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Many college exams are multiple-choice, meaning there is a question along with four possible answers. Usually, only one of those answers in the correct one, although there are times when there may be more than one correct answer. This article will go over multiple choice tips that are useful when taking exams in college.

Plenty of rest and food are the key to remaining focused during the test. This will be helpful if you have to guess on some of the questions. Having a clear will help you remember the strategies that we are going to discuss further on. Also, when you are tired, you tend to be more nervous. While some nervousness is fine and normal during an exam, too much of it can be distracting.

During an exam, answer the questions that you know the answers to first. Only focus on questions you are sure of the answer to at this point. How many questions you are able to answer at this stage really depends on how well you studied. If you develop good study habits and study thoroughly for the exam, you should be able to answer a majority of the questions right off the bat.

Yet, even when you have sufficiently studied for the exam, there are going to be times when you don’t know the correct answer. There are times when your mind will just go blank. When this happens, carefully reading the question and its options first may help you recall the right answer.

it is essential that you read each question and all of its options carefully. You need to analyze each word. Multiple choice tests can be difficult because test makers intentionally write the questions to mislead you. If you read the questions carefully, you can pick up on word clues that may point you to the right choice.

Example Question: All of the following statements about Arizona are true, except:

  1. The official state gemstone is Turquoise

  2. Copper is rarely found in Arizona

  3. Window Rock is the capital of the Navajo Reservation

  4. The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona

First, if you’ve read the question carefully, you should know just from reading the question carefully that three of the options are going to be true statements, but are not the correct answers to the question. This is due to the inclusion of the word “except” at the end. This indicates that you need to look for the false statement.

Using a process of elimination, you can take out option D. It is a well-known fact that the Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. Then, if you are taking a class on the history of Arizona, you will learn about the importance of copper in the state’s history. Knowing that fact leads you to the revelation that option B s not a true statement. Therefore, it is the right answer to the question

If you’ve read the questions carefully and are still having difficulty on some of them, the following tricks for multiple choice questions are useful:

  1. Follow a process of elimination. Exclude the alternatives that you know are wrong. Then, compare the remaining alternatives back to the question, see how the alternatives differ from each other, and then make an informed guess.

  2. Look for hints in questions that you have already answered to help you guess the answer to a question that you don’t know.

  3. Options that include absolutes are rarely correct. Examples of absolutes are: “never”, “ensures”, and “always”.

  4. If one of the options is much longer than the other options, that could be a decoy or a distractor from the correct answer. This is not always the case. Lengthy answers are usually more highly specific, and those will be the correct answer at times.

  5. You should have knowledge of word roots, prefixes, and suffixes. That knowledge will allow you to intelligently guess the answer to terms you don’t know.

  6. Keep a look out for giveaways in a question. For instance, if the question ends in “an”, the correct answer begins with a vowel.

  7. B or C are good options to choose if you just cannot guess what the answer is and have no knowledge of it.

  8. Choices such as “all of the above” and “none of the above” tend to be correct often.

  9. Don’t change your answer when you are fairly self-confident that you got the correct answer. Only change the answer when you know for certain that your first answer is incorrect.

  10. Keep an eye out for negatives in a question, especially double and triple negatives. Test makers will put these in to confuse you. When you see double and triple negatives, you should rewrite the question, but keep the original meaning. To illustrate, let’s look at this sample found at http://masteringmultiplechoice.com/2009/09/how-to-deal-with-negatives-in-multiple-choice-questions/ : “There’s nothing less worse than not answering a question incorrectly.” According to that website, this sentence can be rewritten as follows: “There’s nothing better than answering a question correctly.”

  11. Look at each option as a true-false question

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These tricks for multiple choice questions are helpful, but the best way to get a great grade on a multiple choice exam is to just study the material thoroughly and retain the information. However, it can be daunting to work on retaining information for a subject that you are having difficulty with. In that situation, getting help from your University academic help center can be the answer. Another option is to order tutoring services from Prescott Papers.

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When you place an order for tutoring with Prescott Papers, you just have to provide copies of your notes that you took during lectures, copies of any handouts given by the professor, and provide the name and author of the textbook that you are using for the class. Then, we will hire someone who is an academic and/or professional expert in the subject that you need help on. They will write up study guides based on the materials you provide. They can even work with you to ensure that the study guides help you understand the subject more. They can make any changes that are necessary.

Prescott Papers offers help with the multiple choice questions themselves. If your professor just happens to give a take-home exam with multiple choice questions and you are having a hard time understanding the questions, you can always turn to Prescott Papers for help. You just need to provide a copy of the take-home exam in your order, and one of our writers can help you understand the question and guide you towards the correct answer.

This is also an option for those times when you have a homework assignment with multiple choice questions that are difficult to answer, even after going through all of your material. Prescott Papers can help you decipher how a particular question is worded. There will be times when you read a question over and over, and still don’t get it. Maybe there is a clue in the question that you are just not noticing. One of our writers can be another set of eyes in that case.

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