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Average Number Of Papers Written In College

Average Number of Papers Written In College

The National Survey of Student Engagement conducts an annual survey at around multiple colleges and educational institutions offering 4-year courses in various specializations. This survey looks at the kind of work that college students including seniors and freshmen do.

The results of the annual survey conducted in 2008 revealed the following information with regards to the average number of papers written in college:

  • Freshmen wrote an average of 92 pages during the entire academic year

  • Seniors wrote about 146 pages

  • The average number of pages that most first-year students wrote for each paper comprised of 5-10 pages while a few students wrote 20 pages or above

  • Students majoring in humanities, social sciences, and art wrote far more than students of other majors such as biological or physical sciences

When students are expected to write so much in college, many of the students, especially the freshmen, are not unprepared to meet such exacting standards. So, many of them look for tips to improve their writing skills.

Some students get a little flustered when they are faced with such expectations and in a rebellious mood, demand to know what they will gain by excessive writing exercises.

So, this article aims to answer both the problems faced by college students: basic difference between writing in high school and college and listing the advantages of writing so many papers.

Differences between writing in high school and writing in college

While a few students make a smooth transition from high school to college, there are many who struggle in the initial months of the freshman year. In high school, their essays and projects were marked "A" and "A+" and praises were heaped on their writing skills and now in college all that has come to a naught. They wonder what went wrong.

While in high school, the purpose of writing rarely varied (usually a summary of your lesson with a very basic form of your own understanding) and you received clear instructions on what is expected of you, in college, the purpose of your writing needs to serve different goals. A common form of essay that is prevalent in colleges is the "argumentative" type.

Here, your teacher would want to you analyze the reading material, arrive at some important core point made in the material that is either not obvious or is unique is some way, and then make your reasons for reaching this particular interpretation. Now, that is definitely different from what you normally did in high school. Once, you understand that college writings must be more oriented towards your interpretation and that the format of each type of essay is different, then you will soon master the art of writing in college too.

Advantages of writing papers in college

It is natural to feel bogged down by a rather steep average number of papers written in college and this could lead to stress which, in turn, could lead to panic and make your befuddled mind wonder, "what will I gain by writing so much?" So, here are some advantages of writing plenty of papers in college:

It enhances your level of knowledge and awareness on the topic

The different writing assignments add different layers of insights into the topics. This deepens your knowledge and awareness levels about the topic that are being studied thereby broadening the horizon of your learning experience. Sooner than later, you become a pro in the subject through repeated writing

You improve your writing skills immensely

The different kinds of writing assignments need different sets of skills. As you write more and more, your ability to produce work of any kind improves drastically. Moreover, with each writing assignment, your communication skills take a huge leap forward and believe me, communication skills are the key differentiator between two otherwise equally competent individuals in any organization.

Your analytical and cognitive abilities are enhanced

As you read the requisite material and understand the underlying layers in it, your analytical and cognitive abilities are enhanced considerably. You learn to understand and identify varying perspectives of the same content thereby deepening your skills. You will learn that solutions might come up if you look at a seemingly unsolvable problem from a different perspective.

Your learning is further improved when teachers tell you to apply real life situations to the content under study

Invariably, teachers ask you to include some real-life situations into your assignments by either comparing or contrasting them with the content under study. This, further, improves your learning and comprehension.

Your research skills will see a huge improvement

As you delve deep and learn to identify, understand and appreciate the different assumptions and presumptions of the content in question, your research skills are being honed.

Final Notes

Writing in college takes on an art form as you grow and develop your learning, discerning, and comprehension capabilities. The different types of assignments that you write during your college years will add immense value to your communication and articulation skills.

Yes, it is bound to be difficult initially as you slowly but surely struggle your way up the learning curve. But, once you have worked hard and mastered the basics, you will find interesting and innovative ways of reading and understanding your course material and each time you will come away more enriched than before.

So, do not be afraid of writing. Plunge right in and enjoy your college journey. You are always free to contact our experts at Prescott Papers to guide you through the various academic writing assignments.

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