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A Ph.D. is a highly prestigious degree and if you have managed to reach till here, then kudos to you and your hard work. Yet, completing a Ph.D. successful is a gargantuan task by itself. And the dissertation which is an essential and integral part of the course can create jitters even in the most seasoned and hard working student.

Before we move on to Phd No Dissertation option, let us look at some of the benefits of completing a Ph.D. so that you are not swayed from your choice to do the research program despite its myriad challenges.

Benefits of a Ph.D. degree

You will become great at finding answers to perplexing questions – Any company wants their employees to have three important qualities including problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities. These three qualities will be honed superbly during your Ph.D. tenure. As a research student, you will learn to attack any problem from all angles to find the most suitable solution. By the time you successfully complete your doctoral program, you will become a master at these three skills. This will give you a huge advantage over other job applicants when you are looking for job opportunities.

You will not fear failure, instead, you will learn from your failed attempts – As a research student, you might have to repeat a study or an experiment or a survey multiple times before you succeed in finding the perfect observation. So, as you fail at each attempt, you do not get bogged. Instead, you learn from the mistakes and repeat the work because you know and realize each failed attempt is taking you closer to your goal. This is a life skill that will never go out of fashion as long as man walks the earth. With a research program, you will pick up this skill very well.

You will learn to manage and deal with negative people – Your academic advisor is bound to make you work so hard during your research program that you will find that managing any other task master will be very easy. Academic advisors are themselves very hardworking people and they will not tolerate anyone who doesn't meet this criterion. Academic advisors are infamous for their slave-driving skills (which is great by the way because when you come through a research program successfully, your skills are way above the average worker's skills). Any company would love to take on employees who can manage negative people with ease.

You get to become comfortable with uncertainty – Another way I would like to put this is as a research scholar, you will learn the art of becoming comfortable with discomfort. Uncertainty is a common thread that runs through the life of a research scholar. You will be facing uncertainty where your grant funding is going to come from. You will be facing uncertainty whether your paper will be seen as worthy of getting published by the third reviewer.

You will be facing uncertainty throughout the program whether your project will get any worthy answers at all! Like this, uncertainty will become an everyday affair for you as a research scholar. The ability to manage uncertainty with positivity and restraint is something that every employer would want all of his employees to possess.

You will learn to create information not simply recycle it – As a research scholar, your endeavor will always be to find new data and information that you can "add" to your field of study. A holder of a master's degree would have mastered his knowledge about his field whereas as a research scholar, you get to "add" to your field. Creating new information is a transferable skill that any employer would love to get his or her hands on.

You will learn to compete and collaborate – Collaboration and competition are both essential skills to succeed in the corporate world today. As a research scholar, you are constantly collaborating with other students, with your mentor(s), with professors from related courses, and others to complete your program successfully. And, very often, you are competing for the publications and resources that you have to share with other scholars. Hence, you will inculcate these two critical skills of collaboration and competition.

When you are awarded your Pd.D. degree, you will realize that the person who is accepting the degree is very different from the person who applied for the degree some years ago. Being a research scholar is like an unpolished diamond undergoing the polishing process. There will definitely be pain and difficulties, but the final product shines through so beautifully that no one can miss its powers.

Important qualities of a research scholar

If you want to succeed in your research program, you must attune the following skills to work for you. These three qualities define a research scholar:

  • Perseverance

  • Tenacity

  • Persuasiveness

Perseverance – Being a research scholar requires you to persevere. As a research scholar, you are continuously breaking and extending boundaries that have been hitherto set by experts. Convincing the people who are guarding these boundaries to break and extend them calls for a lot of perseverance. Every stage will be fraught with failures and risks. Each time you fail, you will have to pick yourself and restart from the beginning. This requires a lot of perseverance too. Failing is the only way you will move forward and to prevent yourself from falling back, you need to persevere. So, please arm yourself with this attitude before venturing into the Ph.D. realm.

Tenacity – You need oodles of this quality. Without courage and tenacity, you will never be able to take the leap of faith that a Ph.D. program calls for. You must be tenacious enough to attempt anything (of course, well within the legal and ethical gambit) to ensure success. You must venture into the Ph.D. when you are certain that this is definitely your calling and you want to see this through.

Persuasiveness – A very important quality to possess, persuasiveness is critical to ensure that you complete your Ph.D. program successfully. A large part of your course will comprise of persuading people to see your perspective. These persuasive skills are important to get grant funding, to get your advisor to accept your line of research, to get the third reviewer to accept your paper so that it may be published, and more.

It would make a lot of sense to make sure that you are sufficiently equipped with persuasiveness, tenacity, and perseverance before applying to become a research scholar.

Final Notes

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