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How to Get Good Results in Exams

Exams have been a consistent part of learning since grade school. They are a way for teachers to see how well you are learning the material they are teaching. Exams become even harder to get good grades on in college. In this article, we’ll go over how to get good results in exams.

First, there are vital study skills you need to be successful on exams.

  1. You need to attend class on a regular basis. This does not mean to just go sit passively in class. You need to listen well and be an active learner. You need to participate and ask questions. Doing this will help you retain the information and help you see what you need to study more.

  1. Taking good and effective notes can help you later on when you are studying for an exam. Keeping the notes simple is key. First of all, there is no need to write down knowledge that you already have. Second, you only need to write down relevant information. That is, information that will be on an exam or in an essay assignment.

This also means developing effective note-taking techniques, such as:

  • Outlining

This technique works great in classes where the professor doesn’t jump around from one topic to the next. Outlining helps keep the information organized. It is useful when you are doing the assigned readings for your classes, because it helps you retain information.

  • The Cornell System

This note-taking technique helps increase your recall. The paper is separated into three sections. The largest section is where you take the notes during the lecture. Then, in the two-inch section on the side of the page, you write questions about the material that you just took notes on. This will help you study the notes later on. Then, in the bottom section of the page, you write a short summary of the notes in the largest section. This technique helps you process the information in a new way.

  • Mind Maps

Mind maps are graphical representations of the topics that your professor is discussing in class. It is a diagram. This method of note-taking is effective because it helps you associate words and ideas given by the professor about a topic to each other. This is also another effective way of taking notes from a reading in a textbook. Plus, there are mind-mapping computer programs on the market that can help you organize the mind-map after the lecture.

Great notes can help you score higher in exams. They can help you learn the material more effectively and retain it.

  1. Keep up with assigned readings. Exam questions can be based on assigned readings. You can’t just casually read the text. You need to analyze it. It’s even better to take notes on what you read, using the techniques described above. Take notes on only the most important material that you are reading. Also, make sure to use your own words. If you just copy verbatim from the text, you will not learn anything.

  2. Develop a quality study plan that can help you make the most of your study time. Each class is different. You will need to spend more time on some classes due to difficulty and less on others. Being organized in this manner helps you stay in control of your workload.

  3. Concentrate intensely when it is time to study for your exam. This means eliminating distractions such as social media websites, TV, and radio. There are computer applications that can block distracting websites. A concentrated study session is more effective than distracted study and takes less time.

  4. Use different memory techniques when you are studying for an exam. These techniques include the following

  • Reading notes and text readings out loud

  • Make connections between ideas from lecture notes and readings.

  • Write down your notes over and over

Along with the studying tips stated above, here are some other tips on how to score well on exams:

  1. You need to get plenty of rest the night before an exam. That means not waiting until the night before to study the information that will be on the exam. If you follow the study tips discussed above, this should not be an issue. If you are well-rested during an exam, you’ll be more focused on your task.

  2. You need to eat something before the exam. If you go to an exam hungry, you will not be able to focus on the exam questions.

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