this too.

  • A serious cause for concern among educationists today is the fact the cheating is not considered immoral anymore and students who cheat are not stigmatized.

  • So, lower moral standards along with intense competition to get admissions have compelled students to seek and implement cheating methods for tests.

  • Students are less driven by educating themselves and more driven to obtain high grades even if the grades do not represent the true level of expertise.

  • During a survey conducted in the 1940s, only 20% admitted to cheating whereas, in today's scenario, about 75% to 98% of surveyed students admitted to have cheated during their high school.

As per plagarism.org, the following data has been revealed from a survey (conducted by Donald McCabe, Rutgers University) of more than 63,700 undergraduate students and 9,250 graduate students over a period of three years between 2002 and 2005:

  • 36% of students admitted to either copying or paraphrasing sentences and data from the internet without adding a credit footnote.

  • 14% of the students surveyed admitted to making up a false bibliography

  • 7% of the students surveyed self-reported copy materials word for word from a source without citing or crediting the source

  • 7% of the students admitted that they turned in work that was done by someone else

The statistics mentioned above are definitely cause for concern for all colleges as they fight the battle of cheating to enhance their reputation for which a primary factor and an important driving force is academic integrity.

To counter the cheating malice, colleges are invented novel ways of spreading awareness amongst students regarding the ills of cheating. Despite this, cheating continues to flourish across all colleges and hence, those who get caught are penalized quite heavily hoping that the strong message will deter potential cheaters.

Consequences of getting caught while cheating

The nature of penalty levied for cheating is dependent on the severity and the frequency of cheating cases against a student. While most colleges let a first-time cheater go with a stern warning, repeat offenders get suspension and expulsion penalties. These can have really long-term negative effects on your personal and professional life as they are notated on your manuscript.

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