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How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions on exams are a common occurrence. A majority of students prefer this type of exam question to other types of exam questions. However, multiple choice questions are still difficult to answer at times. This article will go over how to answer multiple choice questions.

Let’s first look at what to do before the multiple choice exam.

  1. Make sure you study on a regular basis so you can retain as much information for the exam as possible. Knowing the right answer on a multiple choice question is the best way to answer such a question. Even if there are questions on the exam that you have to guess the answer to, you can think back on the knowledge you did retain to make an informed guess.

  2. Get plenty of sleep the night before the exam. That way, you’ll be refreshed and focused. If your mind is foggy, you will not be able to concentrate. As a result, you will tend not to read the questions carefully.

You also can be more nervous when you are tired. That can be a distraction when you are taking an exam.

  1. Make sure to eat a good breakfast. You won’t be able to focus if you are hungry.

During the exam, go through and answer the multiple choice questions that you know the answers to first. If you’ve studied sufficiently, this should take care of a majority of the exam.

Next, read the remaining questions carefully as you work your way through the exam. You need to make sure you understand the question completely. If there is any part of the question that you don’t understand or read carefully, you may end up choosing the wrong answer. You may miss an important word in the question that leads you to the correct answer. After that, you need to read through all the choices carefully as well.

For instance, a question may end with the word “except”, meaning there is one choice, the correct one, that is the exception to what is in the question. If you just gloss over that word or misread it, you can end up answering the question incorrectly.

You also need to keep an eye out for prefixes, suffixes and word roots in the available options. Knowing what those are beforehand as part of your general knowledge can help you greatly when you are working on an exam that you don’t know all of the answers to. The use of a prefix, suffix or word root in a possible answer can help you see whether or not that is the correct answer.

Also, look out for questions that have double negatives. Rewrite those questions so that you can clearly see what the actual meaning is. Professors will purposely throw double negatives into multiple choice questions to throw you off.

When you’re able to grasp the meaning of a question, and you’ve read all the options carefully, you can go through a process of elimination with the options that means you need to eliminate the options that you know are incorrect due to your careful reading of the question and all its options. If you have only one option remaining after that, then you have the answer. But if there are still multiple options, there are ways to make an informed guess on the right answer.

  1. Look back at previous questions that you have already answered for hints that can lead you to the answer for the current question.

  2. Take the remaining options and try to turn them into true-false statements.

Now, let’s say you cannot do a process of elimination because the options that are incorrect are not obvious to you. You may be wondering how to get the right answer on those multiple choice questions. Here are tricks that you can use:

  1. If a particular choice has an absolute or universal qualifier such as all, never, always, in every case, etc., it is probably wrong.

  2. If you see a choice that says “all of the above,” that is more likely to be correct a majority of the time.

  3. If you see an option that states “Both A and C,” look at both of those choices and make comparisons. You should look at the options as true-false statements and compare them back to the original question.

  4. If you just have no clue what the answer is and are having a hard time making an informed guess, pick option B or C.

Now, if you study effectively and can retain most of the information, you should be able to work through a multiple choice exam using the process at the beginning of this article. You really should try not to get to the point where you cannot even go through a process of elimination with the options.

On the contrary, maybe you are trying your best at studying and retaining the information, but you are having a hard time because you are finding the subject you are studying difficult. For example, a student failed chemistry twice in college because they just couldn’t understand it based on how the professor taught it to them. Because of this, you can have difficulty with multiple choice exams, as well as any other type of exam, in that subject.

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Now, how about another option? Professors often assign worksheets with multiple choice questions as homework. Let’s say your professor is one that assigns this type of work. Even after looking through the notes and the textbook, you may still have a hard time answering the multiple choice questions. Or, you simply don’t want to spend so much time on that particular homework because you have homework from other classes and studying to do. All you have to do is place an order for multiple choice question help with Prescott Papers and include a copy of the multiple choice questions. Our experts will be happy to help you so you can spend more time studying for other classes or relaxing with your friends.

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