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How To Have Fun Writing An Essay

How to Have Fun Writing an Essay

As a student, you simply cannot afford to skip writing a few essays as part of homework or as a project assignment or as an answer to a question in an exam. The fact that you looked up this question means currently you are not having fun writing an essay, am I correct?

There are many students who find writing an avoidable chore and find ways and means to shirk it. So, before I turn to giving you some great tips on how to have fun writing an essay, allow me to list out some reasons as to why students do not have fun writing essays. When you know the cause of a problem you are more likely to find a solution for it.

Reasons for students not enjoying the task of writing an essay

  • They would be happier chatting with friends on FaceBook

  • They are writing the essay in such a way that the teacher will like it and hence they doubt everything they write

  • They are writing to get an A and not because they want to turn out something good and hence are stressed out

  • They want to get maximum results with minimum work; sheer laziness

  • They have not done sufficient groundwork on the topic of the essay

  • They are scared that if the essay is not good enough they will fail

  • Many feel bored

  • Some students will say, "How to have fun writing an essay when there are other fun things like partying and watching movies?"

Once you understand the problem and face it objectively you'd be surprised at how easy it is to find suitable solutions. You can accept the laziness streak in you and word hard to overcome it. You can stop writing for anybody else but yourself.

You can find "interesting" aspects of the topic that will eliminate boredom. Many more solutions will arise if you honestly sit down and see why writing an essay is such a difficult task.

Great tips on how to make writing an essay fun:

Think of your essay as a story – Most stories are based on changes and conflicts and it is such fun when you watch these changes and conflicts unfold in a movie. Think of your essay as a story with ideas as characters and how these characters conflict each other and change or remain stubborn. Give life to the ideas in the essay and have fun!

Ask yourself how to have fun writing an essay – Believe me, this is not voodoo. It works. When you ask yourself a question, another part of your mind is already looking for answers. And if you focus on that part of the mind which is looking for the answer, the solution will be staring you in your face! Discovery of solutions can be great fun especially if you have managed it on your own.

Look out for that element of surprise in the topic of your essay – Getting and giving surprises are great fun. So, when you see the topic for the essay project, identify the most surprising element in it for you. Create your essay around that surprise element and you are sure of having fun.

Use quotes of other people liberally in your essay – If you are finding it difficult to think on your own, make your essay "quote-rich." That is to say, use what famous people have said about it and then add your own dimension to it. You could take a few quotes and work around them to complete your essay. It will be easy and you will be having fun! Remember to give credits wherever due!

Tackle the body of the essay first and then move on to the introduction and conclusion – I have always found writing the introduction as the most difficult as I never know where to start. Instead, I chose to write the body first so all the points to cover in the essay (and the largest part of the essay) are taken care of. Then it becomes fun to write the introduction and conclusion because you already know in what direction your essay has gone!

I hope the above tips can help you make essay writing more fun that it was before you read my article or at least made you aware that it is possible to have fun writing an essay.

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