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How Do I Quit My College Course

How Do I Quit My College Course

Before I answer the question, "How Do I Quit My College Course?" first ask yourself why you want to quit your course. Here are some reasons why students quit college courses. Against each reason, I have given some counter-arguments to help you decide if quitting college is the right decision you are making.

Once you are convinced about quitting the course, then you can find answers to your question of "How Do I Quit My College Course?".

Reasons for students to quit college courses

Change of career – It is possible that midway through a college course, you could realize the career options that this course provides you are not suited for you. Hence, you think it is better to quit this course and take up something more in line with your needs.

This is not a bad choice at all provided you have given sufficient thought and have done ample research. If you have are sure that this is the wrong career for you and you made an objective and informed decision not based on emotions, then this is a sensible move.

You are unable to cope with the workload – The subject is interesting. However, the workload of the course is too much for you take and hence you choose to quit it.

Now, for this, you might need to put in some more thought. Have you asked for help from your teachers? Have you worked on your time management skills? What part of the course are you finding difficult to cope with?

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I personally feel excessive workload should not be a reason to quit a course especially when you are fond of the subject and are keen on taking up a career in the said field. So, think again before arriving at a hasty decision.

Finances are a problem - This could be a valid reason. However, have you looked at all the funding options of education loans, grants, scholarships, etc that are offered by your university and then made this choice?

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Other reasons could include the following:

  • You are not happy with the quality of the institution

  • Your reasons for quitting are personal such as feeling extremely homesick or a difficult illness

Whatever is your reason to quit college and/or some of the courses, make sure your choices are based on objective reasoning and not some arbitrary feelings or emotions.

How Do I Quit My College Course?

Speak to your teachers – You must not leave teachers out even while thinking of taking the decision of quitting. Keep them in the loop always and take their help. Many of the professors are willing to lend a helping hand to students who are struggling with college. The help could be in the form of extending deadlines for assignments (if the workload is a lot for you), or giving you some tips on how to improve your study habits, etc.

Meet with the college counselor – If none of the options have worked for you and you have still decided to quit college courses, then speak to the college counselor. He or she will guide you through the process of quitting. Make sure you understand what you stand to lose. It could be a part or the entire tuition and/or accommodation fees depending on the rules and regulations of the concerned institution.

Also, if you have taken any kind of financial aid from the university, then you might be required to pay that back before you get your relieving letter. These questions will be answered by your student counselor.

Finally, make sure you leave the college course with a clean record with no black mark on the transcript. If you do choose to continue college later on, then a spotless transcript will be of immense help.

Final Notes

Choosing to quit college is not an easy decision. Don't be hasty. Even if you have thought through the process thoroughly, do not hesitate to think again and again before you make your final choice. And, ensure that your final choice is not based on emotions of "unable to cope with excess work," etc. These things can be easily managed with help from Prescott Papers. Do call us for all your academic writing needs. Our team of qualified and trained writers is standing by to help you.

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