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Best Colleges For Writing

Best Colleges For Writing

If you love writing and want to take up writing as a full-time career, then there is no doubt that you have to perfect the craft. To do this, you could consider one of the following subjects as your major:

  • English Major

  • Languages and Literature Major

  • Communication Studies Major

  • Journalism Major

  • Creative Writing Major

  • Marketing Major

There are many colleges in the country that could be categorized under "best colleges for writing." You can choose anyone of the top writing colleges from the numerous available ones to complete your course. This article is written to give you a brief understanding of each of the above majors so that you can choose what suits you best.

English Major

This course will ensure that you study not only contemporary novels but will include some core classes that teach literature of various time periods, places, and genres. It would make sense for you to combine your English Major course with a few writing workshops to build your writing skills.

The English Major courses offered by most top writing colleges will give you a wide choice of electives to choose from including studying one particular author or one particular style or genre for an entire semester. When you study English Major, your ability to think on your own and your critical thinking abilities take a huge leap. And to become a good writer, this skill can never be undervalued.

Languages and Literature Major

Many times misunderstood by students to be more focused on foreign languages, the Languages and Literature Major actually offers a lot more for the individual seeking to get into the writing profession. This course usually has a lot more to read than other courses. It is possible that you could be asked to read one novel per week for study.

Of course, you will major in one foreign language of your choice. The foreign language you choose to study will also entail the study of the history of that region so that you understand the evolution of the language and literature better. This course will give you immense job opportunities in writing and travel-related careers.

Communication Studies Major

This course will teach you how communication plays a role in different media. With the successful completion of this major, you will be able to get job opportunities in public relations, in advertising, in law, or in marketing. You will be doing plenty of introductory courses for various topics such as Introduction to Research Methods, Communication Ethics, and Media and Society.

Journalism Major

As a student of journalism major, you will be doing plenty of writing. In addition to reporting and editing classes, you will work and learn inside a news lab or an actual newsroom. You can opt for various electives under this major including social media, video, newspaper, graphic designer, online media, or magazine. There will also be a compulsory media law class that is very difficult yet extremely important to know and master.

Creative Writing Major

The creative writing major is not structured, not planned, and definitely not one-dimensional. This course comprises of creative writing workshops and literature courses and is a perfect fit if you want you to tell stories for a career. You will learn to write in different styles. Literature courses will include a course which will help you analyze characters and symbols in famous stories. The courses done here will empower you to create stories and characters and plots of your own.

Marketing Major

When you do a marketing major, you are essentially picking up the necessary skills to market and sell a brand. This is a very rigorous course and the classes range from brand management to business statistics. Core courses will include marketing strategies and research, consumer analysis, and more. You will be involved a lot with managing and analyzing large data through the use of excel sheets and other worksheets.

Final Notes

Writing as a profession can be a lucrative one. However, all the courses listed above requires a lot of hard work and an unending stream of writing assignments to be completed before you can get the degree. Call us at Prescott Papers for all your writing needs including custom essays, dissertations, assignments, projects, and more.

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